Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turning Points

In life, there are many turning points.
Just like graphs, there are also called vertexes.

Vertexes of life make big changes, that alters our ways.
Turning points of things, changes them to another viewpoint.
And start again.
These defining moments stops all endings, and create new beginnings.

Fate intervenes.
Fate is also the source.
Fate is also the reason.

When love and love intertwines, destiny is comprehended.
When destiny and destiny intertwines, a great turning point is depicted.
At the right time, the right place.
Life, can be different.
Only at the exact moment, of the turning point.
Moments of realization, of contentment.
And shall we want it to last...
What we have to do...
Is to just...
Simply draw the line of the turning point from the graph... Longer...?

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