Monday, July 28, 2008


The Power Of Existence.

The anime "Shakugan no Shana" portrays a very powerful meaning regarding existence.
A touching part:
The main character Yuji, accidentally died, having his power of existence sucked by monsters called 'Rinne' or 'Tomogara'. People have their power of existence sucked away will die, but there is where the exciting part comes in. The guardians that maintain balance of the world, call themselves 'Flame Haze'. Those people who have their existence sucked will be replaced by something called 'Torches'. These torches will gradually weaken, and will eventually go out. When this torch goes out, the person will disappear in thin air. But the use of this 'Torch' is to minimize the impact to the minimum. This means that their existence is slowly devoured away from this world, and people will tend to pay attention to them less. By the time the torch goes out, people will not even notice that they disappeared, or should i say, they even existed?

The story here: A girl likes the best friend of Yuji, but unfortunately died. Her existence is replaced with a torch, just like Yuji himself. Yuji can see torches in other people, and he sees one in that girl. But the torch is weak, so Yuji desperately tries his best to let people notice her, especially his best friend. The last day of the girl's torch, Yuji brought them out to have fun. But his best friend didnt even notice her that much. And then the girl disappeared. Yuji found her at a slanting field, gazing away at the setting sun. And she disappeared right in front of his eyes. He is desperately trying his best to let others remember that girl, because he understands... He just wants that girl to be in someone's memory..

This whole thing about existence, is greatly touching if you think of it, deeply.
Nobody thinks, remembers about you.
Not in their memory.
Like you never existed.

Shout ! Shout out *the* name!
Shout deeply in your heart...
By shouting out names, it will make the power of existence stronger...
Shout out the name of the one you love...
For now... For now...
* !!!!!! *

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