Friday, July 11, 2008


Mercy Killing. - Of My Soul.

I will not complain, I shall stay silent as i watch things happen.

Listen, and think of my words. This resilient voice.

I have no rights, i am not worthy.

But it has been my deepest desire to stand by your side, though insignificant. Perhaps his hand is warmer than mine.

Let me think of you, deeply. Let me look into your eyes, movingly. Maybe just hoping things would be right again, though seemingly it would never be.

I shall never forget the exhilirating moments with you, yet again though insignificant.

I forgive those who hurt people's feelings. I forgive those who let people down. I forgive those who are egotistic. Everyone has their way of concealing things.
Everyone has their own way of insinuating themselves.

All of these are just for the outcome, when the process only sets off side-effects.

But believe me, everything is not for how well the outcome will be, but is of how hard we tried.
The result means nothing; it is the route we've gone through that's significant.

This zeal, this fidelity, this affection. Is all that matters.

Even if it means this slow killing of my soul.
This Euthanasia...

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