Friday, July 25, 2008

瞬间か 色あせないように

别让瞬间失色 ~AKA~ Dont let The Moments Lose Its Colour

There are various moments in life.
Moments of truth.
Moments of sorrow.
Moments of anger.
Moments of emnity
Moments of envy.
Moments of fun.
Moments of happiness.
Moments of contentment.
... etc ...

When these moments occur frequently, it shall lose its colour.

When moments of anger and emnity occurs recurrently, it shall lead to more hatred.
And things will go haywire. Out of control.
When moments of happiness and contentment occurs recurrently, it shall lose its taste, its colour.
And things will not seem as beautiful as the *first time*.

Things changes over time, gradually.
People's hearts and feelings changes as well.
But let a lesson engrave in our minds...
That is...
"Do Not Let The Moments Lose Its Colour"

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