Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anticipating Ashita

Today normal lagi. Morning play games again.. But not dota k.. Just minigames haha just for fun. Bully ppl oni =P
Ha me so bad >@< *Knock*

Afternoon my friend Bryan called. So i ended going out again. As usual, cyber-cafe.
3pm -7pm. 4 hours RM10. Ok price la ho...
Then go to 3rd mile there makan. RM10 - LonganWater + Sweet&Sour Fish Rice.
Then 8.30pm went to LaserTag lagi aduh... Friend ajak to play so play lo.. FOC again ^^''
Last time they renovating.. So i went to see their graffiti.. And ended up playing. Hehe feels great to be one of the first to try out their brand new place =)
Next time gonna bring kawan go there playplay liao hehe...

Then now i writing blog. Anticipating tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will be the same as today.
But i'm always looking forward to tomorrow. Hoping.. Maybe it'll be better? =)

Ashita... Ashita... Ashita...

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