Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't remind me.

Don't remind me, of that word.
Don't remind me, of that name.
Don't remind me, of that person.

How astonishing that words can turn out to be a name, and a name can turn out be be a significant certain someone.

Looking at letters that somehow lie there dead and immobile somewhat wavers the shape of my heart. I can choose not to be regretting, coz im not sulking for what that i did not succeed. For why...? Maybe its just that there is other chances out there. Nobody always gets a smooth walking path, as there shall be stones and pebbles that hinder the way. As the saying says "Failure is a stepping stone to success" is the light that guide us through life, and of course failures. If we know how to accept them, we will know what to do.

But i do not know what to do. So does that mean i did not accept my failure? But i somehow believed that i accepted some time ago... If i can go back in time, i would surely change something. Something, for sure. For the me in the was a complete failure, the current me should be able to do something. The present would be so different if the past was different from the current past.

Dont remind me, of love.

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