Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Window Glass

Our hearts is like a house.
A house, with rooms.
Rooms, either vacant or occupied.

There are rooms that are full or even overloading...
The room which we keep our friends.

There are rooms that are empty.
We added the extra room for someone,
and wishes to invite them to our heart.
But, there is no that someone to live in there
and leaves a hole in the heart...

You're still on the other side of the room,
Between you and me
And what separates us,
Is a transparent wall, a glass window
which turns foggy with my crystallized sighs...

The window glass
so obscure that i cannot see you
even though i know that you are right there
whether you're laughing, or crying...
I just want you to show me your face

No matter how hard i try to wipe the glass from my side,
The glass from your side will still be clouded...

So please... Look at the glass from your side too...
Wipe the glass window from your side too...

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