Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Times Don't Last...

Today had lotsa fun, can't really describe it here.. Maybe i'll be able to in my diary. XD
BBQ was fun.. the chicken.. oh man you wouldnt wanna know, its sweet =P
(Maybe we put in too much honey hahaz...)
We couldnt light the fire at 1st.. which was sad.. But after we got that flamethrower thingy(An object that spits flame), JHSia keeps playing with it.. seems like he became pro with using that object O_O
So we lit a fire and started BBQing. *Happy times. Didnt last long.

After that, we went to MJC nearby Stella's house.. Food Fair. We went to bumper car, Ferris wheel and bought some cotton candy. Situation was out of control during bumper car.. Everyone was shouting like mad =.= (Wish something could shut them up.) Happy Times. Damn didnt last long.

The thing that spoiled the happy night is that, some things happened.
1st, JHSia lost his hp. Scared the wits out of us. But luckily he realised it early, and made it in time to retrieve his handphone..
2nd, Stella lost her car keys! This is the hard part.. we all kelam kabut.. and the end we still cant find it. JSia is truly a good friend, that he helps finding Stella's car keys more keen then us. Thats all that matters. We're lucky to have a friend like AhHsien =) Credits goes to u, Sia. Salute You.

My dad came back, and my maid went off. Well some sort of special airport occasion hmm @_@

Happy times is indeed memorable moments, memories of elation for us to remember, and recall.
Although happy times don't last, we should treasure it, every second of it to the maximum...

For The First Time~~~~~
This time, and the first time ever...
I dont feel like... -Akiramete-

My heart felt a sudden coldness.. Guess is called heartpain.
The heart is the core of the soul... Whenever the soul feels something, no matter happy or sad, it blows a chill wind into your heart, your spines, your feels... And all of a sudden... You feel, a complete sadness... Either because of an incomplete comprehension of your own soul, or over-understanding of your own soul...

The true origin of feelings, is from the core itself. Wandering deep within, waiting to be comprehended, felt and synchronized... I wonder... When... shall it be...

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