Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deep In My Heart - The True Eyes Lie

Yesterday night slept late at 2+. Chatting with other so crazy, but luckily i didnt participate in some of those crazy talk =) Go in game a while, then come out kacao kacao Mwahaha =P
Then lie on the bed, feel so nice and comfy.

~Aihh when really tired resting really seems important. - An exhausted body, A weak mind... The path of the mind, is disrupted by anxious thoughts... No matter the past, the present or the future, its alike.
~How ironic... The body is exhausted by being idle, while the mind is worn out by being overburdened...

But hopefully the heart is true. Actions shall be conducted, according to what the heart says. Since the body and mind are not on the right track.. =P Even the "eyes"... cant see what *ahead*... All it could see, is a possible bleak and looming future.. Despite this, there might still be hope somewhere... unfound... unforeseen. Hidden... deep... in......


~It has always been like a rule that the XY takes the initiative. In some cases disregarding the matter of fate, destiny and luck, the XX have no choice but to wait and remain hidden of their feelings.
Thesis statement: Although it has been like a culture and tradition, there are some circumstances that the XY is hesitant; or meanwhile the XX has intention, but is unable to insinuate themselves. Therefore, views upon the XX and XY must be altered, to a level that treats both the former and latter as equal, and prejudice should be purged.


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