Saturday, July 26, 2008

Differences In Changes.

There are many changes in life as we know.
Changes that make big differences, or no difference at all.

Biggest change,
Have many stages. Or.. Many types.
-Old relationships
-New relationships
-Existing relationships

Either is friendship or love relationship, it is similar.
There are the Past, Present, Future.
Each and every one of them differs.
And we know deep in our heart...
The feeling and sensations during these relationships...
Are unique, unexplainable.
And yet we forget; or remember.

These differences in changes are valuable pieces of memories in our lives.
No matter whether they shall stay, or go.
They will still be significant.

So we should cherish them.
Don't think about whether it is beneficial or not.
Whether they shall disappear or not, or stay.
Whether they shall make changes in our life or not.

We should savor these moments, profoundly.
Then maybe, they will make some differences that we seek in these changes.

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