Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some people are kind, some people are nice. Some like to act, and some like to lie. But most of all, SOME people are sohai. Yea, you got me --- SOHAI.

Of course i won't specifically name that person, and i did not do this because this someone did something to me or whatsoever. Its the truth. Yea, you got me --- TRUTH.

Here goes the description:

They sohai, because things goes their way.
They sohai, because they are getting more and more complacent.
They sohai, because they have something others don't have.

And most of all, they sohai because they ARE sohai.

I might be complaning a little here, but i just want God to know that some certain things aren't fair down here and needs some alteration. MAJOR alterations. So maybe if that someone gets my message and be a good little kitty, then i'm cool.

So what if these people have something to show off about, things are not always certain, while people are not absolute. What's yours now, might not be yours in the future. Note that, smart guy. So if you had been following my advice, you'll do just fine.

The thing u need to do is just to TREASURE your things, loser.

Thats the best you can ever get from me, my first and my last =.=..|..

PS: Hui ge although we always call u sohai this Sohai is not you XD

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