Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Exercises. Once in a while O_O
Yesterday went to play badminton with old friends. One of them came back from KL.
Hah it had been a long time since i saw them.
When we play badminton got few little kids came and joined us @)@
Oh well what to do, little kids wat. Let them play with us lo *pengsan
Then at night go pizza hut again.. Twice this month. But its still tasty mmm sedap~~

That was yesterday.

Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday.
Today just read comics.. play some offline games.

Tomorrow.. Maybe got driving lessons, and an appointment for a hair cut?
Holiday life is sure dull. Repetitive like school days, but is indeed much boring.
Can't wait till school starts!!
But till then... I am sure gonna complain that this holiday is so short...
Actually is isnt =P One whole month. What else could i complain?

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