Monday, September 28, 2009

Till death do feelings shall not parT

Sometimes, we are afraid to love.
The deeper we love, the harder for us to bear the pain of its loss.

Conflict, hatred, sadness and pain.
That which allows one to savor them all...
That is ~love~.

Through love, we learn true joy and happiness despite the predicaments we have to face.

Even though we might not own it at last, we will still feel it is all worth it. <3

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tired 疲れた

It's tiring to take on many matters at once, we humans are not able to multitask heavily. Our brain might break down! But for me i think it's hard to breath with all that's going on. I also mean its physically hard to breath *cough* =_=

There are many birthdays impending, but this is an 'okay' matter. But with the pressure of 3 assignments due after this mid-term semester break, i think i'm going to break down soon. Looks like the only way out is to pray that everything will work out well...

I am feeling lazy, though i am naturally lazy, i feel like being lazy for now. Maybe rest is what i need for the moment, but time is pressing against me... So there is no choice. I totally SOUND contradicting and i FEEL crazy.

Yea, i know that myself.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love <3

Love is a mysterious thing.
It has many effects on our lives, good or bad.


It is what builds us, but hurts us.
It is what mends us, but breaks us.

But, because of Love, we learn and grow.

Because of the harmonies and ordeals it gives us, we acknowledge true feelings in the end.

With it, we are whole.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just finished watching 10episodes of Taiyou no Uta(タイヨウのうた) A Song To The Sun..

Another tear-jerking drama starred by Erika Sawajiri(Kaoru Amane) sugoku cute girl desu yo!!! Editing server codes has been exhausting, and a romantic touching drama is the best way to relax :D

We should all take breaks once in a while :) But there are times we should be serious too! Oh well... I know that applies to me hehe... I will try to work harder from now on!

Okay now to plan for plans... Once there is motivation, direction is before you. V(^^)V

Ganbatte Ikimasshoi !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RO Private

Currently in Devising and Planning Stage........

Ragnarok Online Private Server.

It had always been my dream to create an ideal server without corruption and prejudice.
A new desktop around 1500-2000 will be considered for Hosting the server as my old comp made of "rock" will surely be impossible to host. Website i'll leave to my friends to design it as i will be busy getting down to backstage codings.

Hopefully things will go smoothly during Implementation stage.

Amen. <3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Separation and Migration

Ok from now on this will be my English blog =D while the other is my Japanese blog.

I think separating it would be a good idea ^^

But i will giving more attention towards the other blog so.... >@<

Thursday, September 3, 2009

九月三日 (木曜日)

昨日と今日。。。 ただ普通の日々。

でも。。。 もう一時間ぐらいは。。。 *あの子* の誕生日ですよ。。。
けれど、 俺が出来る事は有りません。。。

せめて彼女に "誕生日おめでとう" を言いたい。。。

"絶対幸せに成ってください" を言いたい。。。

そして、 そしてたくさんの言いたい事があるけど。。。

何時までも、 ずっと彼女届かない。 

私の深い深い処から、 その言葉を。

To: ******
から、 これはあなたにお祈りですよ
~お誕生日、 おめでとうございます。~

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

*Speaking of that... there are many birthdays recently aren't there...*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

九月一日 (火曜日)

今日は月初め~ Usability の委譲締め切り今月の下旬です。 
でも絶対。。。 何とか成るさ~?



この瞬間、 俺は急に体を惜しむ。 如何して怠け者成った? この態度を治すの方法があるのかな。。。

Monday, August 31, 2009

八月三十一日 (月曜日)

今日は我の国建国記念日~ でも慶び無かった =P

私には、 ただ一つ休日だけ。。。

昨日、 何も出来なかった。

ただちょっと Game 遊んでした。

明日から。。。 俺絶対。。。

Saturday, August 29, 2009

八月二十九日 (土曜日)

今日は Chung誕生日です! おめでとう~ =D

Hsien, LiangHui が買った贈り物は1つ *Custom Made Mug* でした~
凄く良い Design 、 綺麗な Mug なのに。。。
双子の Christmas Present を買った時。。。 そして今度の創った Design。。。
今度のほうが以前より綺麗 design を描いた~

Chilax に行ってました、 あの場所で、 Cally と Wee Ting そしてあの二人の仲間達が出会った。

その上、 幾つかの
美人を見ました~ へへへ~



Friday, August 28, 2009

八月二十八日 (金曜日)

今。。。 自分が自分の日本の名前選ぶ


Yuuki がいい Romaji の名前です。
Kanji に関して事は、 たくさんの選択肢があります。

1.夕希 夕生 夕喜
2.悠希 悠生 悠喜
3.優希 優生 優喜
4.由希 由生 由喜 由紀


多分、 私は ~
夕希~ 其れとも ~悠生~ を選んで


Thursday, August 27, 2009

八月二十七日 (木曜日)

毎日毎日、 毎週毎週の出来た事

宿題がある、 でもまだ始まった。
自分が自分で日本語を勉強します、 それはとても楽しい事です。

今までまだ運命の人をめぐり合った、 でも私は決して諦めない


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


えと。。。 どのくらいかかるましたか?

あなたがこのを出て行った、 でも俺何も出来なかった
しかし。。。 如何して俺は何て、 勇気何て、 見つけたありませんでした。。。?

心が辛い事まだ感じますだけど、 今僕は何とか元気です。

将来のんな事、 俺には、 絶対万難を排する! 
何故なら。。。 君は私の最初そして最高困った問題ですよ。

僕は今すぐ、 君に会いたい。。。


Friday, July 24, 2009

19 is my number =)

Oh well a dinner at my cousin's house and suddenly 2 cakes poofed out of nowhere and they started singing birthday songs for me and my uncle @_@

Wishing.. damn they didn't give me enough time to think what i wanna wish for..

Then its time to blow the candles =_= Btw i love the kiwi its soooooo Sweet&Sour XP

?! What's this?! Just a random picture oh well =]

Friday, July 17, 2009


Ar Tonelico II Hymmnos Lyrics

y.y. eh tyuss vl omness,

I'm being healed by the kind gaze

sev x. rre yorr s.l.y. nafan mea/.
you have when you show kindness to me

y.z.t. za rre vega Efs t.k.d. ag zz t.k.d. tie hartes yor/.
Even if it's impossible, I wish that this whisper would reach you, my beloved person

s.l.y. yor sev x. rre yorr g.v.w. en x.y.n.,
When I see you causing harm and battling

ag a.u.k. zess x.y.n. mea/.
I feel like if I was causing harm myself

y.z.t. za rre vega merfa l.n.c.a. ag zz l.n.c.a. tie hartes yor/.
Even if it's impossible, I wish that this pure wish would connect us, my beloved person

wEwYEjEnc yor en mYEtYAyEy hymmnos ut eje/.
When we met, I created a song in my heart

xE rre govan en wefa sarla fEwErEn du dje/.
And its excited and warm melody began to flow inside my body

Ah, wEwYEjLYEnc syalea en zz kvvia/.
Ah, I don't regret having met you

hEkEtEt merfa tie yor en hYAmLYAmr METAFALICA!
I shall joyfully embrace the pure wishes you gave me, and for the sake of this world, and you, I shall sing the Metafalica!

xA sorr dArsn sarla vl shen/.
That´s the song of the ancient legends

xA sorr aAuk mutrk rhaplanca en Implanta/.
The warm story of Rhaplanca and the great tree of God, Implanta

xU rre vege dgal aUuk zz papana/.
In that land, where the blessing of rain never fell

xU sorr Asphaela_hiral ag Adoodu_urgn/.
That thirsty world and that grieving land

xU rre qejyu ssvid hiralg ag xevxl/.
Where the people were living in thirst and despair

幽けき 深淵の底 (kasokeki shin'en no soko)
Secluded in a deep abyss

聴こえ来るは 深き息吹 (kikoe kuru wa fukaki ibuki)
Listen to the deep breath that comes out

来たれや 開かれし刻 (kitare ya hirakareshi toki)
Come, it's the time to be free

全て捨てて この身は謳になる (subete sutete kono mi wa uta ni naru)
Throwing away everything, I shall turn myself into a song

謳は胸を溢れて (uta wa mune o afurete)
The song floods my heart

地に渓に湖に満てる (chi ni tani ni mizuumi ni miteru)
Filling the valleys, the lakes, and the land

やがて生いし木は深く (yagate oishi ki wa fukaku)
Soon, the tree that grows from the deeps

土に根ざし大地 抱く (tsuchi ni nezashi daichi idaku)
Shall embrace this land with it´s roots

hYAmmrA cEzE hymmnos ceku/.
I will sing for your sake, and gladly turn into a song for my companions.

愛しき大地 一歩 靭く 踏みしめ (itoshiki daichi ippou tsuyoku fumishime)
Together, with this beloved land, I will take a soft step

揺るがずにただ 進む この脚で (yurugazu ni tada susumu kono ashi de)
In a unshaken step, I will advance, with only my feet

踏みしめられた 足跡 繋がり行く (fumishimerareta ashiato tsunagari yuku)
I stepped firmly to connect our footprints

歩みの軌跡 記す ひとつずつ (ayumi no kiseki shirusu hitotsuzutsu)
I will note down each and every locus of our walking

xA rre rhaplanca tAnYAmAnLYE poe ess gkgul doodu/.
From the top reaches of this cracked land, Rhaplanca scatters the seeds

xE rre poe hAwAss ut varda
These seeds mature into great trees

ag wArEl du cia dn ryewa keg/.
and set their sights in spreading their branches to the skies

尊き世界 この腕に抱きしめ (tattoki sekai kono ude ni dakishime)
I will embrace this precious world with my arms

仰ぎし天よ ひとつ この胸に 誓う (aogishi sora yo hitotsu kono mune ni chikau)
Looking up to the sky, I make a pledge in my heart

xA rre rhaplanca wAsLYA jue tie Aarhou_poe ess doodu/.
Rhaplanca gives water to the seeds of hope that were planted

xE rre pikca r.w. du qejyu/.
The seeds mature into fruits that save the people

xA rre rhaplanca yYAzLYEt za rre varda rYAwLYE du qejyu/.
And Rhaplanca makes true her wish of growing a tree to help the people

この願い 眩き未来 刻まん (kono negai mabaki mirai kizaman)
My wishes will engrave the dazzling future

想いの奇蹟 遠く どこまでも 響けや (omoi no kiseki tooku doko made mo hibike ya)
But how far the miracle of feelings shall resound?

xA rre mao wYAwLYAjnc Amerfa_rhaplanca/.
When Maoh met her, he also learned of her pure wishes

xA rre mao yAzYAt za rre Amerfa_has/.
Maoh wished to be able to fulfill her pure wishes

xA rre mao yAzYAt en yAzYAt za rre arhou rYAlLYAtAy ess qejyu/.
Their wishes revived the hope in the hearts of the people

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Late Forever


I'm already too late. I was too late. I always had been too late.

When i finally gathered up the courage, it is already not the same. This time i shall lose my chances for good. Even though i had to admit i wanted to see you for the VERY last time in my life, i couldn't.

You left, whilst i stayed. But i might leave too in the future, who knows, by chance the same place you went.

And now, time and distance will be intervening for a long period. Maybe i will get the chance again, once i leave this grounds; or shall you return to this grounds.

And perhaps when that time comes, i'll be ready. To do what i failed to do.

But... I think i still will never get the courage to see you, and you will slip out of my reach yet again. Yet, i never regretted cause this is what i foreseen...

From the day i first met you.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winner, or Loser..?

In love: You lose if you fall for the other person.
You're supposed to make the other person fall in love in you.

Do you truly believe that life has winners and losers in the first place?
Isn't thinking about victory or defeat itself an indicator of defeat?

You feel sad when you part with the one you love,
because you love them;
Or you should not fall in love in order to not feel sad?

If you fall in love with them, then you get hurt;
If they fall in love with you, then you don't.

But sometimes in love: Having feelings for another person,
automatically makes you the winner.

No matter how much you treasure something,
all things will eventually perish.
Bonds, feelings, memories, hearts and life.
Everything in this world eventually perishes, and breaks.

Things aren't about winning or losing.
It's not about entering a competition you know u can't win or lose.

Happiness is just artificial, fictional, and fake.
That is why...

Lets cherish it.

Quoted from Ef ~A Tale of Melodies~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1 Litre of Tears

1 リットルの涙 (Ichi Rittoru no Namida)

Recommended Japanese drama! Although it's an old movie, it is meaningful and shows us the things we tend to overlook in life. Based on a real story, the drama is storylined from the diary in which the diseased girl wrote: "1 litre of tears".

You will definitely cry One litre of tears watching this... Somewhat XP *Thumbs up* sob sob

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just watched Hannah Montana yesterday night and i found out that i have a crush on Miley Cyrus! Just kidding =P She's one of my idols now *_*

I wanna watch...

Night at the Museum 2
Blood The Last Vampire
Terminator Salvation
Transformers 2
Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

ZZZ movies don't go away wait for me..!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Distraught.

I love reminiscing. There are sweet memories in it.
I hate reminiscing. The memories hurt.


Because i am an idiot.

I assumed things, and acted on my own accord. But there are precious treasures in my possession that i could not give away nor throw away when i thought how much a waste it would be. Everything that had been done were unrequited, since it was not requested. I didn't expect all the blame would ultimately fall upon my own self.

I was once told and believed that striving for one's best does not hurt anybody. But i was wrong. People we care might get hurt along the way no matter what we do, but still in the end we will end up hurting ourselves. If that is so why strive for one's best if the end only brings no good?

There are entities called hopes and dreams. If we lived to aim for something, even it might not work out well, at least it's gratifying. It is not the goal or destination that makes a difference, it is the process. Throughout the process we learn, we hurt, we understand. Experiences stays forever, but possessions does not. The same goes for people.

It doesn't matter if what we do does not reach the one we aim for, because what matters is their happiness, not ours. If we think what we do is for the happiness of someone else, then it will not matter if it really works out or not.

I wonder, when will we grow up and learn to understand the depths of knowledge. Then we can and will only see the good in every single thing. When, i wonder...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some people are kind, some people are nice. Some like to act, and some like to lie. But most of all, SOME people are sohai. Yea, you got me --- SOHAI.

Of course i won't specifically name that person, and i did not do this because this someone did something to me or whatsoever. Its the truth. Yea, you got me --- TRUTH.

Here goes the description:

They sohai, because things goes their way.
They sohai, because they are getting more and more complacent.
They sohai, because they have something others don't have.

And most of all, they sohai because they ARE sohai.

I might be complaning a little here, but i just want God to know that some certain things aren't fair down here and needs some alteration. MAJOR alterations. So maybe if that someone gets my message and be a good little kitty, then i'm cool.

So what if these people have something to show off about, things are not always certain, while people are not absolute. What's yours now, might not be yours in the future. Note that, smart guy. So if you had been following my advice, you'll do just fine.

The thing u need to do is just to TREASURE your things, loser.

Thats the best you can ever get from me, my first and my last =.=..|..

PS: Hui ge although we always call u sohai this Sohai is not you XD

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Finals are coming. Actually it is just tomorrow. But i am still not in the mood. Studying seems so easy, and yet so hard. I wonder when will i take the darn notes and read them.

But it seems like i have no choice. There has to be changes, and changes will be made. Anyways good luck to all who is having their finals!

Ok i have nothing else to say or wish. Totally speechless...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reminisces In Real Time

Its been one year half since i sat down and chat with BongBong and Fany. And i mean really sit down and talk. Its so great seeing them again.. There is nothing better than reunion.

*talk topics censored =P*
*highly private and confidential*

Its great being a friend type =) For now there'll be no obvious goals for me. I'll just walk down this quiet and even path and wait till something jump out from the bushes.

What's to worry? Nothing.
What's to enjoy? Everything. <3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In time.

I don't know if i tried hard previously, the i suppose work is still done in the journey to reaching our goals. But i know i shouldn't use fatigue as my excuse for giving up. There is no other choices, the path is uneven and bumpy, and the distance is far. I've been thinking to take a diverging path, one that leads to a downhill soon. I just can't and don't want to keep climbing uphill all the time. No one else does too.

I anticipate a vision, a future sight. The Time that told me to renounce is imminent. After i do so, what i see will be amalgamation of love. Without me being a hindrance to the process of bonding, particles can be merged without doubt, without difficulty. I just need to blend my type of mixture anyways, not people blending for my sake. What i say might be arcane but i am not insane, because unfathomable words shall be deciphered one day. I believe.

And now, i just want someone to pat my back and say "thank you for the hard work".

Monday, June 1, 2009

Night Fever

Relatives' Wedding Dinner... Err Tommy and Christine. Haha this morning when the bridegroom (Tommy) went to the bride's house they played jokes on him. I think it is my family's tradition to disturb the groom when he comes for his wife. He has to go through 3 stages to get to the bride in her room lolz. From what i heard he has to do the huu-la-hoop *_* etc. then they has to read some chinese swears thingys and then put on lipstick and stamp their mouths on that piece on paper. Some sort of swearing huh? =P

Evening time! The interesting part *hehe*

*bones of a fish that can change into an image of elephant tusks... lol*

*me bro and cuzzy Rick*

*Me lovely mom and me <3>

*Wuu aunties*

*Care for a mug of heineken? The more you drink, the sweeter it gets XP*

*Best buddies.. eh hem cousins to be precise*

*Time to get HOT* -the night is not over- =P

*Zzz where's mine...*

*Mine!!!* -Caramel Cream Chocolate Chip-
Wierd name huh? The story goes like this:
1) I pretended to be stupid and asked the waiter what is caramel.
2) He said it was something like butter.
3) I love butter, so ya one Caramel Cream for me.
4) Cousin Alex came along and ordered Vanilla Cream Chocolate Chip.
5) Wait.. its not on the menu... Can it be done?
6) Can~ Can~ Of course no problem~
7) Waiter asked whether i want the same too.
8) Chocolate chips are very nice he said.
9) And i succumbed to temptation and persuasion.
10) And i got my 4C, to describe the taste - Totally Sweet.

Other comments for now...?
Home Sweet Home. <3

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Discretion to Decision

Are alot of people getting married lately? =D Well maybe some hehe.. Later tonight going to attend a wedding dinner of... of... my grandfather's.. err my mother's... Hmm oh well my relative in short. I've got a good feeling it would be fun since i hadn't been to TheBanquet for a long time -sighs-

Oh well next friday i will have freedom! I don't mean that i don't have it now, i am having lotsa freedom now =) Its just that i will be having overflowing freedom for a week XP And so im declaring an open house on 5th-11th of June. *hinting someone who knows what i mean* kekeke

--- --- --- --- ---

There are now woven threads scattered around. I wonder what will be the story behind those woven threads when i connect them. But an insinuating telltale is very intricate to empathize. There was once a time i wanted to bring all fragments of the story together, but now i affirm that it is not the right time. Pieces are not supposed to be mended all at a time; as wounds could not all heal at a time. They should be done gradually, understanding the whole piece one by one as a complete picture will start to form gradually.

* And now, i just can't decide whether being ignorant or innocent is bliss. *

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fragments of Dreams - 夢の欠片

There are no miracles in this world
there are only inevitabilities and accidents,
and what u want to do.

but sometimes the outcome of your action,
which become inevitable,
will overlap with accidents,
and fulfill your dream unexpectedly.

n.o.t.h.i.n.g. will happen if you don't wish for it

Do you have memories you don't want to forget?
忘れたくない想い いますか?

Everyone has prayed to God at least once
even though they might not believe,
one day they will surely make an honest prayer.

Something that is everyone looking for,
something that is everyone looking after.
something that's created from everyone's continuous wishes and the bonds between them.


Put your wishes into the memories you don't want to forget.

Yume no Kakera - 夢の欠片
Ef~a tale of memories~ 第十二章

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost, and Found.

For a while i thought that things lost can never be found.
I was proven wrong.

If we still have hope, there is always something we can achieve.

And i even prepared myself to accept the fact that i lost my external harddisk, but it was found. Although it had been a week since i lost it, i didn't think that sending email to every users in swinburne through blackboard will work out well. So... well, things turn out okay.

There is still kindness in this world, is you believe.

There can be miracles, if you believe.

Things that are lost, can be found.

*Weeeeee~~~ ...*

Friday, May 15, 2009


Im sick.

Not sick of someone, not sick of something.

Just sick.



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't remind me.

Don't remind me, of that word.
Don't remind me, of that name.
Don't remind me, of that person.

How astonishing that words can turn out to be a name, and a name can turn out be be a significant certain someone.

Looking at letters that somehow lie there dead and immobile somewhat wavers the shape of my heart. I can choose not to be regretting, coz im not sulking for what that i did not succeed. For why...? Maybe its just that there is other chances out there. Nobody always gets a smooth walking path, as there shall be stones and pebbles that hinder the way. As the saying says "Failure is a stepping stone to success" is the light that guide us through life, and of course failures. If we know how to accept them, we will know what to do.

But i do not know what to do. So does that mean i did not accept my failure? But i somehow believed that i accepted some time ago... If i can go back in time, i would surely change something. Something, for sure. For the me in the was a complete failure, the current me should be able to do something. The present would be so different if the past was different from the current past.

Dont remind me, of love.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Fire at 4 & 1/2 mile!! Haha fetching my bro to tuition and saw this cool thing. *Eh hem* sorry, not cool.
The fire made the jam >_> and so many bystanders *eh hem those kepo people*
Opssie im also kepo i took photos *spare me XD*
Feel like exercising lately... Been so lazy.. and now i can't wait to watch all those movies i have now =D And i still have not been able to meet BongBong and Fany... -Sighs- Hope can really meet during this year's Kuching Festival... I have a year's story to tell. Sort of...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Deep in my heart, i hope that day will never come.

What day? I ask.
What day? U ask.

Is it the day of parting? Or the day of meeting?

I definitely will not be able to bear the feelings of being in those moments.

For why?

I don't know. Maybe...

*You are the one i can't face the most in this world.*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Permai Trip 18-19 April 2009

When we reached permai...

The sea !! Natsukashi... I love the sea <3
OMG! Frank is stripping into.... into.... Boxers! HAHA
Me and Alison then found this... *Takara* (Treasure) So pretty~
I cant stop laughing when they did this.. One of the best laugh LOLS
Then we expanded the hole and stuck someone in it! XD
Sort of like... RIP? =D
Aha! One of our best work at the beach! The DAM!
See we actually change the course of nature... Or something like that.. Cool huh?

Omg and then a little water snake came along to visit our dam...
He looks dangerous, so we threw sand bombs at it ! *Fire in the hall!*
This was this morning earlier on... We wanted to see the sunrise together.. the 29 of us..
Well in the end only KK, Gary, Alison and I managed to get our ass at the beach at 6.
Sadly there the sunrise was blocked by the mountain, so we resumed our sleep =D
After breakfast they went for kayaking!!
Totemo tanoushi kana... Looks so much fun rite... I dint get a chance, but maybe next time *wink*
Random shot before going home~
I found mr. Crabby =) So cute...
And i think... i found a crave for Cameras... Good cameras actually make a difference when taking pictures. I probably awakened the liking for taking pictures lately =D Due the the people around me who kept taking good pictures @_@
Till then.. till then.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


You need to go back to the beginning if you want to get inspiration to keep going. Your past can hold the key to your future, so always look back and reflect. Remember back where we were enthusiastic about where we were going in life? The passion is still there, and we just have to dig down deep enough to find it!

Motives can be lost at certain times, but can always be retrieved. Doing something requires personal interest for perfection. I might have lost several motives and goals, but i will not let go of the inspiration which keeps me going. For now, i think my mind will not go astray.

Hopefully i can get out of this maze as soon as possible without getting lost.
Can I...?
Ya, i think so.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Collection Update


Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (COMPLETE 12/12)
Angel Tales
Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru
Chronicles Of The Wings
Clannad ~After Story~
Crescent Love (COMPLETE 12/12)
Da Capo
EF ~ A Tale of Memories ~
EF ~ A Tale of Melodies ~
Final Approach (COMPLETE 13/13)
Ichigo 100%
Jigoku Shoujo ~Mitsuganae~
Kaze no Stigma
Kanokon (4/12)
Kimi ga nozomu Eien
KimiKiss -Pure Rouge- (COMPLETE 24/24)
Kissxsis (COMPLETE 1/1)
La Corda D'Oro
Lucky Star
Maria Watches Over Us S1
Maria Watches Over Us S2 ~Haru~
Maria Watches Over Us S3 OVA (COMPLETE 5/5)
Maria Watches Over Us S4 (COMPLETE 13/13)
Midori no Hibi
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Ragnarok The Animation
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Seto no Hanayome (COMPLETE 26/26)
Shakugan no Shana Season1
Shakugan no Shana Season2
School Days (COMPLETE 12/12)
Shounen Onmyouji
Special A (COMPLETE 24/24)
To Heart
Toradora (COMPLETE 25/25)
True Tears (COMPLETE 13/13)
Zero no Tsukaima (COMPLETE 13/13)
Zero no Tsukaima -Futatsuki no Kishi- (COMPLETE 12/12)
Zero no Tsukaima -Princess no Rondo- (COMPLETE 12/12)


Densha Otoko (3/11)
Hana Yori Dango
Honey And Clover
Nodame Cantabile (COMPLETE 11/11)
Proposal Daisakusen (COMPLETE 11/11)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Door of miracles?

The door of miracles.

They always exist, just that we never noticed.
The key to the door of miracles, lie in our hearts.

Ask, and it shall be given.
Seek, and it shall be found.
Knock, and it shall be opened.

*Quote from Proposal Daisakusen Finale*
Knock knock at your heart;
knock knock at my heart
Anybody home...?
*+ the sound of door opening... +*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Window Glass

Our hearts is like a house.
A house, with rooms.
Rooms, either vacant or occupied.

There are rooms that are full or even overloading...
The room which we keep our friends.

There are rooms that are empty.
We added the extra room for someone,
and wishes to invite them to our heart.
But, there is no that someone to live in there
and leaves a hole in the heart...

You're still on the other side of the room,
Between you and me
And what separates us,
Is a transparent wall, a glass window
which turns foggy with my crystallized sighs...

The window glass
so obscure that i cannot see you
even though i know that you are right there
whether you're laughing, or crying...
I just want you to show me your face

No matter how hard i try to wipe the glass from my side,
The glass from your side will still be clouded...

So please... Look at the glass from your side too...
Wipe the glass window from your side too...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


* "喜欢心悦对象的哪一点...?"
# "哪一点... 长相? 聪明... 能干..."
* "也就是说... 只看表面咯?"

能够具体的回答喜欢的哪一点, 就不是真正的爱情.

真正的爱情, 是当你注意到的时候, 你会发现自己不能没有她;


也许, 我们的确不应该喜欢上名花有主的; 或有花名主...

不过, 我终于知道...

因为沉浸在河中的生, 看起来都很耀眼...


我希望... 有一天
一定会让*你*变得 更 耀眼.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Life Code Translation

I've been watching lots of romance genre animes lately. There has been much inspiration, or motivation, or logic in a sense. But thats not the point, the point is the fact of figuring something out.

There are 3 elements, which are related, and are not related in any way.

Distance, Time, Surroundings

Distance is always a confusing element. People tend to calculate things and situation depending on distance. This distance mentioned represents a symbol, for uncountable circumstances; and we normally exploit this word to describe our situation. But, it is wrong. We can not describe things by just distance alone. Distance is scalar, and it applies to the fields we intend to use it. Take note - use Displacement. Either in measuring reality or fantasy. Then you'll always find your way home.

Time is confusing in another perspective. It cannot be so easily perceived akin to distance. Time is everlasting, and it revolves around our Surroundings. Every point of time or moment has an unnoticeable significance. That is why we always mislooked or missed out things at certain times of life. Time is neither scalar nor vector, it is immeasureable. Yet, it holds an ultimate importance that once change shall alter the course of direction, and it applies to the destination too.

Surroundings is both the element of time and space. We live our live on, but we never thought about how others live theirs. Each entity that exists on this planet has a story of its own, and one that strangers can't tell. If this is conprehended then we shall discover the mysteries of alienship that actually exist in our planet. One may be standing next to you, but you never know the past, present and future of that. Every single being is moving on, travelling on a course of its own, an enigma for augury.

When we combine various elements of life, we acknowledge the meaning behind it. So know our destination, know our situation, and head towards our dream...


Never give up.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Melting, not Rotting?

One of the main background display picture for my previous blogpage had whatever bandwidth problems, so i had to resolve to changing a new blog template =) Looks nicer right? Well we humans keep improving mwahahaha~ Things that revolve around us also change, for the better ^^

Borrowed many anime burned into discs from Eugene @@ True Tears is definitely a good play! Erm.. although i did not shed any tear on the outside, my heart was crying inside TT Haha jkjk to be precise it is a very touching anime =P *Recommended* Alright.. now "Maria Watches Over Us Season 3" & "Nodame Cantabile Season 2" is next on my watch list hehehe...

Oh my goodness im actually having a test tomorrow. And i spent the whole day sitting here and finished watching True Tears... sob sob its soooo irresistable... =(

And now.. Its like my heart is melting... and i dont know what to do... I think i'll probably seek guidance from the stars above... probably...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ocean Size Love

I know what I'm doing may be dumb
I know I should not be staring at the sun
But the thought of you leads me to temptation
It's the same whatever side you're on
Separated we are delicate and small
And the space between, needs our attention
I see you right in front of me, as close as you can get
And I pray that you won't leave, this daydream yet

And it might seem much too far, to get back to where you are
But it's close enough, with an ocean size love
So if you can't reach out to me, send a sign across the sea
And I'll pick it up, with an ocean size love

I don't have to worry any more
If I really need you I'll go to the shore
And the thought of you there is my protection
I see you right in front of me, a vision in my head
And I know this is as real, as a daydream gets

And it might seem much too far, to get back to where you are
But it's close enough, with an ocean size love
So if you can't reach out to me, send a sign across the sea
And I'll pick it up, with an ocean size love

You make no sound, but I can hear you in the wind
I can see this never ends, like the sea, like you for me

And it's close enough, with an ocean size love
So if you can't reach out to me, send a sign across the sea
And I'll pick it up, with an ocean size love
And it might seem much too far, to get back to where you are
But it's close enough, with an ocean size love
So if you can't reach out to me, send a sign across the sea
And I'll pick it up, with an ocean size love

Oh, oh...

Ocean Size Love
Leigh Nash

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name.

1. Own name: Gerald

2. Four-lettered word: *Gulp*

3. A boy's name: Gilbert

4. A girls name: Gen

5. An occupation: Golfing

6. A colour: Gray

7. Something you'll wear: Gold o.o

8. Food: Gourmet XD

9. Something found in the bathroom: xxx

10. A place: Germany

11. A reason for being late: Gaming or Gabbling

12. Something you'd shout: Gam lin arh !!

13. A movie title: Ghostbusters!

14. Something you'd drink: Gin Sling

15. A musical group: xxx

16. An animal: Gorilla! Wuh wuh wuh..

17. A street's name: xxx

18. A type of car: Oh yes! Gen-2!! (Thought for so long dammit)

19. The title of a song: Green Light (John Legend)

20. Tag 5 people: Xiang, Fany, Esther, Bryan, Alison...?

Forgive me for my indolence in getting ideas for things that start with G. Its just too rare to find things that start with G. Sob sob TT I should try A.. V.. or C.. Hmm... Oh well im done! =P

Thursday, March 12, 2009






そして, 今


僕は: “あなたはバカ...!”
君は: “誰がバカだ...?”

shh... ね?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nodame Cantabile

A romantic melody that emanates from two different people that got together and eventually harmonises with each other. A wonderful romance Japanese drama! *Recommended!!!*

*Ps: My favourite drama ATM hehehe..

Drama name: Nodame Cantabile [
Main actor aka Chiaki Shinichi [Tamaki Hiroshi]
Main actress aka Noda Megumi [Ueno Juri]

Nodame plays the piano, Chiaki is versatile in piano and violin but he wants to become a conductor. May the love showdown begin! Heee =)

And now im inspired and motivated! Yeeha~ Piano, here i come XP

Gyabo !!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


今私, ここに坐っている


今君, そこに坐っている



Saturday, February 28, 2009


気分モード - きもち で :

桃色(ぴんく) - 恋する Mimiiro(Pinku) - Koisuru ~Lovestruck~

赤色 - 怒る Akairo - Okoru ~Animosity~

緑色 - 嫉妬する Midoriiro - Shittosuru ~Jealousy~

青色 - 悲しい Aoiro - Kanashii ~Sorrow~

灰色 - 寂しい Haiiro - Sabishii ~Loneliness~


Friday, February 27, 2009


Harisen - paper fan

Functions similarly to a fan, but its paper. Although paper seems inferior when compared to other existences, it still has its own usages. Despite being second-rated, it is retained as a symbol, sometimes as dubious authority.

But the paper fan can be easily spoilt, torn or bent. There is always a rise and fall factor and nothing escapes that fact.

What is past is past.

Embrace the future.

LIVE in the present.

Either good or bad the past may be, we still have to walk over it. We should keep the past in a sepia portrait, and the color shall always remain as it is. And when we ponder back and reminisce our past, it shall always sustain the same feeling.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday~

Today is my grandpa's and cousin Jason birthday! =) My granps is 72, the year of the cow; and my cousin Jason is 22, the year of the rabbit Hohoho~

Happy birthday to you~~ Happy birt................ etc. =D

3 idiots eating cakes *swts*

Lucky draw !! 22... and i got... Mushroom! Oh my god! *sob sob*

May my luck change for the better next time *_*