Sunday, March 22, 2009

Melting, not Rotting?

One of the main background display picture for my previous blogpage had whatever bandwidth problems, so i had to resolve to changing a new blog template =) Looks nicer right? Well we humans keep improving mwahahaha~ Things that revolve around us also change, for the better ^^

Borrowed many anime burned into discs from Eugene @@ True Tears is definitely a good play! Erm.. although i did not shed any tear on the outside, my heart was crying inside TT Haha jkjk to be precise it is a very touching anime =P *Recommended* Alright.. now "Maria Watches Over Us Season 3" & "Nodame Cantabile Season 2" is next on my watch list hehehe...

Oh my goodness im actually having a test tomorrow. And i spent the whole day sitting here and finished watching True Tears... sob sob its soooo irresistable... =(

And now.. Its like my heart is melting... and i dont know what to do... I think i'll probably seek guidance from the stars above... probably...

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