Friday, January 30, 2009

The Family Year Of Love.

A new year has come, and the old year leaves. This, is a year of love. And it was the year of hope previously.. So it gave us hope, to look for love this year =) May love blossom in the midst of our fellow peers? No one knows... Until the time comes, everything shall be clear.

So now let us pray that we will feel lots of lots of love this year k? XP

And my fortune cookie said...

"Sometimes what you need is a hand to hold, and a heart to understand"
Fortune cookie 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eyes On Me.

Whenever Sang My Songs On The Stage On My Own
Whenever Said My Words Wishing They Would Be Heard
I Saw You Smiling At Me
Was It Real Or Just My Fantasy?
You`d Always Be There
In The Corner Of This Tiny Little Bar

My Last Night Here For You, Same Old Songs Just Once More
My Last Night Here With You? Maybe Yes, Maybe No
I Kinda Liked It Your Way
How You Shyly Placed Your Eyes On Me
Oh, Did You Ever Know That I Had Mine On You

* Darling, So There You Are With That Look On Your Face
As If You`re Never Hurt, As If You`re Never Down
Shall I Be The One For You Who Pinches You Softly But Sure
If Frown Is Shown Then I Will Know That
You Are No Dreamer *

So Let Me Come To You, Close As I Wanna Be
Close Enough For Me To Feel Your Heart Beating Fast
And Stay There As I Whisper,
How I Loved Your Peaceful Eyes On Me
Did You Ever Know That I Had Mine On You

Darling, So Share With Me Your Love If You Have Enough
The Tears If You`re Holding Back
Or Pain If That`s What It Is
How Can I Let You Know I`m More Than The Dress & The Voice
Just Reach Me Out And You Will Know That You Are Not Dreaming


Final Fantasy VIII Theme Song
Faye Wong

Friday, January 16, 2009

What passes with the wind?

Some say, Dream is the biggest lie on earth.

It is different for me.
It is real as to virtual fantasy.

Because of it's actuality, i can't believe that it is a dream;
because of it's fantasy, i can't deny that it is a dream.

Do Caterpillars evolve or regress?

In their chrysalis they look forward to seeing the outside world.
Is evolution to butterflies actually evolvement or reversion?

Because of it's evolution, it attains freedom;
because of it's regression, it retains simplicity.

To me, you are like my Dream and Butterfly.
Dreams like fragrant scents in my senses and,
Butterflies like butter cream on my lips.

~ My only dream and butterfly, but passes with the wind ~

Wuuu Interesting.

Went to Kenyalang in the morning, visit Hsien's shop XD Wu interesting sell plastics and vegetarian food. Yum yum. Then we had to think of something to do to melengah masa. Coz 2.30 nid bring my brother and his fren to tuition. But i HUNGRy, so ate chicken rice at Petanak and this is what we saw when we left. Accident ! Wuu interesting x2.

Then went to TunJugah shopping =) Wuuu interesting x3. Bought some novels to read. It plays an important role in this lonesome holiday *smiles*

Oh well. Can't wait till badminton next monday. Exercise is good for life, admit it ! Yess! Good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Moments ago i see holidays as imminent.
And now it is heralding a looming upshot.
I've been walking on this path with composure for quite a while now.
But once again a diverging path materializes.
Somehow... this rings a bell...
The music of my saga conjures manically,
and i involuntarily evoke presence of the past.

I must be given ample time.
In order to streamline this chronicle and preclude it from going astray.
And no matter how many times the sun rises,
i must conclude this before the sun sets.
After the sun sets, darkness shall arise.
Shall the only source of illumination be the twilight moon?

And what, i cant see in the dark. Not just me, anyone can get lost.
Although i claim to always have good sense of direction,
it doesn't seem to help me in this one.
Maybe what i need isn't good senses, what i need is...


Perhaps, a new dawn shall come to pass.
And dusk shall not continue when dawn arrives.
This means, a new hope shall emerge among upheavals.
From there i shall seek for enlightenment.

When that moments comes...
I shall possess the knowledge to do what i have to do.

A Babbling Bumbling Bunch of Babboons!

I say babboon but i am not babboon =(
Me innocent.
Me no babboon union.
And u see what babboons did to me?

This !
*thats the front glass pane of my car*
*babboons hand itchy and stick it there*
Lets save this world from babboons.
Join me !!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wake up early to study, but fell asleep. Fell asleep and - dream about... KPP.

Woke up, whala! 12.30pm. 3 hours of napzie, 3 hours of excitement, 3 hours of fun, and 3 hours of virtual happiness.

It was something i never felt before, or will not, and never will have the chance to experience it. Unless time, space and God permits.

*Story Censored*

And ah Hsien said that KPP was Kesatuan Parti Papaya. LOL a cute guess, but nowhere near =) And he said me killing people's pig was cruel. Whatever he knows my secret anyway.

And oh KPP, may i be allowed to dream about you... Again?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Face it. Again

There's no time left to relish, but i ain't relishing.
Maybe i am, but i ain't putting my heart into it.

Predicaments come and go. All the time.

This always happen before breakdowns, but its my own self to blame for not preserving beforehand. Though i can't change things at the last minute, they could get miraculous at times *wink*

-i love suprises-
don't chya?

Face it.

There's no time left to study, but i ain't studying.
Maybe i am, but i ain't putting my heart into it.

Distractions come and go. All the time.

This always happen before exams, but its my own self to blame for not studying beforehand. Though i hate doing things at the last minute, they could get interesting at times

-i love challenges-
don't chya?

Friday, January 9, 2009


Oh yes! I can sms again! Thx to the DiGi staffgirl at HockLee Centre !! You're so damn great compared to the ones in Boulevard, and the DiGiSerViceCentre. And now a sense of freedom floods me mwahaha =P Ops sorry i got carried away.

Exams are around the corner. It actually means the end of Summer Semester. I seriously need to start revising shitty shits. And oh how i will so damn miss this semester. Fun could be compared to 1st semester... Foundation rocks!

I love you people! =D

Taggie by Hsien.

001. Real name: Gerald Tay YanYuan
002. Nicknames: Carrot / ahyan / Gary
003. Married: No idiot.
004. Zodiac sign: Leo "RAWR"
005. Male or Female: Male you idiot. Look at my name
006. Age: 18 Years and 5 months old =)
007. Highschool: SMK Kuching High
008. College: SUTS (Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak)
009. Residence: Kuching la
010. Hair color: Black
011. Long or Short Hair: Mediocre
012. Smoke: I smoke the air, O2O2
013. Drink: I drink the water, H2OH2O
014. Available: Single and Available for 18.5 years =)
015. Are you a health freak: Depends
016. Weight: Approximate 50kg now! Glad of that
017. Do you have a crush?: They just come and go.
018. Do you like yourself: Err abit
019. Piercings: Planning to get one
020. Tattoos: Ew. No way.
021. Righty or Lefty: Righty but i love my left hand shhh

022. First surgery: X have
023. First piercing: I am planning to do so, so dont have la
024. First best friend/s: 1st one?? Kang Hong XD
025. First award: Duhhh forgotten
026. First memory: Private and Confidential
027. First pet: A pair of turtles
028. First Vacation: Terengganu/Pahang or Melaka i think..
029. First Concert: Guang Liang !! AT Kenyalang! First & Last
030. First Crush: 杀人猪

031. Last time you went out: Few hours ago
032. Last time you had a good time: I treasure all moments in life =P
033. Last time you cried: Err form 4?
034. Last award: Sorry no remember
035. Last trip abroad: My hometown KL!
036. Last concert: My first is my last
037. Last album you bought: SHE Album few years ago...
038. Last song you played: Beautiful - Akon *hehe* "I never wanna see you cry cry cry"
039. Last phonecall: Mum
040. Last laugh: ah my dear Friends~

041. Summer or Winter: Winter. "I'd rather die cold then die hot"
042. Rainy or Sunny: Rainys
043. Britney or Christina: Britney oh she has sexy voice =P
044. TV or Youtube: Television coz i hate bufferings
045. Oprah or Tyra: Who are they?
046. McD's or KFC: Neither! I dont wanna get bombed inside these places >_<
047. Soccer or Tennis: Can i say badminton?
048. New York or San Francisco: Yuck no thx.

049. Eating: Rice
050. Drinking: Ribena
051. Wearing: Blackys
052. Im about to: Give up. In studying? XP
053. Listening to: *its like i checked into rehab~baby you're my diseaseee*

054. Food: Something sweet, salty and sour will do =)
055. Drinks: Durian belanda! *hehe
056. Colors: Yellow, Orange, Brown... Black and Silver
057. Numbers: Ahh numbers. err 1, err 2, err 3?

058. Want kids: Yaya 2 daughters 1 son O_O
059. Want to get married: Shall you wait 10 more years
060. Life: Sexy and Hot wakaka
061. Goals: My own album >_> songs, and lyrics
062. Where will you live: Malaysia BOLEH! Maybe other countries...
063. Buy a house: Ya a comfortable one for my mummy
064. Buy a car: Wuu yeahh BMW and Mazda for mii

065. Love your mom?: The most in the world.
066. Love your dad?: Okok la
067. Are they still together?: Hmm?

068. Lips or Eyes: Oh GOD YOUR LOVELY EYES!!
069. Hugs or Kisses: Hugs.
070. Shorter or Taller: Shorter
071. Lean or Plump: Lean la plump yew
072. Romantic or Spontaneous: We need both k
073. Nice stomach or Nice Arms: We dont need stomach, so i'll opt for Arms
074. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive in a loud way; or Loud in a sensitive way? Aaaa
075. Hook-ups or Relationships: Relationships duhhh

076. Bungee-jumped: Nah
077. Shook hands with someone important: Dr. Mahathir =P
078. Kissed a stranger: No and never will you babboon
079. Drank bubbles: Bubbles!!
080. Lost glasses/contacts: I dont lose them, i break them.
081. Ran away from home: Nooooo i will miss my mummy
082. Liked someone younger: Hmm ya i guess so
083. Liked someone older: It happens less often but who knows?
084. Broken someone's heart: Rarely but occasionally
085. Been arrested: For what u bafoon?
086. Turned someone down: Wuu thats bad
087. Cried when someone died: I wanna but i just cant
088. Liked a friend: That's not what friends are for?

089. Yourself: 360 degrees
090. Miracles: *There can be miracles... If you, believe~~~*
091. Love at First Sight: At first sight for the first time ohoh
092. Heaven: 2nd home for us Christians =)
093. Santa Clause: Ooh yeaaa when i was a little childdd
094. Sex on the first date: *We gotta take one step at a time~~~ there's no need to rush*
095. The More You Hate, The More You Love: Shitty wrong HATE X = Love
096. Angels: Oh ya i see them all the time...

097. Is there one person you want to be with you right now?: There's only space left for myself, sorry
098. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: Nope but i did prepare spare tyres
099. Do you believe in God?: Ya the One and Only God
100. Will you tag 10 people to continue this game?: Liang, KangHong, Bryan & Rick

At last, GAME OVER.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


あなたので 失われた
失われた は 取りもどせない 
あなたに 見つけた



私は 理想の恋人




Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Tide Rises Without A Blow Of The Wind.

And i thought i am able to let this proclivity pass.
But somehow, somewhat, somemore i am more attached to this.
I might get entangled and trapped in this thing.

I had been searching, and i think i have almost found all the answers.
But answers will not serve sufficient, as answers do not fill the empty spaces in the puzzle; in my heart.

Full answers do not always get full marks.
But reasonable answers do.

Everything happens for a reason.
If we try to understand that, an unfinished puzzle would be complete.

Its not all about understanding either, its about putting yourself in that situation as well.

Until i find the missing piece of my heart somewhere, in someone,
I will cease this pursuit.

And winds shall discontinue, while tides shall subdue.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let Memories Be.

Shadows never leave our sides,
but only in the presence of light.
Darkness exist in depths of nights,
but only once the flight of whites.

Its uncertainty, not aversion.

Why do words always run out?
Why do time always run out?

At times of impromptu no one is primed.
Sense of directions turns erroneous.
And conprehension ensued in flaw.

なぜこんなに 近くにいても 届けない 場所に

なぜこんなに 暖かい に 切ない 思いが...?

れた  われる の隙間

 空  の  と 隙間

しても 届かぬ  かなわぬ

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Hate This Part... (Part 2)

~Continued from ah Hsien~***
I will, and We do not stress only on the phrase "Mouth Say, Little Brother Gay" or "Chui Gong, Lan Pa Song". We would also like to stress on the act of someone. There are many innocents, and for you know we do not stand alone. Do as you like and walk in the shadows, but we see through all your actions. No explaination is needed, as there is no need for us to be at loggerheads with a failure like you. Your mouth that emanates those rubbish everywhere you go and see puts you on the same level as dirt. Or maybe even worse, as low as an ant. Thats what you are, so accept it. Thx for listening you retarded. See you when you get your mind fixed.

For those who are innocent, please dont be off feeling -perasan- ! Its not you dont worry! =)

And for those who are the one i shoot, oh YES its you! Be more perasan! Dont let me worry! =)

Solitary Lament

Our encounter was the dawn of my heart,
A new wind had been born from there.
When I notice that I'm not alone,
The distant moon will give me a smile.

At that moment,
the prelude I hear in my soul
Is a strange and nostalgic song.

But I'll become your strength
When I wish so,
My courage will fly.

At that moment,
the prelude overflowed and echoed
Is a song that overcomes time and space.

The past should not be feared
With hopes that fill the future
May happiness befall upon us?

We are not alone.
Everyone is born to meet someone
in this endless world and,

To search for love.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Im not crazy.

I'm not crazy.
Maybe just a little obsessed.

I'm not crazy.
Maybe just a little aversed.

I'm not obsessed.
Maybe just a little inclined.

I'm not aversed.
Maybe just a little indifferent.

Get it?

The forecasts of the night sky are vague,
'cause clouds obscure views and augury.
But the distant stars
form astrology signs to guide the way.

And the stars whispered to me,
I missed u a little too much.