Monday, June 30, 2008

Mystery.. Or, Trickery..?

Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa.
Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa?
Doing nothing. Thinking lotsa!

Usually I would be tired after using the computer around 12am++... But recently just cant get some sleep.. Lie on the bed for 1 or 2 hours dono do what.. I think i should utilise that time to play more games =) Aih.. But doing some thinking exercise won't hurt anyone too, though.. There's lotsa to worry about... Sometimes i feel... ITs getting furthur.. Something's getting furthur.. And yet sometimes so near, so close... And now i wonder.. I ponder at this whole thing. Am I too late, or am i still a long way to go.. There is little clue to this mystery.. Anything could happen, it could be just a sweet mystery for me to solve, or could end up with a trickery which is heart-breaking..
So in conclusion.. Shall I, or Shall I Not?

A poem in accordance to what i wrote today... A Chinese poem i wrote when i was form4...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I miss.... I miss.... And I Treasure.

Yesterday very fun oh~~ Me, Sia, Alex, DiongHui and Ah Liang go watch movie.. Called 'Get Smart'. Recommended! Looks a little stupid, but funny too =P Can't tahan the stupidity laa.. Hahaha~! B4 we went in the hall, we took some pictures =) Of the scenery from StarCineplex above~ Weeeeeee so nice a scenery Hehe... Then go makan.. then go swinburne a while =)

After that we go home coz Sia's father want to use the car... So we ended up not accompanying Alex to the airport.. oh well... And da girls went for pizza~ Too bad we boys didn't go. Yumm....

A tribute to school... A naughty picture me and my friends have taken (hehe kekeke) No offense (JhSia), just for laughs~ This shows that sometimes, classes can be boring that we fall asleep XD But as you can see, we humans never appreciate things, until we eventually lose them. Classes are boring at times, but after we do not attend these classes, we tend to miss them. - Human Nature.

Today... nothing much either... Play maple whole day.. Haiz... Holidays... Without school, i feel aimless. I miss school... lotsa.. *sighs sighs~ Lazy write anymore.. Nothing to express lately.. This... this... this... tedium =.=

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The More The Merrier =)

First day of holidays !! Wee... Morning play maple a while, facebook.. blablabla and chatting.
That LanboMS sucks.. then afternoon change another private server hehe... SiaoMS lag free~ Feels nice.. Today discuss the tomorrow pizza thing until so.. confused lolz... Headache...

The shonen onmyouji... sooo nice.. T_T So touching wan every night i watch... Hmm.. Such determination... from the main character.. I guess i'll have to be like that too... ...

I guess... Tomorrow i go watch movie gua.. need to discuss with the other guys 1st. Learn driving... Mum said wait a few more days... Oh well. At least that wont stack with the worries i am having now =P

Ok wanna continue playing Maple with Stella and Alison.. Hope that Cally, Peter and ah Liang can join soon.. The more, the merrier.. Hehe...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Like The Way We Are, Now...

Innovation not bad lah.. Quite easy.. But so many ppl finished it damn fast.. Then Programming test... Haiz don want say.. Gerammm grr... Use hand to test? Not computer?! =.= Oh well...

But my mood is still very good. That insignificant matter stand no chance to spoil my mood. =) Hahh... But after today.. Is holiday. Why i don't get the excitement and anticipation everyone has.. Strange.. I don't really look forward to holidays at ALL. I prefer schooling. Its much fun. And i'm gonna arrange to learn driving this holidays.. ahh...

Things are quite complicated now.. Dont know how to explain. So many pressure, so many stress. But, i prefer things as they are.. Because who knows what might happen tomorrow?
I just.. feel Content and Satisfied. And i cant help liking the way we are now...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impending Crisis Extinguishes Existing Serenity...

Today woke up at 10 something.. ah yesterday chat with Bryan until 12.30.. Swttt..
10am wake up play facebook nia =P And 12 noon go school also play facebook - pokemon until 4pm hahaha!! (Childish...) ><''

IT test very easy. Just some part not vey confident so.. But i think, and i hope can get a HD for it.. hehe.. Haiyo and my sitting place so perfect can peek others'computer (HEHE) Curi tengok Mwahaha *evil grin* Sue do sooo fast oh i take a peek and saw colourful stuff.. Not clear though since it was a glance at least saw colourful things. Like butterflies =) The room damn cold, almost shivering ... =.= Luckily the invigilators are -smart- enough to turn off the air-conditioners and open that wooden door @.@

Aiyo today onwards oil station gonna close down on strike oh.. Its such a nuisance. But some people really cannot afford the current petrol price.. so i understand.. But no oil is also troublesome! Where should i side for now?!! Sighs.. Go pump until fullfull lo see how long its last.. I no classes anyway holidays' have arrived. Just wondering if my plan to learn driving gonna be ruined... Sweat.

I haven't study Innovation! Shit got so many *papers to read.. Programming shouldn't be a problem since its just the same thing all over.. Can't wait for tomorrow =P And the day after.. And the one after that... Eh dono what to do why i still looking forward to it wuuu ~.~
Well just hope that tomorrow will be a smooth day...

Monday, June 23, 2008


Haahh.. Maths and English is over. Its lucky to have these two troublesome subjects first.. Now don't have to worry.. And can spend more time worrying about other ThingS~

Now can play play rest rest chat chat a while.. Later spend a bit time study the usage of Formulae for IT.. Today's test was quite easy, so hope the following tests would be easy as well =)

Well.. back to nothingness... ...

I don't wanna close my eyes tonight
Missing you would make me cry
So I don't wanna close my eyes tonight
And now you're just a miss match in time
Why Oh Why

Quoted from I Remember, Amber Guo =)

My Heart, Is An Empty Vessel
Feelings For You Made Me Bare
My Love, Is A Heavy Anchor
Feelings For You Made Me Care

Sunday, June 22, 2008


この想い... わたしのきもち... ぜたい.. ぜたい.. 守る です~
そして, この 秘密.. ぜたい.. ぜたいに 守る で あります。
私わ本当に ~あなた が -恋しい- て。


Just a tribute for missing someone important in my life.. (hehe..)
The thing i want to protect most... most......

Forever.. Is Not, Forever

Slept at 2.45am during my sleepover at my grandma house.. We all had lots to talk about.. And we woke up at 9 =( Feeling a bit drowsy.. Need more sleep... Thats why i fell off in the middle of my studies again =P now 7.00pm.

Have to serious le.. Have been swaying off my studies these few days.. Now really need focus.. Coz... Tomorrow is FINAL! Omg.. Now only i woke up.. Haiz.. =( May a miracle save me. Have pity on my puny soul... Now.. Really need you very much... I need support. Oh well..

Soul...? Beautiful soul~~ Lala~ Ops i'm singing again, *slap slap* Wakeup...


The time is still ticking.. That what i wrote 2 years ago.. I think it's a very meaningful verse..
Forever is compared to the changing seasons. In short.. ~We Should Treasure Time Given Since Its Advent, As Adversity Is Impromptu~

Beautiful Soul

Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

I know that you are something special
To you I'd be always faithful
I want to be what you always needed
Then I hope you'll see the heart in me

Your beautiful soul, yeah
You might need time to think it over
But im just fine moving forward
I'll ease your mind
If you give me the chance
I will never make you cry c`mon lets try

Am I crazy for wanting you
Baby do you think you could want me too
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do
I just wanna know if you feel it too
There is nothing left to hide
A very nice song... Introduced to me by Sue =) Thx Sue
This song has a very good meaning~ A meaning that suits me well..
Hope this song gives me more courage every time i listens to it... I Wish... I Wish...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Hourglass. Sands of Time...

Today i sleep until 10am... Pump semangat and study MX Chapter 5! Since i always do my studying on my lovely comfy bed, i tend to fall asleep right after i finished a chapter =( Thats so sad.

Then 12 sth baru wake up.. eat lunch... Then use computer... hehe... go facebook, friendster... etc.
Nothing much to do btw..

Then I wanna write my blog.. But realised that there is many improvements for my blog available, so i asked the Great JHSia to teach and guide me~ Wakaka. Jk la. Added shoutbox, it's really fun. For me though like a chatting place =D After those editings... i write my blog. Ah that brings me back to the present. Hmm.. what to write...

Its very dangerous posting stuff like missing 'someone' here... Coz i always get questions like 'who is that' & 'You love someone isit'.. Really... Extremely.. Totally, Risky. Cant afford to risk that much again =) Maybe i'll write some.. SOME. Sighs my diary is still the most trustworthy friend to express my feelings to.. Coz my diary never complains and listens to what i wanted to say T_T so touched.
(haha jkjk) Most importantly.. Diaries never betrays people, and thats what i like.

I today write so early because... ... Tonight going to grandma house overnight. Once in a while teman them laa (See me so caring Hehe.. *Evil grin*) No la.. actually just a few cousins go there 'camping' lah.. Meriah meriah ma.. And i can talk feelings with my cousin huhuhu. Well... I'm not being paradoxical.. just that diaries dont give feedback right? And human does.. And now.. Really troubled.. Need someone i can trust to give opinions about what i should do...

All is because... Time always intervenes... And now, I am running out of time... The sands of time, drip drops... Every moment that passes, becomes, a past. Eventually... it will become, a memory.

Friday, June 20, 2008

If You're Happy, I'm Happy? Say NO to Time Intervention!!

Did almost nothing again today. Now the weather very unpredictable ar. But at least its in sequence =P Morning Sunny, Afternoon Rain. =.= Has been like this for a few days already... Hmm.. but i guess it wouldnt be a statement =)

This morning spent an hour + playing the piano.. And composing my own music... Came up with a few very nice tunes... What's my purpose for... Well... (Can't tell. Everyone has a dream of their own =P )

Read MX Chapter5 for few seconds then my thoughts swayed off again... Missing 'someone' again.. Why whenever i take liking to someone, i just can't stop thinking about them. Any remedy? Anyone? (Guess not, i'm just talking to myself..) Today almost cannot tahan edi lar.. feelings overflowing and reached the breaking point ar.. But i still managed to calm down (That's why i am still writing this =D) Missing someone is a very 'relaxing' pasttime.. or not i guess. -.- Although its just a few days, it seemed like years.. or forever. I guess i worked out the definition of liking someone - "Whenever you like someone, what you can't stand is the separation of time, not distance." Quoted from Me =X

Sometimes, feelings are just a miss match in time. For example, the people you meet might not be at the correct time and place. But it's human nature to desire for love: To show affection, and to receive so too. So sometimes we don't care if the person we like is true or not =/
But some people might say: "If he/she's happy, I'm happy." Thats soo not correct. (Although i used to think so =P) Happiness must be maintained by both parties, like the saying goes: 一拍不响. XD

So bored. So today i want write many many. Many many! Spam Blog!! hmm.. I feel childish. Swt.. Just hope that the intervening time between our meeting will soon, pass. Miss You~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pain In The... Heart

Today same like other days.. Just that by each day that passes, it means that the impending finals is drawing nearer... and nearer.. until i can't breath normally. -Sighs-

Quite a nice morning, 1st time logged into SDO-Xtreme. Woah~ Touched by the music.. Got japanese songs, korean, chinese etc.. All so nice... Went to download them Immediately =) hehe..
Now can enjoy *Weeee so nice.......

Argh went to cut my hair.. Coz my mum complain E V E R Y day that my hair is TOO long and messy. Haihz... Now good lo, cut until so funny, she complained even more. I'm afraid i'll be deaf soon if i don't get EarMuffs soon.. Someone help me.... (jk XD)

Gonna study later, dono can or not la now no mood =( Aaaaahh... Heartpain heartpain =S

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiring but Interesting Wednesday...

Wednesday... Hmm... Morning didnt do anything ler, just playing games with Ric xD Fun though kick other people's ass. =P=P I'm a bad boy uhlala~~ jkjk..

Tired la need to go to Maths.. At least the teacher gave us some guidelines and so-called tips. That made it worthwhile if not i'll take that as a waste of time. =)

English... Waited inanely after copied S/XDO from LaLa~ Around 4.45 and stood there like lamp post with friends. Then Jo and Sue come. Other girls dint even see their shadow today. Then we all wait in the class~ Jo and Sue went to buy drink, and came back with my favourite! But too bad not for me =X (Justea Grape with Aloe bits!!) Sad they said it was disgusting =(
And Jo today so funny lar her FatShit spelling mistakes alot~ (Only 2 i was just exaggerating)
Erm.. then Mdm Mok came... bla bla bla.. we handed in our FatShits.. She so pro. Just scan through, write today's date, done. Then we can leave. Totally Cool. But a waste of petrol (according to Jo) =D

Aiya on the way home stuck in traffic jam larhzz.. And still got lighting! and thunder! Worse still Sue can sms even when she's driving @_@ 'SuperWoman'.
Now so tired.. Maybe play a few games.. then want go sleep la.. But haven't even study... Haiz...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1st Blog. 2nd Diary. =)

Haa... Nothing much to say about today... Another simple day. Morning went to programming class.. I went abit earlier coz mum no time =( Hah but saw Sia and Simms at 7th floor~ They both on facebook O_O Wow looks quite fun so with those interesting applications.. XD Programming time.. Well.. It was easier than we thought. No Talk. No Action. Just mere hand exercising by clicking the mouse =) Quite fun though... duh. Went back and did nothing. Slept whole afternoon, love the rain, the cool breeze.. Opened my window ABAP! (As Big As Possible) Kekeke... Then do my FatShit (Fact Sheet) =.= Haahh.. Then gaze stupidly at the computer. Well a bit chatting besides that... Waiting time to pass, and hope there will be more things for me to do... (Lazy huh dint mentioned about studying hehe shhhh....)
I think this will do for my first ever so-called-BLOG.
Looks fine to me.. and.. Ha didnt contain any personal stuff.. That'll go into my diary (hehe)...
Lalala~~~ This is my second diary though ^^