Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hakuna Matata~

Today went for driving test at 8. Saw Alison there!!
We are Sesi3, went to the uphill test at around 10. Alison went 1st, and passed.
Then i was next, and i miraculously passes too! Thx for my friends who prayed for me! =P
My car engine died once when i did the 3-point turning, but i didnt flunk it =)
The last part was driving out. I got A, the easiest road ever, and the JPJ still asked me to take a shortcut =( I didnt managed to go up the bridge, and get the U-Turn i wanted... Waaaa~~

Then i went to Cafeteria. Saw KangHong. Bryan too, with his gf XD Aiyeryer ~
After lunch we went to Stella's house play Wii!! Weee~~ Not addicting for me, =P Since i'm neutral hehehe shhhh...

Multimedia. The lecturer said something about what photos, pictures and PhotoshopCS3.
15 mins talk and its over. Wthell ?! Oh nvm...
When i went home i drove my mum's car hehe... Automated car, easy like pie =)
But i just drove around the park~ Continue, next time next time hehehe...

Now i'm in a DAMN good mood. No more worries for driving. Hakunamatata~ Heee...
So, i think i'm gonna wash the plates for my mum, reduce her burden ^^
See i'm such an obedient and filial boy, uh no i mean filial man, uh no i mean filial son =P

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