Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thats What I'm Saying. A Prayer In Vain.

In this world, there are alot of kinds of people. From what i've seen through the years, people are good at faking, no matter online or reality. Can u believe it? Its so perfectly done until no one can tell whether its right or wrong; true or false. What to do..? People like to obscure their True nature, no matter for good or bad intentions.

The human heart does not stay the same, forever. Peoples' heart change eventually. For better or worse.. Only themselves know.

As for me.. I would like to devote.. a prayer in vain... for the people i care... the ones i love..

My faith, remains the same. My heart, remains the same. My feelings, remain the same.

~How long will i be waiting, to be with U, again~

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