Monday, July 14, 2008


I have been using my money like water lately.
I think its high-time for me to re-evaluate my spendthrift attitude =(

Went to movies twice with JHSia them and Bryan them. Thats one 50.

Went to Movies with classmates and hanging around at Spring. Thats two 50 s.

Bought birthday present for Bryan. Thats three 50 s.

Went to cyber for countless times, and pizza hut that day. Thats four 50 s.

Going to borrow comics which require membership fee. Thats five 50 s.

And borrow comics nid pay for each book that i borrow as well..
And i'm going swimming later too !! Argh Thats another 50 s.

Argh looks like not many since its my mum's money =P
I think its best i try to control abit now Huhuhu...
Since my maid isnt coming back and we have to pay 1k.

So i'm going to be a good boy, stay at home, control my desires.
Save money... save money.. save money...
Buy only what i NEED , not what i WANT. Sad T_T

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