Friday, July 18, 2008

Door To Another World.

Every heart within holds a door.
A door to somewhere different, exclusive and personal.

That paradise exists in our hearts.
Its only up to whether we discover it or not, and walk into it.

This door is either opened, or closed.
To enter that world, is to leave this world behind.
There is no going back.
There should no regrets.
It is about giving up and getting a feel for a new world.

Sometimes it not that the world we live in is unpleasant, but is about exploring new places and make discoveries.

Fraught dangers lie ahead.
But nothing can suppress the thrill of arriving at your own fantasy.
It is very hard to leave this world behind.
But the other world could be better?
How would I know? Can i tell?

But who knows?

Worlds apart, from distance, time and dimensions are indeed unimaginable.
However, there are still things that are -similar-.
Things that we like, dislike. Love, hate.
These things never changes.

No matter where we go.
We shall always encounter them.

*We* should always
*Open* our heart
And together *walk through*
The *door to another world*

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