Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not A Dull Day, But Still One?

Ahh~ Nothing to do as ever.
Afternoon lied on my bed, gazing above~~ Not the stars, its just the ceiling =.=

Reading love novels which i have read countless of times before, but it never bores me.
Cant stop myself from loving these stuff, they just seem to catch my heart's attention =P

Then Bryan asked me out to GizmoreGamerz at JalanSong. 4 sth.. played until 8.30.
Wth?! Didnt realise the time passed by so fast ! Diu...

Then go to PizzaHut and makan =) Swt la my old friends memang still same. Never stop those meaningless stuff. There were little kids celebrating birthday, running in and out swt... So annoying la! Then 2 of my friends keep looking at a girl's humps =.= And they wouldnt stop laughing. One word for them that is sooooooo - Gay.

Lala.. Then chat on.. My friend said our results will be out on 18July.. I suppose thats next Friday... Oh well can't wait.. This holiday sure seem long enough, never-ending. But.. I'm certain that.. When school starts, I'm BOUND to miss this holiday which i'm so hating now.

We never appreciate things.
Until we lose them.
Then we start to reminisce.
But its already OVER!
Thats what we are.

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