Sunday, July 6, 2008

Square Dilemma. Of Time.

Yesterday was fun~ Met up with high school friends.. So long didnt see them all.. And we could only meet next time when everyone's free again =( Sad.
We chat alot until almost forgot that the movie is starting XD
Well we were originally going to watch 'Hancock', but at last we decided to watch 'Wanted'~
A very nice movie, so lolll.. Its like a riddle going upside down making you blur O_O But at the end of the movie, everything just dawns on you =) Cool rite?

After movie... We went to BigPotatoKOPITIAM~ Lim Kapi =D
Chat chat a while then 10 + lo O_O Then my friend dropped me off at my cuzzie's house. A few cousins came overnight as well. We had fun, but we had to take turns to play the PC, thats the bad thing =P Cant seem to get any sleep.. Slept at 3 something.. Hah usual stuff =)

Time flies again.. Now its Sunday.. Ahh a nice and clear day. Sort of showing me good things are just ahead of me. Or.. not... =P Time tells... Time shows... Time, reveals.

< ! --Post Sealed? -- > Ah nvm~
A Square Dilemma. 1+1 = Before, 1+1 = After. Before... There is a double dilemma to face. Either to persevere, or to let go. This is the hard part, where vital decision comes into place. Letting go was a very good experience, I've gone through that, and I learnt TONS from it. Although last time it took me quite 'a while' to let go, it was worth it. Now i realised a new practice, is to not let go but to persevere. Though there might be cons that both parties might get hurt in the process, it might also be worthwhile.. I'm not sure about that myself.. Cause i haven't been through the persevering process.. I wanna give it a shot.. This time, Its not about Giving Up, Its not about Letting Go, Its not about Right or Wrong. Its about believing in your heart.

Despite the fact that vision could be blurred by external factors; and feelings could be mislead by incitation of internal factors, the heart remains true. -Persevere, is to show and convey love, feelings. Not for personal gain, but for the welfare of the other part. Though it might not be certain that that certain person might take a liking of you in due course, but it is worth trying, as putting your heart into doing something that makes people feel content and happy, makes yourself happy as well. In short, "If You're Happy, I'm Happy".

The After-Dilemma, refers to the after-effects. Either it shall be a success or failure, exposure of devotion will generate commotion. These consequences are not foreseeable, as there are millions of possibilities. Everyone's heart emanates a sense of curiosity, and instigates an action that could not be intepreted and presumed. WORSE of all, is the outcome of a failure. A failure can bring a total downfall to oneself, as it considers the feelings of both parties when they meet. Neither would like the feeling of being ill at ease, and the uncomfortable atmosphere with them around. A sensation of turbulence and agitation will arouse, causing an unbearable diffidence. The heart and soul, is a fragile part of the body. Once expose to such disorder, its like a broken glass, almost impossible to repair, and that only time will tell. Thereafter a feeling of devastating deterioration is intricate to convalesce. And again, only time will tell.

I strongly believe, in... Time.

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