Sunday, April 19, 2009

Permai Trip 18-19 April 2009

When we reached permai...

The sea !! Natsukashi... I love the sea <3
OMG! Frank is stripping into.... into.... Boxers! HAHA
Me and Alison then found this... *Takara* (Treasure) So pretty~
I cant stop laughing when they did this.. One of the best laugh LOLS
Then we expanded the hole and stuck someone in it! XD
Sort of like... RIP? =D
Aha! One of our best work at the beach! The DAM!
See we actually change the course of nature... Or something like that.. Cool huh?

Omg and then a little water snake came along to visit our dam...
He looks dangerous, so we threw sand bombs at it ! *Fire in the hall!*
This was this morning earlier on... We wanted to see the sunrise together.. the 29 of us..
Well in the end only KK, Gary, Alison and I managed to get our ass at the beach at 6.
Sadly there the sunrise was blocked by the mountain, so we resumed our sleep =D
After breakfast they went for kayaking!!
Totemo tanoushi kana... Looks so much fun rite... I dint get a chance, but maybe next time *wink*
Random shot before going home~
I found mr. Crabby =) So cute...
And i think... i found a crave for Cameras... Good cameras actually make a difference when taking pictures. I probably awakened the liking for taking pictures lately =D Due the the people around me who kept taking good pictures @_@
Till then.. till then.

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