Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final 2008. Ending to a new Beginning.

My present ! Its ... Charco but i call it Charcoal. Still in search for a better name =) Any suggestions?

Last day of 2008 =( 3 ice creams? Where's da damn beer?!

Oh well i guess we can do well without beer. Ice creams will do =)


Its time to embrace a whole new day. A whole new year.
Happy new year to all my family and friends !! I love ya all =D *Hugs and Kisses* LOL

Tengok orang nie... So happy have 3 aisu kurimu !! XD But its not his anyway wahaha!

And dont my new pet look cute in hoodie *Hehe
A whole new world~ ...
Lets listen, to the music of...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Chronicle (Continued)

25th December - Christmas Day Morning

*Took some shots for fun while waiting for all to get into their... Ice-skaters?
*Ice Skating till afternoon ~rm21 ea for holidays =( Expensive but somehow... Worthwhile =)
Aha! Cleaning man! On duty ohoho i got u on camera dude.
Christmas decorations are always so beautiful...
Err well... Traffic jam beside the beauty. 12am lol. A cold christmas for us up here. Not so hot down there anyway heees =D
26th December - Shopping at Ikea & TheCurve
Again beautiful decorations with people who seemed like they never took pictures before

And this! Lamb skin! Good for sleeping soundly *snore*snore

And this when we got back to the attic at home. Yellow sunlight, though unclear here...
*There were alot more things that we did on this day. Like... Watched a movie at the cinema in TheCurve called CathayCineplex. rm6 per person and tell you what~ You wouldn't want to go to StarCineplex in Kuching anymore. Ha! jkjk =P Its so damn cheap and the service + seats so comfortable. Lagipun the popcorn... whatthehell... rm5 = Kuching here rm10. Can watch 2 movies also cannot finish. *geram*
27-28th December - Cameron Highlands
Since the trip was almost 200km from town, it was TIRING.
Family picture at a waterfall downhill of Cameron~
And now I Solo. =)
Tea farm. So big.
Climbing to the top of Viewpoint!!! BOH tea hill !

People going down? Why wont u guys stay =D Comon its fresh air here man. Not like no air no air pulak
Err... its my mum.
The wind made me frown =( Show me a little sunshine ok? Let me smileeey
Cameron Highlands Part II - On the way home
Bee farm! You wont wanna get stung by those right?
Bee farms with strawberries! Best pic of the day coz its my gentle hand mwahaha dont vomit guys just kidding XP
29th December - Last day
Dinner before going to airport (recommended)
*Paper-Wrapped-Chicken* =D
And now im home! Wee hee hee
No one said welcome home to me? Sad =(
o kae ri na sai...?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 3 - Bukit Tinggi

Nice Sceneries

Flora dan Fauna

Fauna - Swans*

Kitty !!!

Places near the hotel~

Aha! Japanese Tea House

Angel's Trumpet in the Botanical Garden

The Pink Quill

Rabbit! My Love~

No photos taken in Sunway Lagoon since everyone was playing with water.
Cant wait to go back to Kuching. Missed lotsa stuff. So sad =(

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day One, Day Two

Its been ages since i returned to my hometown. Actually all plan failed when the landslide occured near my relatives' dwelling place. But now, there is water, electricity and a detour. You wouldn't believe what really happened here. I'll spare the details for later. =)

Do you see the 'lencongan'? It means detour =D Houses down here are destroyed by the landslide which stretches its destructive area over here, around 50metres i guess??

From far, the landslide. An important experience.

And the fun starts here ! Guess what? U can actually find LOTS of Xmas trees here...

I really love that giant xmas tree XoXo

Performances! Nice dancing, nice music.

Somewhere in mid-valley. I feel so sakai, keep taking pictures oni...
This looks so cute. What to do? My first time here
Ah this is today! Times Square.
Umm this is... U know what la. A packet of condom. Found it in the drawer of the hotel my cousin's staying. There is supposed to be 3 in one packet, but there is only 1 left O_O Cool huh? I'll let you figure out the exciting part ^^

And i! Am so tired of walking. Standing. Sitting. Traffic is overwhelming till you can miss Kuching traffic. Nothing compared to this.. I bought clothes on the 1st day. Today i bought a new bag! My dream bag *hehe* jkjk~ And bought a new wallet. And some... *Secret* ~twinkle twinkle~ Went shopping around cousins around my age. It nice to ask for opinion when buying stuff =P And buying things we love. When my uncles and aunties saw what we bought, they said we have good taste =P For quality and price *hehe* We're unlike some people that totally ignore a word called - "Price".
Even so, my mum still said what i chose are ugly =.= My uncles and aunts said that we dont wear the clothes they buy. But the truth is, it's just plainly not to our liking. What my mum bought and said is nice, doesnt mean that i will agree to that. That is why we shouldnt bring our parents when buying things we like. But u can always bring them along, to cut costs =D And what d'you know, its my 1st shopping on my own, buying stuff i like. And i love it. Gonna do it another time XD
Tomorrow ill be going to KotaTinggi. And my no.1 motive is to... to... RABBITS !! My favourite animal! Aaaahhh gonna catch them catch them mwahaha!!! Okok calm down. Its just the beginning.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It came as the wind
It went as the rain

Fast or Slow
It seemed so plain

To be jovial
And have that blissful singing
To be normal
And have that wishful thinking

And how oh how
Will the late night depart?
And when oh when
Will the new dawn arrive?

So that, it will be adjourned &
This sweeping statement shall be a new beginning.

* i break my heart 4 u *

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sluggish internet line has incurred impatience.
And impatience has bring about indolence.

While you're feeling negligent, lying down on your comfy bed might help. Remember to lie in a 'star' shape; or hugging your favourite pillow, facing the ceiling as time passes. And what d'you know, time flies just by doing that =) *Do a little thinking* Uh no *Do lotsa thinking*

Its mid-term examination tomorrow. Worry, or worry not?
Look at the time!

Dream on, baby.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Truth.

I know i shouldn't say this but, i dont like being constantly bugged. If not i'll sue 'you' with the charges of spiritual harassment. You think you are so cool is it? Don't think everyone likes to be with you. So i suggest you SHUT THE FUCK UP, and stop bugging us.

Dont be

showing off
act pity
dont want face

Don't think you can steal all the glory. Let me tell you, I dont WHATSOEVER mind! So just go on with your 'personality' and be what you be. Just don't start shooting your 'stars' at me. I CANT stand it. Thanks.

You think nobody knows what you are up to? Oh let me think for a second, NOT! If you think everyone is so gullible, you shall be envisaging an end. And just for revenging and avenging my dearest brader, no matter before, now, or onwards, -fuck off- from taking someone's position. And what i am talking about is in something called, 'relationship'. Good you know.

We see it all through. So try to understand us. You guys are so fucking annoying, so leave us alone, and get your own company.

My favourite quote of the time: (which suits NOW well)

"We only go out with people we are comfortable with"
(***** & ****** 2008)

最高の片思い (The Greatest Unrequited Love)



りばかりだけど なぜかこのきで






Saiunkoku Monogatari [彩雲国物語] ED
Sachi Tainaka [田井中彩智]

Thursday, December 4, 2008


8 People to Tag

From my friends list: Liang, Sue, Stella, Rick, KangHong, Hsien, Jo, Bryan, Brendan, Alison

8 things im passionate about:

Car, Handphone, Laptop, Clothings, Accesories...

8 things i say too often:

fuck you
what the hell/fuck
ngai di
if not

8 movies i have watched recently:

环珠格格 I / II / III
法政先锋 I

8 songs i can listen to again and again:

下雨天 (Rainy Day)
最高の片思い (The GREATEST Unrequited Love)

What You Got
愛しい人へ (For The One I Love)
Because You Live
I Swear

8 things i learnt in the past year:

Giving up
Controlling anger
Striving to be the best
To let

8 places i like going in Kuching:

Spring, Boulevard, JalanSong, Airport, The Golden Triangle, Cineplex, Grandma's house

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gali Kubur

The wheel of fortune spun twist of fate, today.

Spin ar spin
Spun until dead end

Saya pun gali kubur
Dengan quicklynya
Tapi dont know ada jump in onot

Spin ar spin
Spun until exit

Saya pun letakkan shovel
Dengan quicklynya
I run towards it

God bless.
I need to take good care of myself in future.
And pretend hardworking.
So wont lose body.
And people will keep wishing all the best to me.
God bless.

*Inspirated by evil group the "Five"*