Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sing My Heart Out~

Weee it was so fun yesterday night. BBQ + Steamboat. One word for description. Stuffed.

Some of my friends BBQ, and a few of them used the heat technology thingy. After boiling the soup they put butter in it and started fying stuff?! Prawns and meat. Omg the smell so nice! But i dint get to taste some =( Coz ate BBQ until too full T____T wuu....

After that we chat around lo. They all ar.. Never change.. Always bully professor phang. Lucky i stay quiet, if not they also thought of bullying me =P

The fun part came when we went to EnterK at crownSquare. Wee~
On the way to EnterK my friend sung the song "Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera". Then he played the song from his handphone~ O_O Sung by David Cook?! Oh i'm so gonna get that song from him another time XD He has the whole season w00t! Tempting huh?

LOLs? A few of my friends looked like they were having problems using the remote O_O
And after the lady gave instructions though =.= I think they cant read chinese well =(
Well i just sat there quietly as they try to use that remote! Too bad i cant drink =P
But they got what promotion that night.. What one human head free one human head. So wrong the way she said. In short it means buy one free one. So we ordered 5 beers and free 4 mocktail(A type of juice which i didnt know at 1st) Hahaha..

Well they chose their songs at 1st.. but at least got a few songs i know how to sing, so i sang too =P At first i thought i dont feel like to XD Sing my Heart Out~!! Omg it was so FUN..

We wanted to sing until 1or2.. But one of my fren Andy has curfew. He told him mum he would be home by 11.30. Then his mum keep calling, she said he lied to her O_O omg made us so HIGH only.. Then i tumpang his car home since he stayed at GreenHeights. Wahh along the BDC road in front of the church and RHPlaza he sped over 120. LOL then when he wanted to slow down for the turn, (since it was a roundabout) the car SKID! ed. a bit. Scared the wits out of us. My gosh. I never want to drive quickly if i am given the chance to. Must appreciate our lives =P

Later going to watch movie =) I watch 3 times movie within a few weeks. Cool. Well i can't afford to miss these great movies right =P The trailers are totally convincing. Weee ~

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