Saturday, July 12, 2008


Whenever i look into the mirror, i see no one.
Thats the surface.

Whenever i look into the mirror, i see someone.
Thats the core.

Why does my own reflection show, the inside of me?

Why does my own reflection do, the same action as i do, just the opposite?

Why does my own reflection stay, as quiet as I am, when i look into it, searching for answers?

My mirror image indicates a diffident and hesitant person.
So i shall concede to my own reflection; or let it eavesdrop what I'm saying.

I deeply admire my reflection, which remains crenellated behind these mirror walls.

It can always re-tell my story, embellished.
For which then, i know that is not me.

I am always brimming over with perplexion and a little happiness at times, which i narrate to my own reflection.

I told it, there is always a gleam of hope behind those mirrors, and then it shall be free.
Such oppressive words just to hearten the inside me.

But i shall hope that it will be free one day,
and let it concede to me, explicitly.

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