Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thats What Friends Are For.

Feelings come and go.
We never know.

This connection, has never been this, Unexpected.

U can always concede to me, although you're not my reflection in the mirror.
Things will never turn bad, if only discussion is brought about.

U can always talk to me, whenever you need a friend.
I can listen to your troubles or insinuation, and assist you along the way.

I won't be inclined to myself, as everyone & everything is important to me as well.
I don't mind what shall happen, if its beneficial to you, or me.
If your hand is warmer than mine, i will accept the fact.

But i just want you to know, friends are always there for you.

You shall never feel lonely if you reach out.

Thats what friends are for.

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