Friday, July 24, 2009

19 is my number =)

Oh well a dinner at my cousin's house and suddenly 2 cakes poofed out of nowhere and they started singing birthday songs for me and my uncle @_@

Wishing.. damn they didn't give me enough time to think what i wanna wish for..

Then its time to blow the candles =_= Btw i love the kiwi its soooooo Sweet&Sour XP

?! What's this?! Just a random picture oh well =]

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ar Tonelico II Hymmnos Lyrics

y.y. eh tyuss vl omness,

I'm being healed by the kind gaze

sev x. rre yorr s.l.y. nafan mea/.
you have when you show kindness to me

y.z.t. za rre vega Efs t.k.d. ag zz t.k.d. tie hartes yor/.
Even if it's impossible, I wish that this whisper would reach you, my beloved person

s.l.y. yor sev x. rre yorr g.v.w. en x.y.n.,
When I see you causing harm and battling

ag a.u.k. zess x.y.n. mea/.
I feel like if I was causing harm myself

y.z.t. za rre vega merfa l.n.c.a. ag zz l.n.c.a. tie hartes yor/.
Even if it's impossible, I wish that this pure wish would connect us, my beloved person

wEwYEjEnc yor en mYEtYAyEy hymmnos ut eje/.
When we met, I created a song in my heart

xE rre govan en wefa sarla fEwErEn du dje/.
And its excited and warm melody began to flow inside my body

Ah, wEwYEjLYEnc syalea en zz kvvia/.
Ah, I don't regret having met you

hEkEtEt merfa tie yor en hYAmLYAmr METAFALICA!
I shall joyfully embrace the pure wishes you gave me, and for the sake of this world, and you, I shall sing the Metafalica!

xA sorr dArsn sarla vl shen/.
That´s the song of the ancient legends

xA sorr aAuk mutrk rhaplanca en Implanta/.
The warm story of Rhaplanca and the great tree of God, Implanta

xU rre vege dgal aUuk zz papana/.
In that land, where the blessing of rain never fell

xU sorr Asphaela_hiral ag Adoodu_urgn/.
That thirsty world and that grieving land

xU rre qejyu ssvid hiralg ag xevxl/.
Where the people were living in thirst and despair

幽けき 深淵の底 (kasokeki shin'en no soko)
Secluded in a deep abyss

聴こえ来るは 深き息吹 (kikoe kuru wa fukaki ibuki)
Listen to the deep breath that comes out

来たれや 開かれし刻 (kitare ya hirakareshi toki)
Come, it's the time to be free

全て捨てて この身は謳になる (subete sutete kono mi wa uta ni naru)
Throwing away everything, I shall turn myself into a song

謳は胸を溢れて (uta wa mune o afurete)
The song floods my heart

地に渓に湖に満てる (chi ni tani ni mizuumi ni miteru)
Filling the valleys, the lakes, and the land

やがて生いし木は深く (yagate oishi ki wa fukaku)
Soon, the tree that grows from the deeps

土に根ざし大地 抱く (tsuchi ni nezashi daichi idaku)
Shall embrace this land with it´s roots

hYAmmrA cEzE hymmnos ceku/.
I will sing for your sake, and gladly turn into a song for my companions.

愛しき大地 一歩 靭く 踏みしめ (itoshiki daichi ippou tsuyoku fumishime)
Together, with this beloved land, I will take a soft step

揺るがずにただ 進む この脚で (yurugazu ni tada susumu kono ashi de)
In a unshaken step, I will advance, with only my feet

踏みしめられた 足跡 繋がり行く (fumishimerareta ashiato tsunagari yuku)
I stepped firmly to connect our footprints

歩みの軌跡 記す ひとつずつ (ayumi no kiseki shirusu hitotsuzutsu)
I will note down each and every locus of our walking

xA rre rhaplanca tAnYAmAnLYE poe ess gkgul doodu/.
From the top reaches of this cracked land, Rhaplanca scatters the seeds

xE rre poe hAwAss ut varda
These seeds mature into great trees

ag wArEl du cia dn ryewa keg/.
and set their sights in spreading their branches to the skies

尊き世界 この腕に抱きしめ (tattoki sekai kono ude ni dakishime)
I will embrace this precious world with my arms

仰ぎし天よ ひとつ この胸に 誓う (aogishi sora yo hitotsu kono mune ni chikau)
Looking up to the sky, I make a pledge in my heart

xA rre rhaplanca wAsLYA jue tie Aarhou_poe ess doodu/.
Rhaplanca gives water to the seeds of hope that were planted

xE rre pikca r.w. du qejyu/.
The seeds mature into fruits that save the people

xA rre rhaplanca yYAzLYEt za rre varda rYAwLYE du qejyu/.
And Rhaplanca makes true her wish of growing a tree to help the people

この願い 眩き未来 刻まん (kono negai mabaki mirai kizaman)
My wishes will engrave the dazzling future

想いの奇蹟 遠く どこまでも 響けや (omoi no kiseki tooku doko made mo hibike ya)
But how far the miracle of feelings shall resound?

xA rre mao wYAwLYAjnc Amerfa_rhaplanca/.
When Maoh met her, he also learned of her pure wishes

xA rre mao yAzYAt za rre Amerfa_has/.
Maoh wished to be able to fulfill her pure wishes

xA rre mao yAzYAt en yAzYAt za rre arhou rYAlLYAtAy ess qejyu/.
Their wishes revived the hope in the hearts of the people