Monday, July 7, 2008

Tag. You're It !

I've been tagged by JHSia and Sue-Ann.
Tag. You're it!
Oh well. Guess i'm not breaking the tag.

Lets get into the topic.
5 Favourite Dining Spots

1. JoJo Restaurant (Near the 3rd mile KFC)
2. After-Three (Near Padungan)
3. Kopitiams and Stalls Nearby SMK Kuching High
(Introduced by my friend during my whole high-school period at SMK Kuching High, i realised that there are many good dining places there)
4. - Lets leave it empty for the meantime -
Erm maybe MacD, PizzaHut, Sugarbun and KFc i guess? =P
5. Swinburne Cafeteria + Chilipeppers (Just joking, just since i eat there often =P)

5 Friends to Tag


Sorry but i tag no one. Looks like i did break the tag after all =)

Wait. Looks like i'm gonna tag someone after all. All thanks to Sue for her wonderful idea.

I tag...

Cody & Zac & Chocolate
See I am Sooo & Suchhh an Animal Lover. =)

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