Sunday, May 31, 2009

Discretion to Decision

Are alot of people getting married lately? =D Well maybe some hehe.. Later tonight going to attend a wedding dinner of... of... my grandfather's.. err my mother's... Hmm oh well my relative in short. I've got a good feeling it would be fun since i hadn't been to TheBanquet for a long time -sighs-

Oh well next friday i will have freedom! I don't mean that i don't have it now, i am having lotsa freedom now =) Its just that i will be having overflowing freedom for a week XP And so im declaring an open house on 5th-11th of June. *hinting someone who knows what i mean* kekeke

--- --- --- --- ---

There are now woven threads scattered around. I wonder what will be the story behind those woven threads when i connect them. But an insinuating telltale is very intricate to empathize. There was once a time i wanted to bring all fragments of the story together, but now i affirm that it is not the right time. Pieces are not supposed to be mended all at a time; as wounds could not all heal at a time. They should be done gradually, understanding the whole piece one by one as a complete picture will start to form gradually.

* And now, i just can't decide whether being ignorant or innocent is bliss. *

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fragments of Dreams - 夢の欠片

There are no miracles in this world
there are only inevitabilities and accidents,
and what u want to do.

but sometimes the outcome of your action,
which become inevitable,
will overlap with accidents,
and fulfill your dream unexpectedly.

n.o.t.h.i.n.g. will happen if you don't wish for it

Do you have memories you don't want to forget?
忘れたくない想い いますか?

Everyone has prayed to God at least once
even though they might not believe,
one day they will surely make an honest prayer.

Something that is everyone looking for,
something that is everyone looking after.
something that's created from everyone's continuous wishes and the bonds between them.


Put your wishes into the memories you don't want to forget.

Yume no Kakera - 夢の欠片
Ef~a tale of memories~ 第十二章

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost, and Found.

For a while i thought that things lost can never be found.
I was proven wrong.

If we still have hope, there is always something we can achieve.

And i even prepared myself to accept the fact that i lost my external harddisk, but it was found. Although it had been a week since i lost it, i didn't think that sending email to every users in swinburne through blackboard will work out well. So... well, things turn out okay.

There is still kindness in this world, is you believe.

There can be miracles, if you believe.

Things that are lost, can be found.

*Weeeeee~~~ ...*

Friday, May 15, 2009


Im sick.

Not sick of someone, not sick of something.

Just sick.



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't remind me.

Don't remind me, of that word.
Don't remind me, of that name.
Don't remind me, of that person.

How astonishing that words can turn out to be a name, and a name can turn out be be a significant certain someone.

Looking at letters that somehow lie there dead and immobile somewhat wavers the shape of my heart. I can choose not to be regretting, coz im not sulking for what that i did not succeed. For why...? Maybe its just that there is other chances out there. Nobody always gets a smooth walking path, as there shall be stones and pebbles that hinder the way. As the saying says "Failure is a stepping stone to success" is the light that guide us through life, and of course failures. If we know how to accept them, we will know what to do.

But i do not know what to do. So does that mean i did not accept my failure? But i somehow believed that i accepted some time ago... If i can go back in time, i would surely change something. Something, for sure. For the me in the was a complete failure, the current me should be able to do something. The present would be so different if the past was different from the current past.

Dont remind me, of love.