Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Outing~ Settle Settle

Morning driving lessons.. Ha not intensive anymore just a 2 hour drive now =)
Then i drop myself off at Swinburne XD
Saw Eugene and Alex. They said they get results. I think they also go and settle the hostel thingy la.

Ish Jo-Ann ask me to meet at girl's toilet. But i came out from boy's toilet wahaha XD
Cally go settle her instalments thingy. Then went to boulevard lo. Nothing there la.
Just walk walk, then went to Popular read books =S And makan at KFC while waiting Jamie and Alison to arrive. So funny la got so many kids there O_o *Cute
Then Jamie, Alison and Steven(Is that the name of her fren?) came.

We go settle the chicken thingy. Thought gonna buy 130 SWT
The guy was also (Huh?!) We few ppl oni also want buy 130 pieces of popoke~ XD
But at last we bought 80 oni la. Coz the price crazy. Hmm... Got many hotdogs la.. so.. nvm gua..
Then still at the supermarket there buy so many err.. miscellanous things? =)
Jamie keep wanting stuffs lol.. Want me to list them? Ok.. ChocolateSyrup... Banana? Still got what ho.. cant remember. She's craving for lotsa things lately. =P

Then go desserts eat ice-cream. Yeah i finally get to try DarkChocolate+GreenTea.
Mmm nice, but i dint mix them since i ate with cone =( GreenTea abit bitter though cold... =P

Then follow Cally to her grandma's house haha~ Got dog got cat also. Funny dog, and CUTE CAT!
I want a cat TOO... Wuwu...

Cant wait till tomorrow. Its gonna be a fun day. I guess... No. I guarantee. =P
Sorry for the confidence mwahaha~

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