Friday, July 11, 2008


A feeling of happiness. So great.

To be with the person you love; to be with the person you care - Is an elation, beyond words.

Sometimes it isn't just waiting for someone to show care, that would take ages.
Things would work out if you reach out, showing affection.

Love is never too far, if only you learn to hold out your hand. Let things be as they are supposed to be.
We should never interfere.
We should learn to appreciate, to understand.

Though it has always been a complicated matter that humans don't understand and value the things before them, until they lose it.

The source of euphoria is different from indolentia.
We have to depend on ourselves to achieve elation, and hold out our hands before others does.
Its not about benefits and losses, but about joy and sorrow.

We ourselves decide our happiness, not others.
So we should do what it takes to make ourselves happy, and others in the process as well. Happiness, could not be attained by selfishness but only through sharing.

To make others happy, is to make our own self happy.
Bliss is ephemeral, so we should treasure every moment of it.

If this could be comprehended, then...

Happiness is not so far away after all.

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