Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tired 疲れた

It's tiring to take on many matters at once, we humans are not able to multitask heavily. Our brain might break down! But for me i think it's hard to breath with all that's going on. I also mean its physically hard to breath *cough* =_=

There are many birthdays impending, but this is an 'okay' matter. But with the pressure of 3 assignments due after this mid-term semester break, i think i'm going to break down soon. Looks like the only way out is to pray that everything will work out well...

I am feeling lazy, though i am naturally lazy, i feel like being lazy for now. Maybe rest is what i need for the moment, but time is pressing against me... So there is no choice. I totally SOUND contradicting and i FEEL crazy.

Yea, i know that myself.

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