Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Late Forever


I'm already too late. I was too late. I always had been too late.

When i finally gathered up the courage, it is already not the same. This time i shall lose my chances for good. Even though i had to admit i wanted to see you for the VERY last time in my life, i couldn't.

You left, whilst i stayed. But i might leave too in the future, who knows, by chance the same place you went.

And now, time and distance will be intervening for a long period. Maybe i will get the chance again, once i leave this grounds; or shall you return to this grounds.

And perhaps when that time comes, i'll be ready. To do what i failed to do.

But... I think i still will never get the courage to see you, and you will slip out of my reach yet again. Yet, i never regretted cause this is what i foreseen...

From the day i first met you.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winner, or Loser..?

In love: You lose if you fall for the other person.
You're supposed to make the other person fall in love in you.

Do you truly believe that life has winners and losers in the first place?
Isn't thinking about victory or defeat itself an indicator of defeat?

You feel sad when you part with the one you love,
because you love them;
Or you should not fall in love in order to not feel sad?

If you fall in love with them, then you get hurt;
If they fall in love with you, then you don't.

But sometimes in love: Having feelings for another person,
automatically makes you the winner.

No matter how much you treasure something,
all things will eventually perish.
Bonds, feelings, memories, hearts and life.
Everything in this world eventually perishes, and breaks.

Things aren't about winning or losing.
It's not about entering a competition you know u can't win or lose.

Happiness is just artificial, fictional, and fake.
That is why...

Lets cherish it.

Quoted from Ef ~A Tale of Melodies~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 Litre of Tears

1 リットルの涙 (Ichi Rittoru no Namida)

Recommended Japanese drama! Although it's an old movie, it is meaningful and shows us the things we tend to overlook in life. Based on a real story, the drama is storylined from the diary in which the diseased girl wrote: "1 litre of tears".

You will definitely cry One litre of tears watching this... Somewhat XP *Thumbs up* sob sob

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just watched Hannah Montana yesterday night and i found out that i have a crush on Miley Cyrus! Just kidding =P She's one of my idols now *_*

I wanna watch...

Night at the Museum 2
Blood The Last Vampire
Terminator Salvation
Transformers 2
Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

ZZZ movies don't go away wait for me..!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Distraught.

I love reminiscing. There are sweet memories in it.
I hate reminiscing. The memories hurt.


Because i am an idiot.

I assumed things, and acted on my own accord. But there are precious treasures in my possession that i could not give away nor throw away when i thought how much a waste it would be. Everything that had been done were unrequited, since it was not requested. I didn't expect all the blame would ultimately fall upon my own self.

I was once told and believed that striving for one's best does not hurt anybody. But i was wrong. People we care might get hurt along the way no matter what we do, but still in the end we will end up hurting ourselves. If that is so why strive for one's best if the end only brings no good?

There are entities called hopes and dreams. If we lived to aim for something, even it might not work out well, at least it's gratifying. It is not the goal or destination that makes a difference, it is the process. Throughout the process we learn, we hurt, we understand. Experiences stays forever, but possessions does not. The same goes for people.

It doesn't matter if what we do does not reach the one we aim for, because what matters is their happiness, not ours. If we think what we do is for the happiness of someone else, then it will not matter if it really works out or not.

I wonder, when will we grow up and learn to understand the depths of knowledge. Then we can and will only see the good in every single thing. When, i wonder...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some people are kind, some people are nice. Some like to act, and some like to lie. But most of all, SOME people are sohai. Yea, you got me --- SOHAI.

Of course i won't specifically name that person, and i did not do this because this someone did something to me or whatsoever. Its the truth. Yea, you got me --- TRUTH.

Here goes the description:

They sohai, because things goes their way.
They sohai, because they are getting more and more complacent.
They sohai, because they have something others don't have.

And most of all, they sohai because they ARE sohai.

I might be complaning a little here, but i just want God to know that some certain things aren't fair down here and needs some alteration. MAJOR alterations. So maybe if that someone gets my message and be a good little kitty, then i'm cool.

So what if these people have something to show off about, things are not always certain, while people are not absolute. What's yours now, might not be yours in the future. Note that, smart guy. So if you had been following my advice, you'll do just fine.

The thing u need to do is just to TREASURE your things, loser.

Thats the best you can ever get from me, my first and my last =.=..|..

PS: Hui ge although we always call u sohai this Sohai is not you XD

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Finals are coming. Actually it is just tomorrow. But i am still not in the mood. Studying seems so easy, and yet so hard. I wonder when will i take the darn notes and read them.

But it seems like i have no choice. There has to be changes, and changes will be made. Anyways good luck to all who is having their finals!

Ok i have nothing else to say or wish. Totally speechless...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reminisces In Real Time

Its been one year half since i sat down and chat with BongBong and Fany. And i mean really sit down and talk. Its so great seeing them again.. There is nothing better than reunion.

*talk topics censored =P*
*highly private and confidential*

Its great being a friend type =) For now there'll be no obvious goals for me. I'll just walk down this quiet and even path and wait till something jump out from the bushes.

What's to worry? Nothing.
What's to enjoy? Everything. <3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In time.

I don't know if i tried hard previously, the i suppose work is still done in the journey to reaching our goals. But i know i shouldn't use fatigue as my excuse for giving up. There is no other choices, the path is uneven and bumpy, and the distance is far. I've been thinking to take a diverging path, one that leads to a downhill soon. I just can't and don't want to keep climbing uphill all the time. No one else does too.

I anticipate a vision, a future sight. The Time that told me to renounce is imminent. After i do so, what i see will be amalgamation of love. Without me being a hindrance to the process of bonding, particles can be merged without doubt, without difficulty. I just need to blend my type of mixture anyways, not people blending for my sake. What i say might be arcane but i am not insane, because unfathomable words shall be deciphered one day. I believe.

And now, i just want someone to pat my back and say "thank you for the hard work".

Monday, June 1, 2009

Night Fever

Relatives' Wedding Dinner... Err Tommy and Christine. Haha this morning when the bridegroom (Tommy) went to the bride's house they played jokes on him. I think it is my family's tradition to disturb the groom when he comes for his wife. He has to go through 3 stages to get to the bride in her room lolz. From what i heard he has to do the huu-la-hoop *_* etc. then they has to read some chinese swears thingys and then put on lipstick and stamp their mouths on that piece on paper. Some sort of swearing huh? =P

Evening time! The interesting part *hehe*

*bones of a fish that can change into an image of elephant tusks... lol*

*me bro and cuzzy Rick*

*Me lovely mom and me <3>

*Wuu aunties*

*Care for a mug of heineken? The more you drink, the sweeter it gets XP*

*Best buddies.. eh hem cousins to be precise*

*Time to get HOT* -the night is not over- =P

*Zzz where's mine...*

*Mine!!!* -Caramel Cream Chocolate Chip-
Wierd name huh? The story goes like this:
1) I pretended to be stupid and asked the waiter what is caramel.
2) He said it was something like butter.
3) I love butter, so ya one Caramel Cream for me.
4) Cousin Alex came along and ordered Vanilla Cream Chocolate Chip.
5) Wait.. its not on the menu... Can it be done?
6) Can~ Can~ Of course no problem~
7) Waiter asked whether i want the same too.
8) Chocolate chips are very nice he said.
9) And i succumbed to temptation and persuasion.
10) And i got my 4C, to describe the taste - Totally Sweet.

Other comments for now...?
Home Sweet Home. <3