Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In time.

I don't know if i tried hard previously, the i suppose work is still done in the journey to reaching our goals. But i know i shouldn't use fatigue as my excuse for giving up. There is no other choices, the path is uneven and bumpy, and the distance is far. I've been thinking to take a diverging path, one that leads to a downhill soon. I just can't and don't want to keep climbing uphill all the time. No one else does too.

I anticipate a vision, a future sight. The Time that told me to renounce is imminent. After i do so, what i see will be amalgamation of love. Without me being a hindrance to the process of bonding, particles can be merged without doubt, without difficulty. I just need to blend my type of mixture anyways, not people blending for my sake. What i say might be arcane but i am not insane, because unfathomable words shall be deciphered one day. I believe.

And now, i just want someone to pat my back and say "thank you for the hard work".

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