Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Late Forever


I'm already too late. I was too late. I always had been too late.

When i finally gathered up the courage, it is already not the same. This time i shall lose my chances for good. Even though i had to admit i wanted to see you for the VERY last time in my life, i couldn't.

You left, whilst i stayed. But i might leave too in the future, who knows, by chance the same place you went.

And now, time and distance will be intervening for a long period. Maybe i will get the chance again, once i leave this grounds; or shall you return to this grounds.

And perhaps when that time comes, i'll be ready. To do what i failed to do.

But... I think i still will never get the courage to see you, and you will slip out of my reach yet again. Yet, i never regretted cause this is what i foreseen...

From the day i first met you.


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