Monday, June 1, 2009

Night Fever

Relatives' Wedding Dinner... Err Tommy and Christine. Haha this morning when the bridegroom (Tommy) went to the bride's house they played jokes on him. I think it is my family's tradition to disturb the groom when he comes for his wife. He has to go through 3 stages to get to the bride in her room lolz. From what i heard he has to do the huu-la-hoop *_* etc. then they has to read some chinese swears thingys and then put on lipstick and stamp their mouths on that piece on paper. Some sort of swearing huh? =P

Evening time! The interesting part *hehe*

*bones of a fish that can change into an image of elephant tusks... lol*

*me bro and cuzzy Rick*

*Me lovely mom and me <3>

*Wuu aunties*

*Care for a mug of heineken? The more you drink, the sweeter it gets XP*

*Best buddies.. eh hem cousins to be precise*

*Time to get HOT* -the night is not over- =P

*Zzz where's mine...*

*Mine!!!* -Caramel Cream Chocolate Chip-
Wierd name huh? The story goes like this:
1) I pretended to be stupid and asked the waiter what is caramel.
2) He said it was something like butter.
3) I love butter, so ya one Caramel Cream for me.
4) Cousin Alex came along and ordered Vanilla Cream Chocolate Chip.
5) Wait.. its not on the menu... Can it be done?
6) Can~ Can~ Of course no problem~
7) Waiter asked whether i want the same too.
8) Chocolate chips are very nice he said.
9) And i succumbed to temptation and persuasion.
10) And i got my 4C, to describe the taste - Totally Sweet.

Other comments for now...?
Home Sweet Home. <3

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