Sunday, May 31, 2009

Discretion to Decision

Are alot of people getting married lately? =D Well maybe some hehe.. Later tonight going to attend a wedding dinner of... of... my grandfather's.. err my mother's... Hmm oh well my relative in short. I've got a good feeling it would be fun since i hadn't been to TheBanquet for a long time -sighs-

Oh well next friday i will have freedom! I don't mean that i don't have it now, i am having lotsa freedom now =) Its just that i will be having overflowing freedom for a week XP And so im declaring an open house on 5th-11th of June. *hinting someone who knows what i mean* kekeke

--- --- --- --- ---

There are now woven threads scattered around. I wonder what will be the story behind those woven threads when i connect them. But an insinuating telltale is very intricate to empathize. There was once a time i wanted to bring all fragments of the story together, but now i affirm that it is not the right time. Pieces are not supposed to be mended all at a time; as wounds could not all heal at a time. They should be done gradually, understanding the whole piece one by one as a complete picture will start to form gradually.

* And now, i just can't decide whether being ignorant or innocent is bliss. *

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