Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Can one always do what one likes to? No.
One should satisfy oneself for the moment by carrying out monotonous, repetitive tasks, for which those are perfectly prepared.

Will one try to relive certain events of the past?
Rediscovering certain atmospheres of the revolved times...
But we should let the past in oblivion, not allowing it to clutter up our lives.

Reference: cutehoroscopes.com

Everyone exist in this world. Its just up to us whether we discover them or not.
There are existence which never appear, and some that disappear in our lives.
These changes are inevitable, which we grow into.

"To the world you might be someone, but to someone you might be the world."

In my heart, you'll always be that special existence that i know and never forget.
But to you, am i anyone? Is there a special existence in your heart?

Each existence differs. To different people.
We should treasure each existence around us, important or not.
If not when we lose them, it might be too late.

Appreciate.. Treasure.. What you are.. And.. What others are.
Thats all i ask of you.

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