Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dreams Of Life

Although days of monotony is tiresome, there are still fun and joy in it.
These exhilirating moments come in various forms, embellishing the day.
Though we might take that for granted, we still need them to counter the sense of boredom.
To fight off nothingness in our lives.

To finally accomplish one of my biggest dreams in life, is indeed sheer elation.
Although it turn up not to be as perfect as i dreamed, but still reached to what i expected.
I never thought that i could reach this far at this time of my life. And it could expand furthur... Deeper and into more wonderous outcomes... Slowly and gradually shall it grow, and when the time comes, i will have nothing else to wish for. Because, i have Found, and Fulfilled my dream.

Dreams of life give hope to oneself, otherwise a direction. To identify the direction of one's life, is what that keeps oneself going in life. Should there be a motive, a goal, life isnt that meaningless after all...

MER ~ De ~ KA !!

Although i admit i am not a patriotic person, but to be able to stay up until 12 is amazing.
(shh actually i can stay up due to games hehehe... )

Ehk hem... Ahh, how nice the sound of fireworks, though only for a moment.
How i wished i were out there, viewing the twilight sky?
Well, looks like i'll only be able to do that on Chinese New Year~

Ok ar... CNY u faster come ah ! I cannot wait for you to come!!
Wear new cloths, get angpao, see fireworks, blablabla... Ahhh~!!!
LaLaLa This shall be a special day, i can tell hehe =P

Believe me! Dont believe in yourself!
Believe in me who believes in you!!

(Anonym Anime 2008)

Friday, August 29, 2008


I start with a morning going to school doing nothing.
Oh maybe just retrieving receipt for school fees, and watching the Multimedia lecturer walk out of it from us. =.= I would be fine, but what about my friends who haven't checked? Wait 20 mins also cannot meh... Now i wonder how are my friends gonna make it through... I can only say, "Good Luck!"

Afternoon. Watch muvee muvee entitled: "Money Not Enough 2". Really not enough XD
A continuation of "Money Not Enough 1" from 10 years ago. Funny, and quite touching. But dont know why i feel i sudden fatigue... And i persevere, and went on with the day. We always cannot make up our mind, or maybe its just plainly Kuching have nowhere nice to go? At last we FINALLY decided, and went to Riverside, took a sampan to the other side of the Sarawak river! Omg this is my 1st time!! Sampan... Quite scary, i think i have water phobia O.O!! Haha~ Nice view.. no wonder Jonathan introduced here before in his blog... =D After that we went to Tun Jugah.. Just walk around.. phuuu~! But at last we also Made a Decision to eat at the food court at the top floor. I ate Claypot Chicken Rice!! Yumm!! Haaa that Stellalala ate ButterChicken rice! So typical de!! REally swt, until cannot swt X) Hsien had to bring his brother from sch, and Stella had to bring her sister from tuition, so they went earlier. I just brought Liang and Alex home.. Then i had a short nap.

Woke up. Hwa~lah !! I'm here now. I have nothing more to say other than, TIRED!!
Damn so worn out... Need some... Energizer... =(

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Feelings, are transient.
Wonders, are transient.
Beauties, are transient.

But Love, is Everlasting.

Death shall not brag us wander'est in his shadow.
Not beauty and life bring me towards you.
It is eternality.

Transitory sensations. Transitory marks of memories.
Bliss is ephemeral. The irony of it.
Briskly developed, yet Gradually perished.

Every single animate thing is momentary, and will cease to exist in due course.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The secret is...

There might be times that things are concealed.
For some reason, maybe? Or purpose.
These so-called, 'secrets' arouse the curiosity of people.
Some might think, secrets contain dark stuff, or interesting things.
And some might think, secrets contain gossip, falsehood, or even nothing but the truth..?

And so, yet so, i hereby tell you all.
The secret is... ...


(KungFuPanda 2008)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adieu? Standing point.

Weave a smile, and say HiHi.
Is it time to say, I Love You?
Heave a sigh, and say ByeBye.

It is time to Bade You, Adieu.

To watch each day pass, and see each day come.
To say goodbye to yesterday, and welcome tomorrow.
To today, is to be in this moment, neither past nor future.
In this moment, and to be in it, has etched in my mind.

I stand firm on my grounds. My standing point.
Do not look to the left, nor to the right.
Not upwards, nor downwards, nor backwards.
My sight has resolved to facade, frontage.
No more looking back, just resolute in this position, to that direction.

I've made up my mind.
My prior footsteps will not be akin to my anon footsteps.
Various angles in life make big changes.
Just like angles in trigonometry. Even a small angle, can make a big difference if extended immensely.
So it's imperative to find the right angle, the correct cosine, sine, and tangent of our lives.

Adieu, my past angles.
*Erases angles on a graph paper with an eraser...*


1) If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
Inexorable on the outside, infuriated on the inside. But there could be nothing i can do O.O

2) If you have a dream to come true, what would it be?
The Power To Control Time.
Let it happen in my dreams then... *****

3) Are you sleepy now?
Always sleepy lately. Just climbed a mountain, and now i have to get over another mountain as well. -,-

4) Are u confused with what lies ahead of you?
Partially. We cannot envisage the future. But i choose to believe, to trust, to know.

5) What's your ideal lover like?
Ok hear the word ideal. Gotta be in-detail. -,-
~Cute yet matured in a way; Tender, graceful and quiet yet raucous in a way; the type and way of her smile that only i know and cant be described; blissfully ignorant yet caring in a way; decisive, understanding, self-dependant.

6) Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
I would say loving someone is blessed, though painful and intricate. And being loved is a blessing as well, but in short, LOVE needs to be balanced, to achieve perfection.

7) What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?
Nothing in particular, just maybe some things, acts and routines that differs male from females i guess...

8) How far will you go for the one you love the most?
Not till the end of the galaxy, but at least as far as the sky stretches; as deep as the sea broadens

9) Is there anything that makes you unhappy these days?
*Turn of life, Change of fate.*

10)What is your favorite fairytale of all time and why?
Perhaps PeterPan. It portrays joy, freedom and eternal life.

~I tag anyone who sees this.~ (DirtyTrick) =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dim vHomework As Integer
Dim vDone As Integer
For vHomework = 1 To 3 Step 1
'3 steps = 3 homework that is Multimedia, EM & Programming
Do Until vHomework > vDone
vHomework += 1
MsgBox("Done" )
PS* Crazy over loop now =P

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tag. ? ! * & ^ % $ #

Tagged by Cally!! @_@ Cally! i got 'hiu' your tag ar! =)

Rules:-State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself
-Tag 10 more persons (Semua Tag habis by Cally adi)

1. I love pink pillows (only Cally and Hsien knows coz they saw it hehe.. used since young =P)
2. I have lots of soft toys, and intend to have more, but mum dont allow =( and she keep taking them away =.=
3. I have many decorations on my study table O>O or shall i say.. distraction? (perfumes etc)
4. Prefer to devote silently rather than openly
5. Reminiscing over memories are my favourite pasttimes (this is where my handy diary comes into use)
6. Somehow have inclination towards preferring female singers than male singers o.o
7. *Shy* Love to bite my nails >< (dont tell anyone k...)
8. *Not So Shy* Love to bite my lips, lower ones more often XD
9. DayDreaming whenever i have the chance, or even better sitting idlely looking at raindrops during a cloudy, rainy day
10. Comb my hair to the left at home, to the right outside home~
11. Naturally TEND to sleep on my left, though i keep forcing myself to sleep on my right
12. LURVES staying behind something, somebody, somewhere. And watch from behind. =D
13. Care too much, or too less at the same time. Unanimously for the former, exclusive for the latter.
14. Always wake up half an hour earlier than my alarms(*i set 4 alarms FYI, my fear of getting up late =)* ) ~ Then i go back to sleep again, and then my alarms come into use xP
15. Unexplainable compassionate feelings for the disabled. Just feel sad to see the OKU's helpless
16. Can PracticallY accept any comments and humiliation from friends, peers EXCEPT that i HATE the act of my mum comparing ME to OTHERS when others are BETTER zzz
17. Love to say Hello, but Hate to say Goodbye; Love to say GoodNight, but hate to say GoodMorning
18. HATE dilemmas, HATE solving problems prompted by others
19. Dislike mushrooms for no reason, Hate cameras for no reason =D
20. Hate it when people wake me up from sleep, and frighten me by suprise.

Friday, August 22, 2008

In the midst of time

I think.
Things should be kept quietly, or otherwise unsaid. =)
Shall they be in an idyllic stance, tranquility can be achieved, and also maintained.
And it will not arouse suspection and suspense.

I think.
It is because...
Prior acts and attempts have led me to a breakdown, and discover the new me.

I hope i can, and still in time to find myself.
My former self,
In the midst of time...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Inevitable tomorrow, unforgettable yesterday

There are certain somethings in life that we cannot obtain.
It it too beautiful.. That is why we can not have it.
And it shall defy us to the very end.


Although there is someday that I shall completely forget..
Her voice.. Her smile.. Her everthing will be forgotten, erased from memories.
From vagueness.. to completely astray.
But there is one thing that will never be forgotten or lose its colour
Is the true feelings(love) and devotion(faith). (Idea from FSN aka Fate Stay Night FinalEp)

Time differs. Different periods, different precision.
An inevitable tomorrow, an unforgettable yesterday.
So lets move on the next day, the future. Shall we...?

Days Of Gleam

The glaring sun, scorches our naked eye,
The gentle wind, blows as we cry.
The days pass like sands in a hourglass, somewhat slow, or fast..?
A gleam of hope, materialize to the window of our soul, somehow minute, to vast...?

A rainbow always appear after a deadly storm.


Ok these few days.. Quite normal, just that recently i have been driving more often =D To school i mean hehe. Went to the new library very often too.. A very alleged nice place to be. Good 'feng shui' too can see many pretty girls XD

Yesterday was my presentation for English Oral =( So restless about it.. Although i think i'm no good, but i remembered a lesson, that is although we might think what we done is not good enough, it might be okay in reality =) So, i choose to believe that i done well. *Smiles, Smileys*

KuchingFestival is gonna end soon - this Sunday.. Tomorrow going again with DiongHui, Liang etc. But i wanna meet Fanny and BongBong la.. Misses them =( Only chance.. KuchingFestival.. Dont go away!! No..... *KchFes getting far..* No!! Wait for me!!! *KchFes gets furthur and furthur* Ahhhhh~~~ *KchFes is gone* =( *Sad* ~ But, if matters cant be contrived well.. then i shall wait. Wait. Wait. And wait. Maybe time waits for no man? But i shall wait for time =D Till then.. Till then...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Very Valuable Lesson.

*What we feel may not necessarily be in tangent with what is the real thing.
*Some stuff cannot be taken superficially.
*Let things go on their course. Dont blame anybody.
*Process of fighting to be the best, does not offend anybody.
*All is fair in war. May the best win.
*If you work hard, things will turn out all right.
*Will be respected more highly like a gentlemen if you forgive and forget.
(Lye Mei Yin 2008, Advice for teenage life, August 16 10.30pm)

~Thx Madam Lye.. You're more like a friend than a lecturer. Appreciate your energy and time for advising me.. Grateful to your abundant support. I will remember every word you said..
And i will do well... In every sense of the word.~

I learnt a very valuable lesson tonight.

What is important, and not in life. What to do, and not when facing problems. What to think, and not when analysing things. Accepting things the way they are, but just work hard for your own. No matter how things might turn out to be, just concentrate on working hard.

(All is not for how well the outcome might be, but is of how hard we tried, Gerald Tay 2007)

Most importantly, what we feel might not be tangent to what is happening. What we think we had done wrong, might be okay in reality. Just be satisfied over what you've accomplished, not whining about what you failed.

And again, thx to my dear friend+lecturer, Madam Lye. You gave me revealation about life. Hope, truth and ways of living my life.

*Hakuna Matata*

Definition: Sometimes bad things happen, but there is nothing you can do about it except going on without worrying. (The Lion King 1994)

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.

Thats all i have to say, as last words.


Went to school early to study EM... Then went to makan vegetarian food with Stella, Cally, Alison and of course Hsien =) Hung out with them the whole day~

After EM test, (which was easy like hell) we go and catch sakura(play badminton) ^^''

Then we went home to take bath and rest, Cally and Hsien came over and waited for time to pass. Before 5 we go makan vegetarian again! Cally and me ordered the same, sweet and sour~

Mmm mmm mmm =D Jalan jalan at HockLeeCentre.. Then go a cafeteria beside Popwave at padungan~ Waited for Alison at there XD The drinks are colourful hee~ Then Hsien brought us go and see AhGua... Stella so high to see them.. Swt.. Went to Kuching Fest but plan cancelled due to insufficient parking lots.. and overcrowded with humans. (Sorry ya Fany and Bongbong meet u two next time =P) Went to riverside for exchange.. Jalan jalan again~ Enjoy the scenery... Took some pictures again.. And now i'm here. 1/4 quarter oil tank used for today. Am i too... Spendthrift? Wahaha i dont think so hehe =D

These are mine and Cally's one.. Cally's is blue color de..
Mine is Red and blue de O-O called FirstLove.. Nice name for a drink..

See what happens when i mix red with blue.. by blowing the straw hehe =P
Purple!!! Can u believe it?! ......
Along riverside... Nice scenery. Recommended for walks ^^

That moon hidden by dark trees...
Although some things are obscured, there are still parts that cant be veiled, and are portrayed.
So... Do not conceal thy secrets to me, and i shall do so too.
Haha just kidding.. Enjoy ... The, View... ?

Friday, August 15, 2008


A title akin to AhLiang's blogpost, a challenge for me.
Liang u dont mind if we share the same title right...? =P
It's somehow dissimilar to what ah liang said..

*~Maybe its a little shocking.. For someone who hates proposal but to find out that the supposals and details are given and finally know that that someone is one of the many which proposes through the supposals.~*

Cant blame you.
I'm at fault.
Sorry for not telling
I actually


Neglect Me
Hate Me
Forget Me

So now, you have your things to do.
So do I..
Ok... Here we go...
Letting go...
Oh my oh...

The Weak < The Strong

I admit i have always been inexorable, and too weak.
Sometimes perhaps a little straight, and too naive.

And now, the weak is not able to do anything.
The weak hopes that the strong shall let go the weak from its clutches.
And shall all disputes be bygones.

The weak is susceptible to all negative condemnations, and the strong knows how to make use of whatever weak points there are.

The strong is not evil, just less altruistic than normal people. It is not bad, as it might call all benefits to thy summon.

Equations and signs are arranged perfectly, harmoniously that even the illiterate can comprehend:

The Weak <<< The Strong

Concluding Supposition.

What you do, does not jibe to mine.
What you think, is not similar to mine.
What you feel, does not link to mine.
What you say, is not in accordance to mine.

How should i cease your credulousness?
Maybe I should not ask how, because I am not You.
Why should i concern about Thy blissful ignorance?
Maybe You should not ask why, cause You are not I.

This insinuation isn't fraught with peril to Thee, but is with fraud from beyond.
So I should worry about Mineself, Not Thee.
This degradation disintegrates Mine heart, Not Yours.
So Thee should worry about Thyself, Not Mine.

"As mishaps occurs, oneself should withdraw from disarray to keep oneself from being, misconstrued" 2008, Me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


我要对我所爱的人说清楚-<同情不是爱情> !
所谓他人施法之甜言蜜语, 有可能属笑里藏刀
但如果你喜欢的话, 我也无法阻止你
所以... 就这样吧.. 虽然你不懂, 这片心意...


在随时间的距离之下的影响, 缓缓消失...

PS* 大家
都会随时在你背后, 甚至面前! 背叛你
这种人会假心虚, 用反效果的方式破坏的你与他人的感情

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

未来 = 无知数

虽然最近的事很不利, 我得坚持下去


虽然 模糊看见了未来的模样
就因为这样 我决定接受事实
因为我相信 雨过天晴
没有好处, 但有经验的收获
还遥远的未来 我未了
只好再次 默默的

期待 ~ 祈祷 ~ 希望 ~






Monday, August 11, 2008

Guardian Angel


给我维持 固定的位置

给我表示 对你的诚实


Dreams can't take the place of loving you~
Since I can't love you
Then shall my dreams
Be Realised, Be Fulfilled
For You.

Sunday, August 10, 2008







Went to Kuching Festival yesterday at 6. Eat eat eat then suddenly no electric? Later on only we realised that its a blackout in whole kuching!! 1st time... i think?
But at least i met my sis~ Jason and Andy too. Ha so long dint see my sis, aiyo missed her =P But too bad we dint get a chance to really sit down and talk about things... Haiz.

When i brought ah Liang home, BOOM an accident happened beside us. The back of the Proton Wira got dented XD Luckily it was not mine O_O Then went to Eugene/Alex's house... Go pee pee a while... Waste some time there... then brought Sia home.. Omg so damn dark... Ha got go visit Cally's house, but no ppl there to welcome us =(

Sped home only to realise that my house has electricity. Thought my family was barbequed and wanted to use the car to cool themselves =S Had supper at HuiSing, then went to grandma house. Such a tiring day... Today i will be doing EM !! If not i shall be dead tomorrow. =( =( =(

Here are some pictures that i took before the 'blackout'. Clever of me to take pictures beforehand huh? =P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Closer And Closer With Each Moment That Passes

Today. 080808 - Rare Occasion.
Grand Opening of Olympic Sports, in Beijing.
I got a music software that i have been wanting for so long...
Diong Hui recommended the Cakewalk.
And now.. I am working hard, putting every effort into it... But i'm afraid i'll neglect my EM and oral presentation!! Waaa~~
Oh well whatever...
At least...
This time... and Now...
I am getting closer, and closer.
To my Dream.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


When you feel like you're starting to lose faith, encourage yourself. Find ways, to regain this belief.

Our minds are weak that ponder directionlessly, eventually gets hurt.
We just need to reassure ourselves, and confirm the situation.

Things, might not be as bad as it seems.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"That's what friends are for."
I believe in that, and say that to people who doubt friends.
Friends, relieve our pain (sometimes) and eradicate loneliness.
A deceiving disloyalty.
A backstab.
An act of letting the cat out of the bag.
Believing is hard, when these deeds come into action.
Trust... will slowly deteriorate.
Will slowly turn into regret.
Faith in the new, carries 2 outcomes.
Either to be maintained or sojourned.
Being a cynic is not such a bad idea after all... I think.

Immeasurable Misery

To heave a sigh, and ask why.
To weave a lie, and then cry.

Lovely and Dreadful times comes consequently.
The looming future seems unpromising, with acrid ridicules to mess things up.
The sea does not waver without a reason, as the wind blows.
Things does not happen without a reason, as the instigator goes.

Cups can be broken, and hearts the same.
The flesh can be hurt, and feelings the same.

Why does this ordeal waver this determination?
Does not faith lasts?

Dejection and Solitude loves its company.

A path that withhold fraught dangers and possibilities.
I WAS, AM, and WILL be willing to persist.
No matter what happens, I will still be myself.
Despite the anguish and miseries.
I will always, be the same.


Haiz. I cant take it anymore.
Haiz. I cant accept it anymore.
Haiz. I cant tolerate anymore.

But what can i do?

I shall not let it discontinue, unscathed.
If not, people will not understand what is going on...

To continue, is somewhat disconcerting...
But... I shall persevere.
Until... The right time comes.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008 Kuching Festival

Morning Shiela's class. Dono what name she call me, all wrong wan. Zzz...
She's a complete idiot when it comes to modern things, i realised. Like online dictionary... computers... and stuff she will not know =.= Oh well i have an old-fashioned lecturer this sem.
Pisses everyone off.

Programming fun as usual =) Nice teacher, or should i say kind? Pretty? Rite...?! XP
Psst* 'pretty is quoted from JHSia' (Sia 2008, ProgrammingII Lecturer Is Pretty)

Multimedia. Dont know who the heck is that. Talk birdy language. Obviously, does not jibe with mine language. 2hours doing ergonomics crap.

After multimedia! Freedom! Going to KuchingFest2008! I was hesitant at first.. But since my mum dint answer my call, and i was ditched by *JHSia*, i had to follow the GanG there.
The GanG includes: Jo&Sue, Cally, Jamie, Stella, Eugene, Ric and also Me.

Jamie Jo and Sue bought a balloon each Oo and when we were going back they were mocked by a little kid. They will state what the kid said, utterly sakai-stic, ops i meant sarcastic =)
Its good to go out to the open once in a while... We also did our tattoo~ Woo~ I did two! cool huh..
Here are some pictures of my tattoo hehe...
FYI, more pics will mostly be available at the twins' blog : Jo-Ann & Sue-Ann

I cant wait till the next gathering. The next one will be with Sia, Liang, Hui and Lex them. This Saturday, coming soon. Until then... till then...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pieces of Puzzle, Elucidated or Unrequited?

A puzzle, is something new and not known.
But it is something which we seek an answer from.

A puzzle is started with nothing.
Pieces, are slowly put together and gradually form a part.
Parts, are again slowly merged to form a complete puzzle.

We might lose faith, confidence and trust during these times.
But the cloudy and muddy shall eventually be clarified.
This illumination dawn on us, caught us puzzled.
And we will know at that time, that everything is all right.

Things will and might not always go your way, but it due to God's plan.
If only, we persevere with determination and faith, we can trounce this ordeal.

Although maybe we could not finish the puzzle, or forfeit this anonymity unanswered, at least we learn a lesson from it. And next time.. We shall be more knowledgeable.

Atmosphere = NOW()

These people are fugitives from Swinburne, fleeing from the cluthes of a well-known lecturer - Sheila Kang. !!!
Just kidding, we were just climbing back the mountain we came from which, to and fro from our destination - "Atmosfera".
Stella and I were interested in this, i took pictures and she even more terror, she video recorded this uproar! This idiocy, madness, disarray? Jk =P

Rebellion during Sheila's class, as usual.

Anyways, this one at "Atmosfera". A great view huh? Pretty girls at atmosfera, so people!, Remember to drop by anytime~

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Away From Reality, Or Fantasy?

Now i'm really enjoying life. Cant believe just with a car can make such a big difference =P

But these could be a mere fantasy. So i should treasure these moments.. Cause..

Now i'm facing a hindrance, a predicament.
A trouble that besets me, so deep.. Yet, could not be told.
The only thing i could do, it to bottle it up...
And bury it in the sands of time...
And maybe its existence might not be a treat... In the future.

Ahhhh headache. I can see... Stars circling above me...... *Bang

Secret. Or Secrets.
Hurts, sometimes...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wash Eye

Morning i drive car to hair-shop! Since my mum is busy teaching hehe..
Ok now i have tidy hair again. =)

Afternoon... Whole time driving. Dropped my brother off at Tabuan Jaya, then went to BDC and buy P sticker. Then go my grandma house at Foochow road =.= Sit sit a while... and sent my mum back home since she still has class =P
And i went to my cousin Derrick's house. We went to Saberkas~ I bought a present for my fren, and rick did a survey on handphones. When we got back to the car we realised that the oil tank is blinking!! No OIL!! Went to pump oil at HuiSing XD Good also la my cousin live near there phew~ The wind was howling, and signs of a storm is approaching. I sped home huhuhu~

Then 6 went to the Junk.. Nothing much actually.. Just i made new friends? Just by sitting on a same table, and we got to talk. Ha girls nowadays are so open. They talk before we do XP Got a few cute girls.. One looked like my previous person i admirer. The eyes, smile, movement and actions.. Oh swt, luckily i reminded myself not to keep reminiscing of the past. Its high time i moved on. Life, goes on, leaving us behind if we keep holding to our memories...

Then chat chat with Sue... Something interesting... Mmm.. Well that kept me alive. If not i would be directionless the whole night =(

Here's some pictures of The Junk, and a place near it.
Too bad i dint get a shot of the cute girls, if someone would be interested =P Sry ya hahaha

These 2 are the little pond beside the toilet. Ish the toilet is sharing one. As i am a gentlemen i let the girls go 1st =P

Err these two are also a pond.. But not at the Junk, at another shop which my friends took the route to their cars.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ish. Today is so normal and dull.
EM is okay.. A little confusing.. though fun =D Got earthquake wor of course fun la XP
Magnitude 9.9 ! Maximum Intensity! BOOM BAM WAKABUM
No la actually just an "Ahh Chiu~ " =P

Ish. After EM stayed back at school... Hang around at the open lab with Hsien.
Do nothing.. just spamming, learning more Japanese, translating, listening to songs... and i got my P license today. Weee~ Hehe gonna drive soon lalala...

Ish. Tomorrow is gonna be so hectic.
Morning gonna go to see the barber. A so-called "appointment" =X
Afternoon gonna play the so-called paintball. Dont know what the hell it is, but still gonna try it out with my friends.
Night-time going to uh... what is it called again? The Junk right? Or something like that..

Ish. Today is the 1st day of GhostMonth.
Spirits come to visit us~ Once a year. And its gonna be for a month..
That's that then...

Ish. Why i cant get a hold of myself.
Keep on pondering...
Keep on thinking...
Keep on guessing...
Keep on contradicting...
Keep on...
Losing Myself.