Monday, July 7, 2008

Tag 2nd round. You're It !

I've been tagged by Sue-Ann. Ok. I wont create trouble for other people. The 5 people i shall tag will be those who had already done this tag. Ok? See i'm so considerate. Save u all time.

1. Name 20 People Randomly
2. Choose 5 people to continue the Survey at the end
3. Dont read the questions but name 20 persons 1st

Here goes... 20 people.
1. Sue-Ann
2. Jo-Ann
3. Cally
4. Swee Liang
5. JHSia
6. Richard
7. Peter
8. Eugene
9. Alastair
10. Diong Hui
11. Jonathan
12. Stella
13. Jamie
14. Alison
15. Bryan
16. Jason
17. Phang
18. Gilbert
19. Rick
20. Bong Bong

Survey Questions O_O

1. How did u meet number no.18? (Gilbert)
- High-School Form4

2. What would you do if you have not met no.17? (Phang?!)
- Omg! I would not have been exposed to such stupidity XD Sry Professor Phang =)

3. What if no.9 and no.20 dated? (Alastair and BongBong?!)
- Wtf?! Alastair and my Sis? Cant imagine.

4. What if no.5 and no.10 dated? (JHSia and Diong Hui ?!)
- Omgosh! It would be a very interesting comedy/drama. =)

5. Describe no.1 (Sue-Ann)
- Umm... Very friendly, ~treats everyone AlikE. LOVES pink, but thinks that it is not an obsession. =P Always AO, and a funny girl just like her twin sister. A supergirl, that is capable of throwing books over to my house. *Pang!* Always go shopping (window shopping), and only buys what she "really really really wants" so its always a need not a want =X Hmm sometimes wear spec sometimes wear contact lens? She lurves long hair. =P

6. Do you think no.8 is attractive? (Eugene)
- Eugene ha~? Don't ask me this should be asked to girls XD

7. Describe no.7 (Peter)
- Hah. Funny boy. A good friend. Now learning Japanese with me Weeee =)

8. Do you know any family members of no.12? (Stella)
- Haha!! Nice question! Of coz i know! We know! Know for one day only la LOL. I know her grandpa, uncle, aunties, father, siblings and relatives O_O and also, CHOCOLATE! Mwahaha

9. What language does no.15 speaks (Bryan)
- Ah. Foul language. =P He's so gonna kill me Wahahaha *evil grin*

10. Who is no.9 hanging out with? (Alastair)
- Hanging out? Friends for DotA !

11. How old is no.16? (Jason)
- Same age as me, but he's 18 since his b'day has passed thats on May.

12. When was the last time you spoke with no.13? (Jamie)
- BBQ night? =D

13. Who's no.2 favourite singer/band? (Jo-Ann)
- Wuu tough question. How am i supposed to know =( Lemme guess.. If its supposed to be the same as Sue, then maybe it shall be the Jonas Brothers, All 4 One? and .. Aiya just English bands will do =P

14. Have you ever dated no.4? (Swee Liang)
- HAHAHA! What say u? He's my brader Lolz.

15. Would you ever date no.19? (Rick)
- He's my cousin for goodness sake O.O

16. Is no.3 Single? (Cally)
- Yea.. But she's persevering, which is admirable =)

17. What is no.10's last name? (Diong Hui)
- Ting? Nicknames shall be.. (AngMoKia AKA Red-haired boy) from what i heard...

18. Would you ever be in a relationship with no.11? (Jonathan)
- Lolz. He's a human of my same gender. Do you think thats possible? Oo

19. Which is the school of no.13? (Jamie)
- Currently SUTS (Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak)

20. Where does no.6 stays? (Richard)
- Banphlee road or something like that. Sorry Ric if i spelled it wrong >_<''

21. What is your favourite thing about no.5? (JHSia)
- Oh him. He makes us laugh like there's no tomorrow. =D *On stiches* to be precise.

22. Have you ever seen no.14 naked? (Alison)
- What ?! Silly question. If thats a yes i won't be living up until today =X

And thus, the 5 people i choose to do this survey shall be...
1. Sue-Ann (Revenge? =P)
2. Jo-Ann (Revenge 2? =P)
3. Cally
4. Ah Liang
5. Sia

And now i proclaim this survey at its end.

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