Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frozen In Time.

Today is another lotsa fun subsequent from yesterday's BBq+Karaoke night...

Went out at 11.30, follow Jo and Sue's car to Cally's house. Today whole day Sue drive =)

Ha but Jo so funny keep shout~"Aaahh" and said "~Aduh" to Sue O_O Cant tahan XP

11.30 went to MacD.. Then KM came also. Time really flies there.. We dint realise realise just took our time then when reach there 1.20 liao! Omgosh.. We watched "Hancock"~

A very nice show.. Dry at the beginning where they trying so desperate to show suspense, but for me nothing la. Only midmid onwards then nice... Touching.. Where Hancock tries his best to gain trust and attention from the 'rakyat jelata'. =P At last also touching.. Hancock has to secede himself from his "wife" so they could stay immortal forever =X A little ridiculous, but thumbs-up!

After that we went to Spring.. hmm waste most of the time there... 3.20 show finished, then walk walk walk.. so fun la~ One group of people walk and look around~ You wouldnt know the feeling unless you participate hehe.. =P Saw some clothes.. toys... soft-toys O_O, jewellery?, perfume?, miscellanous stuff? XD Also went to starbucks... We also sat down at the few chairs in Parkson =/

Then everyone so lost. Dono want go where de. *blink* Jamie them want go Hopoh, then go Westwood makan.. Me and Liang follow Jo, Sue and Cally. Went to Desserts, make meriah only us >_< there ="(">

Fun day.. I love class outing. Maybe its because i never liked to go out so often.. and whats more with so many people O_O Its a new and fresh thing to me.. So i think i'll enjoy myself for quite some time huhuhu...

Alrightie.. Back to some thinking... Still got some suspicion in my mind~
Time passes by without us noticing it. It is a pityful object, as no one tends to pay attention to it. Only at times though. So I shall indulge myself in time for several moments.. Try to understand the meaning behind it..

~Why come and go like a shooting star, that we do not even have enough time to make a wish?~

Time.. in conjunction to Distance, creates great wonders. It generates a force powerful enough to toggle our feelings. But it comes back to us whether we realize, comprehend and appreciate it or not. 'Connection' with distance, is embellished.. To the extent.. And time that creates a gap between it.. Just.. Sets up cynicism within our hearts. Therefore.. Confidence is exceptionally required to overcome these "forces"...

Hmm.. Maybe with a little creativity like Sue-Ann said =P Well i have to agree with it as it makes my supposal more firm. Eh i think i can write argumentative essay already. See i still do referencing hahaha~


Someone! Bring me back to my room! In case u dont know, its 7G =)

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