Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picture Perfect

If something is feigned or shrouded, a picture can tell.
If something is deviant or foreign, a picture can tell.

A picture.
One deep connection between the photographer, camera and the people.

Taking pictures, is to shoot with enthusiasm in order to capture the feeling existing in the atmosphere, the feeling of a person.

When someone is with the one they love, they shall look different in photos.
And it can be captured by a camera.
Somehow this elation emanated from their faces is easily noticed, this intimacy.

A camera is not just a simple metal object that captures light from the surrounding.
It is also an object to capture the various reaction radiated from different people.

We might not notice, but taking pictures are not just for the sake of taking pictures.
But there might be...
Other reasons for it.

3... 2... 1...
"Cheeeeeeese~~~!!" =D

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

間隔 : 増加および減少


その傷つくない間隔 は 突然の分離であります

私が影のよう近くであるが 私は何もしなくてもいい ;
私達遠くの時, あなたが想っている

時々... 時々...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turning Points

In life, there are many turning points.
Just like graphs, there are also called vertexes.

Vertexes of life make big changes, that alters our ways.
Turning points of things, changes them to another viewpoint.
And start again.
These defining moments stops all endings, and create new beginnings.

Fate intervenes.
Fate is also the source.
Fate is also the reason.

When love and love intertwines, destiny is comprehended.
When destiny and destiny intertwines, a great turning point is depicted.
At the right time, the right place.
Life, can be different.
Only at the exact moment, of the turning point.
Moments of realization, of contentment.
And shall we want it to last...
What we have to do...
Is to just...
Simply draw the line of the turning point from the graph... Longer...?

Hakuna Matata~

Today went for driving test at 8. Saw Alison there!!
We are Sesi3, went to the uphill test at around 10. Alison went 1st, and passed.
Then i was next, and i miraculously passes too! Thx for my friends who prayed for me! =P
My car engine died once when i did the 3-point turning, but i didnt flunk it =)
The last part was driving out. I got A, the easiest road ever, and the JPJ still asked me to take a shortcut =( I didnt managed to go up the bridge, and get the U-Turn i wanted... Waaaa~~

Then i went to Cafeteria. Saw KangHong. Bryan too, with his gf XD Aiyeryer ~
After lunch we went to Stella's house play Wii!! Weee~~ Not addicting for me, =P Since i'm neutral hehehe shhhh...

Multimedia. The lecturer said something about what photos, pictures and PhotoshopCS3.
15 mins talk and its over. Wthell ?! Oh nvm...
When i went home i drove my mum's car hehe... Automated car, easy like pie =)
But i just drove around the park~ Continue, next time next time hehehe...

Now i'm in a DAMN good mood. No more worries for driving. Hakunamatata~ Heee...
So, i think i'm gonna wash the plates for my mum, reduce her burden ^^
See i'm such an obedient and filial boy, uh no i mean filial man, uh no i mean filial son =P

Monday, July 28, 2008


The Power Of Existence.

The anime "Shakugan no Shana" portrays a very powerful meaning regarding existence.
A touching part:
The main character Yuji, accidentally died, having his power of existence sucked by monsters called 'Rinne' or 'Tomogara'. People have their power of existence sucked away will die, but there is where the exciting part comes in. The guardians that maintain balance of the world, call themselves 'Flame Haze'. Those people who have their existence sucked will be replaced by something called 'Torches'. These torches will gradually weaken, and will eventually go out. When this torch goes out, the person will disappear in thin air. But the use of this 'Torch' is to minimize the impact to the minimum. This means that their existence is slowly devoured away from this world, and people will tend to pay attention to them less. By the time the torch goes out, people will not even notice that they disappeared, or should i say, they even existed?

The story here: A girl likes the best friend of Yuji, but unfortunately died. Her existence is replaced with a torch, just like Yuji himself. Yuji can see torches in other people, and he sees one in that girl. But the torch is weak, so Yuji desperately tries his best to let people notice her, especially his best friend. The last day of the girl's torch, Yuji brought them out to have fun. But his best friend didnt even notice her that much. And then the girl disappeared. Yuji found her at a slanting field, gazing away at the setting sun. And she disappeared right in front of his eyes. He is desperately trying his best to let others remember that girl, because he understands... He just wants that girl to be in someone's memory..

This whole thing about existence, is greatly touching if you think of it, deeply.
Nobody thinks, remembers about you.
Not in their memory.
Like you never existed.

Shout ! Shout out *the* name!
Shout deeply in your heart...
By shouting out names, it will make the power of existence stronger...
Shout out the name of the one you love...
For now... For now...
* !!!!!! *

The End...?

1st Day of school!! No classes O_O

But English got la... Ha afternoon went to cyber with friends. And dota. =X

Tomorrow i will be taking driving test. Alison too. Wish Alison luck! Me too me too =P

I have not much of a confidence now.. But i will think positively.. And hope for the best...

And here's some pictures to lighten the day~ Though its night-time now =P

(If u get what i mean =D)

Such a beautiful sun. It does not happen everyday... So...
*Its nice to enjoy the great nature before its all over

~The End Of The World~
Is near.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Defend Thee Yet Thy Cruelty Upon Me

O, call me not to justify the wrong
That thy unkindness lays upon my heart;
Wound me not with thine eye, but with thy tongue
Use power with power, and slay me not by art;
Tell me thou lov'st elsewhere; but in my sight
Dear heart, forbear to glance thine eye aside;
What need'st thou wound with cunning, when thy might
Is more than my o'erpressed defence can bide?
Let me excuse thee: ah! my love well knows
Her pretty looks have been mine enemies;
And therefore from my face she turns my foes,
That they elsewhere might dart their injuries;
Yet do not so; but since I am near slain,
Kill me outright with looks, and rid my pain.
-William Shakespeare-

Operation Love (プロポーズ大作戦)

When i was doing nothing this afternoon... I accidentally saw this show..
OmG! Its a japanese show! I felt so touched just by watching a little while!
I'm so gonna chase the series.. It has 11 episodes.. *Recommended!!!

Operation Love - プロポーズ大作戦 (Proposal Daisakusen)

The story is about a guy named Ken who attends his highschool sweetheart's wedding ceremony.
And then a fairy appeared and sent him back to time, giving him a second chance to win his lover's heart.
This show is in Japanese, with chinese subtitles at the bottom.
A show which can make tears fall unconsciously... >_<'
This episode i watched.. is Episode 7 already sad to say =(

In this episode there are fireworks.. And the guy needs to propose to the girl he likes (Kei) before the teacher does. There are flashbacks of the teacher about his relationships with Kei. And he realised that he had fallen for Kei. Then when they were playing a game of "obey the King", the teacher got the position of the King! So everyone has to listen to what he has to say. And you know la... He said he likes Kei. Then Ken realised he's too late. His friends which are drunk keep push Kei and the teacher together, and took a photo. Then Ken is sent back to the future, at the wedding ceremony. He sees Kei and the teacher in front, talking intimately. Then time stopped, the fairy appeared. And here is where i find the most touching part.

The fairy said... If you keep merely finding for a suitable place and time, you will never make it. Ken who had been crushing on Kei for 14 years still could not say out a simple word. And the teacher did it easily. The fairy said if he keep being like this he will never find his own happiness. Then Ken said he wants to give up, and he doesnt want to keep going back to the past anymore.

The fairy clicked his hand, and time moved on again. Then he saw his best friend dating. His best friend thanked him for telling him to be brave and not letting go of the person he love. Then he realised that he changed the past. He changed his friend fate, but not his... Sad... Cant wait till next sunday 3pm =P

Saturday, July 26, 2008

7 Things

The 7 things I like about you~

Your cute little eyes and silky hair
Your soft smile
Your actions and movements
Your curious and naive expression
Your innocent look
Your back-sight

And the SeventH ThinG
I Like the most that U do

~ You Make Me Love You ~

Differences In Changes.

There are many changes in life as we know.
Changes that make big differences, or no difference at all.

Biggest change,
Have many stages. Or.. Many types.
-Old relationships
-New relationships
-Existing relationships

Either is friendship or love relationship, it is similar.
There are the Past, Present, Future.
Each and every one of them differs.
And we know deep in our heart...
The feeling and sensations during these relationships...
Are unique, unexplainable.
And yet we forget; or remember.

These differences in changes are valuable pieces of memories in our lives.
No matter whether they shall stay, or go.
They will still be significant.

So we should cherish them.
Don't think about whether it is beneficial or not.
Whether they shall disappear or not, or stay.
Whether they shall make changes in our life or not.

We should savor these moments, profoundly.
Then maybe, they will make some differences that we seek in these changes.

ABC Song

Y & Z

Happy happy will i be
When i sing my Abc


Friday, July 25, 2008

瞬间か 色あせないように

别让瞬间失色 ~AKA~ Dont let The Moments Lose Its Colour

There are various moments in life.
Moments of truth.
Moments of sorrow.
Moments of anger.
Moments of emnity
Moments of envy.
Moments of fun.
Moments of happiness.
Moments of contentment.
... etc ...

When these moments occur frequently, it shall lose its colour.

When moments of anger and emnity occurs recurrently, it shall lead to more hatred.
And things will go haywire. Out of control.
When moments of happiness and contentment occurs recurrently, it shall lose its taste, its colour.
And things will not seem as beautiful as the *first time*.

Things changes over time, gradually.
People's hearts and feelings changes as well.
But let a lesson engrave in our minds...
That is...
"Do Not Let The Moments Lose Its Colour"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Day. Before And After Of My Presents.

My Presents. Open to all =)

At Alison's house. Havent open. Just received =)

Package reach my house edi. Whats inside huh???

There it is!! Whats that?!?!

Its a lovely dog! Ha i'm gonna love it just like my friends said i will =P

Now it's a part of my ~soft toy~ family. ^^

A card...? What could be written ... inside?

A Happy Birthday card!! Great !!

Thats the inside~ I love the signatures. =P

Thx a lot to my friends for their hearts and efforts T>T I can ask for nothing more...

A Simple Wish

Morning went to get my results =)
Got a GPA of 3.58, grades of HD, D, C, C.
Ok grades la.. With a little regrets =(
But its ok~

Then went to buy a small cake for myself.
My birthday ok XP

Afternoon kill time with reading the comics i just borrowed.
Ha i have a while bunch of comics. From Eugene and Cally too =P

Then 5 went to Alison's house. Jo and Sue played Wii O.o
Wii is a little... addicting if u ask me ^^''
Then people start to arrive slowly..
It was fun. Me Ric and Alastair went out to buy more drinks.
Eugene Cally and Stella went to buy more charcoal O_o
Then we start to makan!! Weee... Then they brought a cake and started singing the happy birthday song. U know la. Then Jamie said make 3 wishes and tell them 2. I only made 2, and i dint tell them what i wished for hehehe =P Just a simple wish... *******
Then i received a big present from DiongHui, Hsien, Liang and Alex. Hahaha!! And a birthday card with signatures from everyone!(Not everyone la...) Cool huh~~~

Thats all.. Today is my day. I cant wait till next year. Maybe it will be even more special... But who knows... ^^'' Only God does. And i believe in Him. =)

And about my wish... Shall it be granted, Amen.

Make A Wish...

I declare, a happy birthday. To me. =P (die wan face)

And now... I make a wish before i blow the candles..
Make a wish...
I wish...


May it be granted =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Outing~ Settle Settle

Morning driving lessons.. Ha not intensive anymore just a 2 hour drive now =)
Then i drop myself off at Swinburne XD
Saw Eugene and Alex. They said they get results. I think they also go and settle the hostel thingy la.

Ish Jo-Ann ask me to meet at girl's toilet. But i came out from boy's toilet wahaha XD
Cally go settle her instalments thingy. Then went to boulevard lo. Nothing there la.
Just walk walk, then went to Popular read books =S And makan at KFC while waiting Jamie and Alison to arrive. So funny la got so many kids there O_o *Cute
Then Jamie, Alison and Steven(Is that the name of her fren?) came.

We go settle the chicken thingy. Thought gonna buy 130 SWT
The guy was also (Huh?!) We few ppl oni also want buy 130 pieces of popoke~ XD
But at last we bought 80 oni la. Coz the price crazy. Hmm... Got many hotdogs la.. so.. nvm gua..
Then still at the supermarket there buy so many err.. miscellanous things? =)
Jamie keep wanting stuffs lol.. Want me to list them? Ok.. ChocolateSyrup... Banana? Still got what ho.. cant remember. She's craving for lotsa things lately. =P

Then go desserts eat ice-cream. Yeah i finally get to try DarkChocolate+GreenTea.
Mmm nice, but i dint mix them since i ate with cone =( GreenTea abit bitter though cold... =P

Then follow Cally to her grandma's house haha~ Got dog got cat also. Funny dog, and CUTE CAT!
I want a cat TOO... Wuwu...

Cant wait till tomorrow. Its gonna be a fun day. I guess... No. I guarantee. =P
Sorry for the confidence mwahaha~

Guardian Angel.

Does anyone know the feeling of watching someone from behind?
Or the feeling of wanting to help, but helpless?

There is nothing we can do. For others.
The only thing we can do actually, is for ourselves.

Why do we keep torturing ourselves?
Even though there is no benefits?
Why do we persevere?
Even though we might end up hurting ourselves?
Why do we keep believing in doing this?
Even though there is no hope?

The answer is simple.
It's not for ourselves.
It's for others.

Perhaps it is not our place to judge our position to do something,
but it is worth it.

" Love is not a waste. " by Me =)

All those efforts you put into, will blossom.
It might be now, soon, or later in the future.
It may happen anytime, anywhere. To & From anyone.

Keep believing in ourselves in this...
And there is no wrong in being
Guardian Angel.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anticipating Ashita

Today normal lagi. Morning play games again.. But not dota k.. Just minigames haha just for fun. Bully ppl oni =P
Ha me so bad >@< *Knock*

Afternoon my friend Bryan called. So i ended going out again. As usual, cyber-cafe.
3pm -7pm. 4 hours RM10. Ok price la ho...
Then go to 3rd mile there makan. RM10 - LonganWater + Sweet&Sour Fish Rice.
Then 8.30pm went to LaserTag lagi aduh... Friend ajak to play so play lo.. FOC again ^^''
Last time they renovating.. So i went to see their graffiti.. And ended up playing. Hehe feels great to be one of the first to try out their brand new place =)
Next time gonna bring kawan go there playplay liao hehe...

Then now i writing blog. Anticipating tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will be the same as today.
But i'm always looking forward to tomorrow. Hoping.. Maybe it'll be better? =)

Ashita... Ashita... Ashita...

Monday, July 21, 2008


"Mystery has ended, but the effects has just begun." - Andy Wolth

Something we don't know, is defined as a mystery.
We can only assume, or guess..
But it is just a shot in the dark~

Mysteries keep us in suspense. Thrilling, at times.
This ambiguity makes us feel eager to know, a feeling called - curiosity.
The part of secrecy that concludes leads to a new part.

There will be results, and output from a mystery.
Either good or bad, it is our own doing.
For pursuing this anonymity.

Mysteries bring life to everything.
It causes people to care, to inquire, to know.

That, is the bright-side of the unknown.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Exercises. Once in a while O_O
Yesterday went to play badminton with old friends. One of them came back from KL.
Hah it had been a long time since i saw them.
When we play badminton got few little kids came and joined us @)@
Oh well what to do, little kids wat. Let them play with us lo *pengsan
Then at night go pizza hut again.. Twice this month. But its still tasty mmm sedap~~

That was yesterday.

Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday.
Today just read comics.. play some offline games.

Tomorrow.. Maybe got driving lessons, and an appointment for a hair cut?
Holiday life is sure dull. Repetitive like school days, but is indeed much boring.
Can't wait till school starts!!
But till then... I am sure gonna complain that this holiday is so short...
Actually is isnt =P One whole month. What else could i complain?

Saturday, July 19, 2008




Its just a door apart.
But somehow it seems so far.
Maybe i should say... A wall?

To enter that door is virtually impossible.
But I am willing to try.
To fight against the guardians that protect the seal.

I shall call upon the Holy Spirit to give me strength and courage.
Grant me wisdom!
Grant me perseverance!
Grant me perception!

I stand here alone.
There are portals around me.

But I Am
Looking forward to the portal that stands before me.
The seal of your heart.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Door To Another World.

Every heart within holds a door.
A door to somewhere different, exclusive and personal.

That paradise exists in our hearts.
Its only up to whether we discover it or not, and walk into it.

This door is either opened, or closed.
To enter that world, is to leave this world behind.
There is no going back.
There should no regrets.
It is about giving up and getting a feel for a new world.

Sometimes it not that the world we live in is unpleasant, but is about exploring new places and make discoveries.

Fraught dangers lie ahead.
But nothing can suppress the thrill of arriving at your own fantasy.
It is very hard to leave this world behind.
But the other world could be better?
How would I know? Can i tell?

But who knows?

Worlds apart, from distance, time and dimensions are indeed unimaginable.
However, there are still things that are -similar-.
Things that we like, dislike. Love, hate.
These things never changes.

No matter where we go.
We shall always encounter them.

*We* should always
*Open* our heart
And together *walk through*
The *door to another world*

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Do you know why the setting sun is in red?

When the sun reaches the horizon, the sunlight shines a longer distance through the ozone layer...

The blue light which has a shorter wavelength is dispersed, unseen...
The red light which has the longest wavelength, shines through our very eyes...

And the same goes to human beings.
Everyone emanates a different colour.

A colour seen by others...
A colour hidden within you...
A colour only you can see...
Or a colour even you can't see...

The red light i see from the setting sun...

Is only one of the many colours i see in you.

Stalker Not?

Morning learn driving. Utterly tiring and boring. Sick.

Afternoon and night is fun =)

Eugene came until 8 sth Sia fetch us to atmosfera drink drink huhuhu..

Hmm we felt like watching movies la.. But nvm XD

A pic of a light at atmosfera. It was nice to chat in the dark with dim lights. So comfy.

And we become stalkers!! Went to Jo and Sue's house dono do what ...

Say hi to Zac maybe =P

Ha... Eugene borrowed me some comics.. Looks like i wont be bored.. for the next 2 weeks until school reopens. Oh well...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tag. Round Three.

Tagged by Cally. Arghhh =(

Name 10 people to do this survey.
1. Sue
2. Jo
3. Cally
4. Will
5. Hsien
6. Eugene
7. Jamie
8. Alison
9. Alastair
10. Jonathan


1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
- Yup. No restrictions =P

2. Describe yourself in one word.
- Stubborn.

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
- Relationships require both to work out.

4. Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
- Yea, always.

5. Does it feel good to love?
- Silly question. Of course.

6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes to live, IF you love someone special what will you say to that person?
- I LOVE YOU. And don't remember me.

7. What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you??
- Its okay. Follow your heart.

8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
- Learn to love? Yea.. Learn how to prioritize the one we love.

9. What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
- He/She's the same as everyone else. Its typical.

10. What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
- NO Hope.

*+ Part TWO +*

1. Best place to cry?
- In my heart.

2. Who do you love the most?
- GOD > Family > Lover > Friends

3. Tell us ur dream last night?
- Interacting with the one i love in joy. Almost the same every night O_O

4. Ever hated someone so bad?
- Well maybe.. When i was immature around 12 years old?

5. The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
- Saying "Good" things about me in a different way.

+* Last PERSON... +*

1. Had a beer with?
- Sorry no can do. I don't drink.

2. Went to the movies with?
- Classmates!!

3. Talked on the cell phone with?
- Eugene

4. U hugged?
- Nani?! My bolster...

5. You yelled at?
- Yell? My... mum... Sorry

+* In the LAST WEEK Have You... +*

1. Kissed someone?
- Never in my life.

2. Sung a song?
- Yup. Lotsa.. I Swear.. When you look me in the eyes.. Empty.. etc. =P

3. Danced crazily?
- Nope i'm not retarded.

4. Think of the last time you were angry. Why were you angry?
- Coz of no "moqi" AKA Cooperation

5. You will die in 3 mins. Last call?
- Express my feelings to the one i love =P

6. If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be?
- That.. My family + friends + loved one is happy =X

7. Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
- Most probably. Occasionally.

8. Are you old-fashioned?
- Maybe... in some.. ways.

9. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
- Shit. Tell someone i love them. I guess.

10. What things would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
- Love and Dreams. Same as Cally. =)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Can one always do what one likes to? No.
One should satisfy oneself for the moment by carrying out monotonous, repetitive tasks, for which those are perfectly prepared.

Will one try to relive certain events of the past?
Rediscovering certain atmospheres of the revolved times...
But we should let the past in oblivion, not allowing it to clutter up our lives.


Everyone exist in this world. Its just up to us whether we discover them or not.
There are existence which never appear, and some that disappear in our lives.
These changes are inevitable, which we grow into.

"To the world you might be someone, but to someone you might be the world."

In my heart, you'll always be that special existence that i know and never forget.
But to you, am i anyone? Is there a special existence in your heart?

Each existence differs. To different people.
We should treasure each existence around us, important or not.
If not when we lose them, it might be too late.

Appreciate.. Treasure.. What you are.. And.. What others are.
Thats all i ask of you.


Everything requires coordination.
Without it, it would mean chaos.

Driving needs coordination.
Mine use to suck alot, but recently have been getting a hold of it.
I'm glad~

Handling things needs coordination.
It helps things to be carried out smoothly and orderly.

Feelings needs coordination.
Order has to be brought about to feelings.
Then only we can control our mind and heart.
What to do, and what not.
Move forward, stay, or backwards.
Go left, or right.


Its Coordination. The Aspect of Harmony.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Worst Nightmares.

Driving lessons.
Borrowed comics.
Went swimming.
Went Cyber.
Went Makan.
Went to LaserTag.

Oh well just a day which is ~ above average.

Besetted by troubles. Besotted in love.

My mind is weary. Don't wanna involve in things.

My worst nightmares.. Are yet to come.

So i shall prepare for the worst.


不能向前走, 也无法往后退
美满 和 完美

等你的答案 等你的决定 等你的感情


I Realised.

It just dawned on me that... I cant stay like this forever.

I would like to apologize for going off the track, unable to control this elation.
And how stupid of me to let my desires and wishes take over my mind.

Luckily my heart remains true.

I realised that i have been unconsciously pushing this matter too forward. So...

I shall go back to what i set in my mind when i 1st came to Swinburne.

Only then i can bring this matter back to where it was.

I won't be moving forward, nor backwards.
I shall let my heart take control over my footsteps, to where i belong.
And watch from behind.

And i shall learn something from that. Something, new.


I have been using my money like water lately.
I think its high-time for me to re-evaluate my spendthrift attitude =(

Went to movies twice with JHSia them and Bryan them. Thats one 50.

Went to Movies with classmates and hanging around at Spring. Thats two 50 s.

Bought birthday present for Bryan. Thats three 50 s.

Went to cyber for countless times, and pizza hut that day. Thats four 50 s.

Going to borrow comics which require membership fee. Thats five 50 s.

And borrow comics nid pay for each book that i borrow as well..
And i'm going swimming later too !! Argh Thats another 50 s.

Argh looks like not many since its my mum's money =P
I think its best i try to control abit now Huhuhu...
Since my maid isnt coming back and we have to pay 1k.

So i'm going to be a good boy, stay at home, control my desires.
Save money... save money.. save money...
Buy only what i NEED , not what i WANT. Sad T_T

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thats What Friends Are For.

Feelings come and go.
We never know.

This connection, has never been this, Unexpected.

U can always concede to me, although you're not my reflection in the mirror.
Things will never turn bad, if only discussion is brought about.

U can always talk to me, whenever you need a friend.
I can listen to your troubles or insinuation, and assist you along the way.

I won't be inclined to myself, as everyone & everything is important to me as well.
I don't mind what shall happen, if its beneficial to you, or me.
If your hand is warmer than mine, i will accept the fact.

But i just want you to know, friends are always there for you.

You shall never feel lonely if you reach out.

Thats what friends are for.


I mark you as my equal. Do you?
I DO NOT, SHALL NOT, and WILL NOT forget our times. Do you? Shall you? Will you?


Shall you feel like it, then go ahead.
I won't be in your way.
I shall give way.
I won't snatch(merebut).

If your hand is warmer than mine, then there is no doubt anymore.

Nobody understands nobody. Not you, not me.
So shall them understand more about you, and I shall be forgotten in oblivion.

If it is fated to be so.

After all, happiness doesn't belong to only, me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Not A Dull Day, But Still One?

Ahh~ Nothing to do as ever.
Afternoon lied on my bed, gazing above~~ Not the stars, its just the ceiling =.=

Reading love novels which i have read countless of times before, but it never bores me.
Cant stop myself from loving these stuff, they just seem to catch my heart's attention =P

Then Bryan asked me out to GizmoreGamerz at JalanSong. 4 sth.. played until 8.30.
Wth?! Didnt realise the time passed by so fast ! Diu...

Then go to PizzaHut and makan =) Swt la my old friends memang still same. Never stop those meaningless stuff. There were little kids celebrating birthday, running in and out swt... So annoying la! Then 2 of my friends keep looking at a girl's humps =.= And they wouldnt stop laughing. One word for them that is sooooooo - Gay.

Lala.. Then chat on.. My friend said our results will be out on 18July.. I suppose thats next Friday... Oh well can't wait.. This holiday sure seem long enough, never-ending. But.. I'm certain that.. When school starts, I'm BOUND to miss this holiday which i'm so hating now.

We never appreciate things.
Until we lose them.
Then we start to reminisce.
But its already OVER!
Thats what we are.


Whenever i look into the mirror, i see no one.
Thats the surface.

Whenever i look into the mirror, i see someone.
Thats the core.

Why does my own reflection show, the inside of me?

Why does my own reflection do, the same action as i do, just the opposite?

Why does my own reflection stay, as quiet as I am, when i look into it, searching for answers?

My mirror image indicates a diffident and hesitant person.
So i shall concede to my own reflection; or let it eavesdrop what I'm saying.

I deeply admire my reflection, which remains crenellated behind these mirror walls.

It can always re-tell my story, embellished.
For which then, i know that is not me.

I am always brimming over with perplexion and a little happiness at times, which i narrate to my own reflection.

I told it, there is always a gleam of hope behind those mirrors, and then it shall be free.
Such oppressive words just to hearten the inside me.

But i shall hope that it will be free one day,
and let it concede to me, explicitly.

Friday, July 11, 2008


A feeling of happiness. So great.

To be with the person you love; to be with the person you care - Is an elation, beyond words.

Sometimes it isn't just waiting for someone to show care, that would take ages.
Things would work out if you reach out, showing affection.

Love is never too far, if only you learn to hold out your hand. Let things be as they are supposed to be.
We should never interfere.
We should learn to appreciate, to understand.

Though it has always been a complicated matter that humans don't understand and value the things before them, until they lose it.

The source of euphoria is different from indolentia.
We have to depend on ourselves to achieve elation, and hold out our hands before others does.
Its not about benefits and losses, but about joy and sorrow.

We ourselves decide our happiness, not others.
So we should do what it takes to make ourselves happy, and others in the process as well. Happiness, could not be attained by selfishness but only through sharing.

To make others happy, is to make our own self happy.
Bliss is ephemeral, so we should treasure every moment of it.

If this could be comprehended, then...

Happiness is not so far away after all.


Mercy Killing. - Of My Soul.

I will not complain, I shall stay silent as i watch things happen.

Listen, and think of my words. This resilient voice.

I have no rights, i am not worthy.

But it has been my deepest desire to stand by your side, though insignificant. Perhaps his hand is warmer than mine.

Let me think of you, deeply. Let me look into your eyes, movingly. Maybe just hoping things would be right again, though seemingly it would never be.

I shall never forget the exhilirating moments with you, yet again though insignificant.

I forgive those who hurt people's feelings. I forgive those who let people down. I forgive those who are egotistic. Everyone has their way of concealing things.
Everyone has their own way of insinuating themselves.

All of these are just for the outcome, when the process only sets off side-effects.

But believe me, everything is not for how well the outcome will be, but is of how hard we tried.
The result means nothing; it is the route we've gone through that's significant.

This zeal, this fidelity, this affection. Is all that matters.

Even if it means this slow killing of my soul.
This Euthanasia...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


To achieve indolentia, requires many steps and processes.
Indolentia - Freedom From Pain.

If things were never so difficult, it would be easy to reach. Peruse this thoroughly.

Things that are obscured, only causes a backfire insight.

Mood is temperamental, yet contain the characteristic of velvety. Knowledge of imminence only bring doubts and fears that beset me.

Still, the reciprocal of imaginations are inticing. To envisage the future, is to prepare for the worst, not for what's better.

And i am nonetheless searching for a lover's caress, dismissively.

Then maybe only then can i attain indolentia. And let the music of euphoria take flight.

Thats What I'm Saying. A Prayer In Vain.

In this world, there are alot of kinds of people. From what i've seen through the years, people are good at faking, no matter online or reality. Can u believe it? Its so perfectly done until no one can tell whether its right or wrong; true or false. What to do..? People like to obscure their True nature, no matter for good or bad intentions.

The human heart does not stay the same, forever. Peoples' heart change eventually. For better or worse.. Only themselves know.

As for me.. I would like to devote.. a prayer in vain... for the people i care... the ones i love..

My faith, remains the same. My heart, remains the same. My feelings, remain the same.

~How long will i be waiting, to be with U, again~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frozen In Time.

Today is another lotsa fun subsequent from yesterday's BBq+Karaoke night...

Went out at 11.30, follow Jo and Sue's car to Cally's house. Today whole day Sue drive =)

Ha but Jo so funny keep shout~"Aaahh" and said "~Aduh" to Sue O_O Cant tahan XP

11.30 went to MacD.. Then KM came also. Time really flies there.. We dint realise realise just took our time then when reach there 1.20 liao! Omgosh.. We watched "Hancock"~

A very nice show.. Dry at the beginning where they trying so desperate to show suspense, but for me nothing la. Only midmid onwards then nice... Touching.. Where Hancock tries his best to gain trust and attention from the 'rakyat jelata'. =P At last also touching.. Hancock has to secede himself from his "wife" so they could stay immortal forever =X A little ridiculous, but thumbs-up!

After that we went to Spring.. hmm waste most of the time there... 3.20 show finished, then walk walk walk.. so fun la~ One group of people walk and look around~ You wouldnt know the feeling unless you participate hehe.. =P Saw some clothes.. toys... soft-toys O_O, jewellery?, perfume?, miscellanous stuff? XD Also went to starbucks... We also sat down at the few chairs in Parkson =/

Then everyone so lost. Dono want go where de. *blink* Jamie them want go Hopoh, then go Westwood makan.. Me and Liang follow Jo, Sue and Cally. Went to Desserts, make meriah only us >_< there ="(">

Fun day.. I love class outing. Maybe its because i never liked to go out so often.. and whats more with so many people O_O Its a new and fresh thing to me.. So i think i'll enjoy myself for quite some time huhuhu...

Alrightie.. Back to some thinking... Still got some suspicion in my mind~
Time passes by without us noticing it. It is a pityful object, as no one tends to pay attention to it. Only at times though. So I shall indulge myself in time for several moments.. Try to understand the meaning behind it..

~Why come and go like a shooting star, that we do not even have enough time to make a wish?~

Time.. in conjunction to Distance, creates great wonders. It generates a force powerful enough to toggle our feelings. But it comes back to us whether we realize, comprehend and appreciate it or not. 'Connection' with distance, is embellished.. To the extent.. And time that creates a gap between it.. Just.. Sets up cynicism within our hearts. Therefore.. Confidence is exceptionally required to overcome these "forces"...

Hmm.. Maybe with a little creativity like Sue-Ann said =P Well i have to agree with it as it makes my supposal more firm. Eh i think i can write argumentative essay already. See i still do referencing hahaha~


Someone! Bring me back to my room! In case u dont know, its 7G =)

Sing My Heart Out~

Weee it was so fun yesterday night. BBQ + Steamboat. One word for description. Stuffed.

Some of my friends BBQ, and a few of them used the heat technology thingy. After boiling the soup they put butter in it and started fying stuff?! Prawns and meat. Omg the smell so nice! But i dint get to taste some =( Coz ate BBQ until too full T____T wuu....

After that we chat around lo. They all ar.. Never change.. Always bully professor phang. Lucky i stay quiet, if not they also thought of bullying me =P

The fun part came when we went to EnterK at crownSquare. Wee~
On the way to EnterK my friend sung the song "Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera". Then he played the song from his handphone~ O_O Sung by David Cook?! Oh i'm so gonna get that song from him another time XD He has the whole season w00t! Tempting huh?

LOLs? A few of my friends looked like they were having problems using the remote O_O
And after the lady gave instructions though =.= I think they cant read chinese well =(
Well i just sat there quietly as they try to use that remote! Too bad i cant drink =P
But they got what promotion that night.. What one human head free one human head. So wrong the way she said. In short it means buy one free one. So we ordered 5 beers and free 4 mocktail(A type of juice which i didnt know at 1st) Hahaha..

Well they chose their songs at 1st.. but at least got a few songs i know how to sing, so i sang too =P At first i thought i dont feel like to XD Sing my Heart Out~!! Omg it was so FUN..

We wanted to sing until 1or2.. But one of my fren Andy has curfew. He told him mum he would be home by 11.30. Then his mum keep calling, she said he lied to her O_O omg made us so HIGH only.. Then i tumpang his car home since he stayed at GreenHeights. Wahh along the BDC road in front of the church and RHPlaza he sped over 120. LOL then when he wanted to slow down for the turn, (since it was a roundabout) the car SKID! ed. a bit. Scared the wits out of us. My gosh. I never want to drive quickly if i am given the chance to. Must appreciate our lives =P

Later going to watch movie =) I watch 3 times movie within a few weeks. Cool. Well i can't afford to miss these great movies right =P The trailers are totally convincing. Weee ~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today i shall be having BBQ with high school friends, a celebration for my friend Bryan's 18 b'day~ Then tomorrow there is a cinema function... Can't wait...

But, all of a sudden i 'don't feel like looking forward to anything already.

Tired? Perhaps so.

Indifferent? Maybe so.

<PosT SealeD...>

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tag 2nd round. You're It !

I've been tagged by Sue-Ann. Ok. I wont create trouble for other people. The 5 people i shall tag will be those who had already done this tag. Ok? See i'm so considerate. Save u all time.

1. Name 20 People Randomly
2. Choose 5 people to continue the Survey at the end
3. Dont read the questions but name 20 persons 1st

Here goes... 20 people.
1. Sue-Ann
2. Jo-Ann
3. Cally
4. Swee Liang
5. JHSia
6. Richard
7. Peter
8. Eugene
9. Alastair
10. Diong Hui
11. Jonathan
12. Stella
13. Jamie
14. Alison
15. Bryan
16. Jason
17. Phang
18. Gilbert
19. Rick
20. Bong Bong

Survey Questions O_O

1. How did u meet number no.18? (Gilbert)
- High-School Form4

2. What would you do if you have not met no.17? (Phang?!)
- Omg! I would not have been exposed to such stupidity XD Sry Professor Phang =)

3. What if no.9 and no.20 dated? (Alastair and BongBong?!)
- Wtf?! Alastair and my Sis? Cant imagine.

4. What if no.5 and no.10 dated? (JHSia and Diong Hui ?!)
- Omgosh! It would be a very interesting comedy/drama. =)

5. Describe no.1 (Sue-Ann)
- Umm... Very friendly, ~treats everyone AlikE. LOVES pink, but thinks that it is not an obsession. =P Always AO, and a funny girl just like her twin sister. A supergirl, that is capable of throwing books over to my house. *Pang!* Always go shopping (window shopping), and only buys what she "really really really wants" so its always a need not a want =X Hmm sometimes wear spec sometimes wear contact lens? She lurves long hair. =P

6. Do you think no.8 is attractive? (Eugene)
- Eugene ha~? Don't ask me this should be asked to girls XD

7. Describe no.7 (Peter)
- Hah. Funny boy. A good friend. Now learning Japanese with me Weeee =)

8. Do you know any family members of no.12? (Stella)
- Haha!! Nice question! Of coz i know! We know! Know for one day only la LOL. I know her grandpa, uncle, aunties, father, siblings and relatives O_O and also, CHOCOLATE! Mwahaha

9. What language does no.15 speaks (Bryan)
- Ah. Foul language. =P He's so gonna kill me Wahahaha *evil grin*

10. Who is no.9 hanging out with? (Alastair)
- Hanging out? Friends for DotA !

11. How old is no.16? (Jason)
- Same age as me, but he's 18 since his b'day has passed thats on May.

12. When was the last time you spoke with no.13? (Jamie)
- BBQ night? =D

13. Who's no.2 favourite singer/band? (Jo-Ann)
- Wuu tough question. How am i supposed to know =( Lemme guess.. If its supposed to be the same as Sue, then maybe it shall be the Jonas Brothers, All 4 One? and .. Aiya just English bands will do =P

14. Have you ever dated no.4? (Swee Liang)
- HAHAHA! What say u? He's my brader Lolz.

15. Would you ever date no.19? (Rick)
- He's my cousin for goodness sake O.O

16. Is no.3 Single? (Cally)
- Yea.. But she's persevering, which is admirable =)

17. What is no.10's last name? (Diong Hui)
- Ting? Nicknames shall be.. (AngMoKia AKA Red-haired boy) from what i heard...

18. Would you ever be in a relationship with no.11? (Jonathan)
- Lolz. He's a human of my same gender. Do you think thats possible? Oo

19. Which is the school of no.13? (Jamie)
- Currently SUTS (Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak)

20. Where does no.6 stays? (Richard)
- Banphlee road or something like that. Sorry Ric if i spelled it wrong >_<''

21. What is your favourite thing about no.5? (JHSia)
- Oh him. He makes us laugh like there's no tomorrow. =D *On stiches* to be precise.

22. Have you ever seen no.14 naked? (Alison)
- What ?! Silly question. If thats a yes i won't be living up until today =X

And thus, the 5 people i choose to do this survey shall be...
1. Sue-Ann (Revenge? =P)
2. Jo-Ann (Revenge 2? =P)
3. Cally
4. Ah Liang
5. Sia

And now i proclaim this survey at its end.

Confidence. For Better Or Worse...?

We mere humans, gain personal confidence through encouragement of all sorts.
Due to the fact that we are not self-confident, we always seek for corroboration.
Sometimes it is not regarding we trust others or not, is just that confirmation is required to assure us of ourselves to continue what we were doing.

But there are also discouragements along the way, and this is what makes us hesistant.
Decisions are normally made due to certainty, or sometimes uncertainty.
Decisions made due to uncertainty is of foolishness because of perplexity.

Confidence, is hard to gain; yet easy to lose.
But yet, confidence can make a quick difference. Either good or bad.

And then, I still strongly believe in... Time. ~ "jikan-wa tsuyoku shinjiteru" ~

Time... Prooves myself. Time shows me the way, tells me the right decision. Still, I am gonna need confidence to make a difference.

For better or worse...

Tag. You're It !

I've been tagged by JHSia and Sue-Ann.
Tag. You're it!
Oh well. Guess i'm not breaking the tag.

Lets get into the topic.
5 Favourite Dining Spots

1. JoJo Restaurant (Near the 3rd mile KFC)
2. After-Three (Near Padungan)
3. Kopitiams and Stalls Nearby SMK Kuching High
(Introduced by my friend during my whole high-school period at SMK Kuching High, i realised that there are many good dining places there)
4. - Lets leave it empty for the meantime -
Erm maybe MacD, PizzaHut, Sugarbun and KFc i guess? =P
5. Swinburne Cafeteria + Chilipeppers (Just joking, just since i eat there often =P)

5 Friends to Tag


Sorry but i tag no one. Looks like i did break the tag after all =)

Wait. Looks like i'm gonna tag someone after all. All thanks to Sue for her wonderful idea.

I tag...

Cody & Zac & Chocolate
See I am Sooo & Suchhh an Animal Lover. =)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is japanese song that i found recently.. Its damn nice, and i love it lotsa.
Ladies and gentlemen, i give you Undelete!


じゃれた若葉の群れが とても楽しそうで
見上げた木々の間 木漏れ日が誘ってる
私は手を伸ばしたの そっと そっと 消えぬように
楽園 そこは星の!? 目覚めれば 冷めた月

弱く残る光跡の 記憶を辿れば
ねぇ 気づいてくれるかな?
形あるものになんて 終わりが来ると言って
過去の闇 閃いて

ここから見る世界は とても眩しくって
光の波押し寄せ 残り香を落としてく

私は手をかざしたの そっと そっと 壊れぬように
儚い 君と過ごす時 
振り向けば 過ぎた日々

強く輝く君との 現実(いま)に触れたなら
また 求めてしまうかな?
一つ叶うとどうして? 膨らむ胸教えて
脆い夢 醒めないで

散りばめられた 空に架かる
明日へ向かう 虹を渡ればあの日の扉開く

君の 煌いた笑顔 硬く閉ざす心を
いつか 遮光の影から 救いの手に引かれて会いに行く…
弱く残る光跡の 記憶を辿れば
ねぇ 気づいてくれるかな?
形あるものになんて 終わりが来ると言って
過去の闇 閃いて
The mass of playful young leaves is so much fun
When I look up, the sun shines in through the trees

I held out my hand, softly, softly, to stop you going away
But I can never reach you
Heaven is a sea of stars, when I wake up the moon is cold

If I went back over the faint glow of memories that remain
Would you know?
“The end will come for anything that has a shadow”
Lighting up the dark in the past

The world I can see from here is so bright
I push through the wave of light, leaving behind a faint scent

I held out my hand, softly, softly, to stop you breaking
But I can never protect you
When I look back on the fleeting time I spent with you, I see days that have gone

If I could have had the bright, shining time of the present with you
Would I still be longing for something?
Why does my heart swell whenever something works out? Tell me
Don’t awaken me from this fragile dream

The stardust that follows the light
Lines the sky
If I cross the rainbow to tomorrow

Then the door of that day will open

My heart is shut tight
But your shining smile lights it up
Someday a rescuing hand from the shadows that hide you will guide me
And I’ll go to you…

If I went back over the faint glow of memories that remain
Would you know?
“The end will come for anything that has a shadow”
Lighting up the dark in the past

By Mami Kawada
Baldr Force EXE Resolution ED1

Square Dilemma. Of Time.

Yesterday was fun~ Met up with high school friends.. So long didnt see them all.. And we could only meet next time when everyone's free again =( Sad.
We chat alot until almost forgot that the movie is starting XD
Well we were originally going to watch 'Hancock', but at last we decided to watch 'Wanted'~
A very nice movie, so lolll.. Its like a riddle going upside down making you blur O_O But at the end of the movie, everything just dawns on you =) Cool rite?

After movie... We went to BigPotatoKOPITIAM~ Lim Kapi =D
Chat chat a while then 10 + lo O_O Then my friend dropped me off at my cuzzie's house. A few cousins came overnight as well. We had fun, but we had to take turns to play the PC, thats the bad thing =P Cant seem to get any sleep.. Slept at 3 something.. Hah usual stuff =)

Time flies again.. Now its Sunday.. Ahh a nice and clear day. Sort of showing me good things are just ahead of me. Or.. not... =P Time tells... Time shows... Time, reveals.

< ! --Post Sealed? -- > Ah nvm~
A Square Dilemma. 1+1 = Before, 1+1 = After. Before... There is a double dilemma to face. Either to persevere, or to let go. This is the hard part, where vital decision comes into place. Letting go was a very good experience, I've gone through that, and I learnt TONS from it. Although last time it took me quite 'a while' to let go, it was worth it. Now i realised a new practice, is to not let go but to persevere. Though there might be cons that both parties might get hurt in the process, it might also be worthwhile.. I'm not sure about that myself.. Cause i haven't been through the persevering process.. I wanna give it a shot.. This time, Its not about Giving Up, Its not about Letting Go, Its not about Right or Wrong. Its about believing in your heart.

Despite the fact that vision could be blurred by external factors; and feelings could be mislead by incitation of internal factors, the heart remains true. -Persevere, is to show and convey love, feelings. Not for personal gain, but for the welfare of the other part. Though it might not be certain that that certain person might take a liking of you in due course, but it is worth trying, as putting your heart into doing something that makes people feel content and happy, makes yourself happy as well. In short, "If You're Happy, I'm Happy".

The After-Dilemma, refers to the after-effects. Either it shall be a success or failure, exposure of devotion will generate commotion. These consequences are not foreseeable, as there are millions of possibilities. Everyone's heart emanates a sense of curiosity, and instigates an action that could not be intepreted and presumed. WORSE of all, is the outcome of a failure. A failure can bring a total downfall to oneself, as it considers the feelings of both parties when they meet. Neither would like the feeling of being ill at ease, and the uncomfortable atmosphere with them around. A sensation of turbulence and agitation will arouse, causing an unbearable diffidence. The heart and soul, is a fragile part of the body. Once expose to such disorder, its like a broken glass, almost impossible to repair, and that only time will tell. Thereafter a feeling of devastating deterioration is intricate to convalesce. And again, only time will tell.

I strongly believe, in... Time.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Carrot A Day.

A Carrot A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. =)

We can make alot of things with carrot.. For example.. Carrot Juice, Pickled Carrot, Microwaved Carrot O_O... We also also eat Carrot Green Tops! And make full use of the carrot pulp!!

Here are more recipes about making carrots =P

24 Carrot Recipes
Carrot and Lentil Soup
Carrot and Mango Salsa
Curried Carrot Dip
Carrot Cake
Carrot Spice Pie
German Carrots in Beer
Indian Carrot Jelly
Carrot and Sultana Pud
Carrot Marmalade
Polish Beans and Carrots
Chocolate Carrot Cake
Carrot Pesto Slice
Carrot and oatmeal biscuits
Carrot Mushroom Loaf
Chinese Noodle and Carrot Salad
Algerian Carrots
California Sushi Rolls
Carrot Ice-Cream
Yugoslav Carrot Cake
Gajjar Halva
Italian Catarina
Belgian Raw Carrot Dip
Thai Carrot Salad

Bibliography (hehe XD)
Discover The Power Of Carrots, World Carrot Museum, viewed 5 July 2008,

CarrotsCopyrightsReserved. =P jk