Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Simple Wish

Morning went to get my results =)
Got a GPA of 3.58, grades of HD, D, C, C.
Ok grades la.. With a little regrets =(
But its ok~

Then went to buy a small cake for myself.
My birthday ok XP

Afternoon kill time with reading the comics i just borrowed.
Ha i have a while bunch of comics. From Eugene and Cally too =P

Then 5 went to Alison's house. Jo and Sue played Wii O.o
Wii is a little... addicting if u ask me ^^''
Then people start to arrive slowly..
It was fun. Me Ric and Alastair went out to buy more drinks.
Eugene Cally and Stella went to buy more charcoal O_o
Then we start to makan!! Weee... Then they brought a cake and started singing the happy birthday song. U know la. Then Jamie said make 3 wishes and tell them 2. I only made 2, and i dint tell them what i wished for hehehe =P Just a simple wish... *******
Then i received a big present from DiongHui, Hsien, Liang and Alex. Hahaha!! And a birthday card with signatures from everyone!(Not everyone la...) Cool huh~~~

Thats all.. Today is my day. I cant wait till next year. Maybe it will be even more special... But who knows... ^^'' Only God does. And i believe in Him. =)

And about my wish... Shall it be granted, Amen.

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