Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winner, or Loser..?

In love: You lose if you fall for the other person.
You're supposed to make the other person fall in love in you.

Do you truly believe that life has winners and losers in the first place?
Isn't thinking about victory or defeat itself an indicator of defeat?

You feel sad when you part with the one you love,
because you love them;
Or you should not fall in love in order to not feel sad?

If you fall in love with them, then you get hurt;
If they fall in love with you, then you don't.

But sometimes in love: Having feelings for another person,
automatically makes you the winner.

No matter how much you treasure something,
all things will eventually perish.
Bonds, feelings, memories, hearts and life.
Everything in this world eventually perishes, and breaks.

Things aren't about winning or losing.
It's not about entering a competition you know u can't win or lose.

Happiness is just artificial, fictional, and fake.
That is why...

Lets cherish it.

Quoted from Ef ~A Tale of Melodies~

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