Monday, September 28, 2009

Till death do feelings shall not parT

Sometimes, we are afraid to love.
The deeper we love, the harder for us to bear the pain of its loss.

Conflict, hatred, sadness and pain.
That which allows one to savor them all...
That is ~love~.

Through love, we learn true joy and happiness despite the predicaments we have to face.

Even though we might not own it at last, we will still feel it is all worth it. <3

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tired 疲れた

It's tiring to take on many matters at once, we humans are not able to multitask heavily. Our brain might break down! But for me i think it's hard to breath with all that's going on. I also mean its physically hard to breath *cough* =_=

There are many birthdays impending, but this is an 'okay' matter. But with the pressure of 3 assignments due after this mid-term semester break, i think i'm going to break down soon. Looks like the only way out is to pray that everything will work out well...

I am feeling lazy, though i am naturally lazy, i feel like being lazy for now. Maybe rest is what i need for the moment, but time is pressing against me... So there is no choice. I totally SOUND contradicting and i FEEL crazy.

Yea, i know that myself.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love <3

Love is a mysterious thing.
It has many effects on our lives, good or bad.


It is what builds us, but hurts us.
It is what mends us, but breaks us.

But, because of Love, we learn and grow.

Because of the harmonies and ordeals it gives us, we acknowledge true feelings in the end.

With it, we are whole.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just finished watching 10episodes of Taiyou no Uta(タイヨウのうた) A Song To The Sun..

Another tear-jerking drama starred by Erika Sawajiri(Kaoru Amane) sugoku cute girl desu yo!!! Editing server codes has been exhausting, and a romantic touching drama is the best way to relax :D

We should all take breaks once in a while :) But there are times we should be serious too! Oh well... I know that applies to me hehe... I will try to work harder from now on!

Okay now to plan for plans... Once there is motivation, direction is before you. V(^^)V

Ganbatte Ikimasshoi !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RO Private

Currently in Devising and Planning Stage........

Ragnarok Online Private Server.

It had always been my dream to create an ideal server without corruption and prejudice.
A new desktop around 1500-2000 will be considered for Hosting the server as my old comp made of "rock" will surely be impossible to host. Website i'll leave to my friends to design it as i will be busy getting down to backstage codings.

Hopefully things will go smoothly during Implementation stage.

Amen. <3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Separation and Migration

Ok from now on this will be my English blog =D while the other is my Japanese blog.

I think separating it would be a good idea ^^

But i will giving more attention towards the other blog so.... >@<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

九月三日 (木曜日)

昨日と今日。。。 ただ普通の日々。

でも。。。 もう一時間ぐらいは。。。 *あの子* の誕生日ですよ。。。
けれど、 俺が出来る事は有りません。。。

せめて彼女に "誕生日おめでとう" を言いたい。。。

"絶対幸せに成ってください" を言いたい。。。

そして、 そしてたくさんの言いたい事があるけど。。。

何時までも、 ずっと彼女届かない。 

私の深い深い処から、 その言葉を。

To: ******
から、 これはあなたにお祈りですよ
~お誕生日、 おめでとうございます。~

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

*Speaking of that... there are many birthdays recently aren't there...*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

九月一日 (火曜日)

今日は月初め~ Usability の委譲締め切り今月の下旬です。 
でも絶対。。。 何とか成るさ~?



この瞬間、 俺は急に体を惜しむ。 如何して怠け者成った? この態度を治すの方法があるのかな。。。