Friday, March 27, 2009

Life Code Translation

I've been watching lots of romance genre animes lately. There has been much inspiration, or motivation, or logic in a sense. But thats not the point, the point is the fact of figuring something out.

There are 3 elements, which are related, and are not related in any way.

Distance, Time, Surroundings

Distance is always a confusing element. People tend to calculate things and situation depending on distance. This distance mentioned represents a symbol, for uncountable circumstances; and we normally exploit this word to describe our situation. But, it is wrong. We can not describe things by just distance alone. Distance is scalar, and it applies to the fields we intend to use it. Take note - use Displacement. Either in measuring reality or fantasy. Then you'll always find your way home.

Time is confusing in another perspective. It cannot be so easily perceived akin to distance. Time is everlasting, and it revolves around our Surroundings. Every point of time or moment has an unnoticeable significance. That is why we always mislooked or missed out things at certain times of life. Time is neither scalar nor vector, it is immeasureable. Yet, it holds an ultimate importance that once change shall alter the course of direction, and it applies to the destination too.

Surroundings is both the element of time and space. We live our live on, but we never thought about how others live theirs. Each entity that exists on this planet has a story of its own, and one that strangers can't tell. If this is conprehended then we shall discover the mysteries of alienship that actually exist in our planet. One may be standing next to you, but you never know the past, present and future of that. Every single being is moving on, travelling on a course of its own, an enigma for augury.

When we combine various elements of life, we acknowledge the meaning behind it. So know our destination, know our situation, and head towards our dream...


Never give up.

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