Monday, July 7, 2008

Confidence. For Better Or Worse...?

We mere humans, gain personal confidence through encouragement of all sorts.
Due to the fact that we are not self-confident, we always seek for corroboration.
Sometimes it is not regarding we trust others or not, is just that confirmation is required to assure us of ourselves to continue what we were doing.

But there are also discouragements along the way, and this is what makes us hesistant.
Decisions are normally made due to certainty, or sometimes uncertainty.
Decisions made due to uncertainty is of foolishness because of perplexity.

Confidence, is hard to gain; yet easy to lose.
But yet, confidence can make a quick difference. Either good or bad.

And then, I still strongly believe in... Time. ~ "jikan-wa tsuyoku shinjiteru" ~

Time... Prooves myself. Time shows me the way, tells me the right decision. Still, I am gonna need confidence to make a difference.

For better or worse...

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