Sunday, July 27, 2008

Operation Love (プロポーズ大作戦)

When i was doing nothing this afternoon... I accidentally saw this show..
OmG! Its a japanese show! I felt so touched just by watching a little while!
I'm so gonna chase the series.. It has 11 episodes.. *Recommended!!!

Operation Love - プロポーズ大作戦 (Proposal Daisakusen)

The story is about a guy named Ken who attends his highschool sweetheart's wedding ceremony.
And then a fairy appeared and sent him back to time, giving him a second chance to win his lover's heart.
This show is in Japanese, with chinese subtitles at the bottom.
A show which can make tears fall unconsciously... >_<'
This episode i watched.. is Episode 7 already sad to say =(

In this episode there are fireworks.. And the guy needs to propose to the girl he likes (Kei) before the teacher does. There are flashbacks of the teacher about his relationships with Kei. And he realised that he had fallen for Kei. Then when they were playing a game of "obey the King", the teacher got the position of the King! So everyone has to listen to what he has to say. And you know la... He said he likes Kei. Then Ken realised he's too late. His friends which are drunk keep push Kei and the teacher together, and took a photo. Then Ken is sent back to the future, at the wedding ceremony. He sees Kei and the teacher in front, talking intimately. Then time stopped, the fairy appeared. And here is where i find the most touching part.

The fairy said... If you keep merely finding for a suitable place and time, you will never make it. Ken who had been crushing on Kei for 14 years still could not say out a simple word. And the teacher did it easily. The fairy said if he keep being like this he will never find his own happiness. Then Ken said he wants to give up, and he doesnt want to keep going back to the past anymore.

The fairy clicked his hand, and time moved on again. Then he saw his best friend dating. His best friend thanked him for telling him to be brave and not letting go of the person he love. Then he realised that he changed the past. He changed his friend fate, but not his... Sad... Cant wait till next sunday 3pm =P

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