Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guardian Angel.

Does anyone know the feeling of watching someone from behind?
Or the feeling of wanting to help, but helpless?

There is nothing we can do. For others.
The only thing we can do actually, is for ourselves.

Why do we keep torturing ourselves?
Even though there is no benefits?
Why do we persevere?
Even though we might end up hurting ourselves?
Why do we keep believing in doing this?
Even though there is no hope?

The answer is simple.
It's not for ourselves.
It's for others.

Perhaps it is not our place to judge our position to do something,
but it is worth it.

" Love is not a waste. " by Me =)

All those efforts you put into, will blossom.
It might be now, soon, or later in the future.
It may happen anytime, anywhere. To & From anyone.

Keep believing in ourselves in this...
And there is no wrong in being
Guardian Angel.

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